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Fertility Issues

Problems related to the eggs or genetics cause certain negative effects in the reproductive system of a woman which are associated with the problem of infertility.

Male Infertility Treatment

Female Infertility Treatment

Repeated IVF Failure

PCOS or Fibroids

Previously had abnormal Baby

Recurrent Miscarriages

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Plan Table

Medical consultation you get from fertility specialists or Gynaecologists helps you to deal with various hardships in the pregnancy period and after delivery.

Getting PregnantBaby BirthYour FIrst ScanBaby CarePregnancyFeeding Baby

Getting Pregnant

A woman needs to prepare her body for getting conceived. This will help her to overcome obstacles in ovulation, fertilization and others associated with getting pregnant. Make a health plan with the help of Gynaecologists to maintain diet menu along with consuming folic acid is essential to attain pregnancy.

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Baby Birth

After waiting for 9 months to see the face of your little prince or princess, supervision by a medical specialist or Gynaecologist is essential for every woman while delivering their little lives even though it is a "natural birth.

Your First Scan

Scan at regular intervals by an Obstetrician during pregnancy period is important. This will help you to visualize the development of your baby inside the womb and the medical professional analyze whether the fetus is developed at normal rates.

Assess the baby’s growth inside

Get a clear picture of your baby growing inside your womb and determine whether the unborn kid is properly growing.

Risk Assessment

It is essential to diagnose the health abnormalities and ensure your baby's health during the trimester period.

Know your baby’s health

Medical Examination of a newborn baby is required to observe the vision, hearing and sensory reflection of the infant.

Get Healthcare Tips for your infant

Get health advice, information on newborn babies along with babycare tips from Doctors to take care of your baby.

Baby Care

As a new-born baby meets some abnormalities like temperature variations, you need to follow certain measures while taking care of your baby. Hence it is essential to get medical advice and suggestions from Obstetricians.


In general, a woman undergoes various physical and emotional discomforts in her trimester period. A prenatal care that includes prenatal screening and diagnosis. This will help to identify defects like miscarriages, low birth weight and health issues that are preventable before the baby is born.

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Feeding Baby

Issues like low milk production, latching difficulties and nursing pain are common in the postpartum period. They are associated with breastfeeding. Hence it is important to get medical advice or guidance from Obstetricians after delivery.

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You could be Pregnant. Feel free to talk to us

Award Winning Service

A full-fledged fertility hospital provided with the best fertility treatment infrastructure.

Best Doctors

Our highly qualified team of Gynaecologists and fertility specialists provide appropriate conception treatments to quickly conceive and achieve your dream of parenthood.

Dedicated Emergency Care

The Fertility care unit having fertility experts, caring staff to offer fertility treatments using cut-out technologies as per the Reproductive medicine programs to par with international standards.

Trimester Chart

Our Fertility experts describe the growth of your toddler inside your womb in each week of the trimester period.


Things to Know

Beginning from embryo development, the growth of your baby begins in the fourth week. Major organs like kidney, liver, upper & lower limbs begin to develop in this period. Facial features and heart beating also begin during this period.


Fetal Development

The embryo is now developed as Fetus. Most of the major organs are fully developed at this stage. Small particles like nails begin to appear now. You can hear the heartbeat of your baby from the tenth week.


Baby Movement

Tooth buds begin to appear close to the end of the first trimester. Wrist and ankles are still developing but able to move. Your baby begins to move and shake his/her arms in the 15th week. It is right time for you to start physical exercises.

1st Trismester

0.4kg - 2.0kg

Pregnancy Health

Nerve cells for each sense are growing rapidly in the brain of your baby. Some organs like lungs and kidney begin to function. Coverings like fingernails, eyelids and eyebrows are fully developed now. In this stage, you need Anomaly scan to examine the fetus's growth.


Pregnancy Comfort

In this period, the hearing ability of the baby is well established. Eyes developed in the first trimester will open at this stage. Development of brain and its associated nerve cells get intensified now. Hence it is important to eat nutrient-rich food items.


Yoga & Exercise

Now your baby can open and close the eyes. The brain tissues are developing rapidly. Even the brain is maturing at this stage, it is functional and enables the baby to dream and sense light. Vital organs like heart, muscles, lungs become more mature in this period.

2nd Trismester

2.0kg - 8.0kg

Healthy Sleep

A layer of fat develops under the baby's skin during this period. Development of lungs gets completed now. The primary organs keep maturing at this stage too. As the baby is ready to come out, the uterus becomes thinner at this stage. You need to keep yourself hydrated now.


Relax with Music

Your pregnancy period is going to complete its full term (37 weeks) at this stage. Most of the organs are completely developed and the lungs keep maturing. A thin layered coating covering your baby in the uterus gets exhausted during this period.


Lower Anxiety

Your little one may come out from your womb anytime. During labor, the baby in uterus uses its head to open the uterus. There is a contraction in the uterus muscles and a pressure given by cervix at that time. This is the reason behind labor pain during delivery.

*units in weeks

3rd Trismester

8.0kg - 13.6kg
After years of hardships and pleases, I heard the crying sound of my baby when she is born. I have no words to thank Dr.Gayathri for treating my wife for recurrent miscarriages. We thank Hari Fertility centre to bring our baby into our life.Brinda BabuHome Maker
I was conceived within 2 months after the treatments given by madam. Our desire of Parenthood gets fulfilled with the help of the treatments and consultation we got from madam. Now we are the parents of a 3 years old boy.Sathish RajSales Executive
It is God's grace to visit this hospital. The Chief doctor, labor companion and supporting staffs are very friendly and dedicated. I am a mother of a girl child and one of the women who has become the mother because of the treatments given by Dr.Gayathri.Gayathri AbhilashHome Maker

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Post Pregnancy & Child Care

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Address: Salai St, Kailash Nagar, Vannarpettai, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 627003.

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With creditable infertility curation treatments, Our fertility centre has helped many couples to enjoy the ecstatic experience of parenthood.

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Salai St, Kailash Nagar, Vannarpettai, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 627003 India.

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