Impact Finance Center is a multi-university nonprofit academic center that identifies, trains, and activates individuals and organizations to become impact investors, helping them better align their assets with their values. We are working to move more money to social ventures by creating the infrastructure for a Nationwide Impact Investing Marketplace by 2030. Our center is dedicated to delivering world-class education and expert advisory services.



Our theory of change is simple. Whether you are an individual or organization, all of us go on a journey of awareness => education = action. Awareness is the first step on your journey. Whether you are interested in evaluating your investment advisor, making your first direct investment, or exploring ways you can use your resources to better support your nonprofit, you have found the right place.

Marketplace: co iMPACT dAYS

CO Impact Days, a three-year effort to catalyze $100M of investment in social ventures and is the first-ever statewide marketplace for impact investing. Since inception, we completed over 200+ presentations and courses to over 5,000 participants. CO Impact Days 2016, 2017, 2019 together showcased more than 150 social ventures, connecting them to mentors, partners, and impact investment capital.Early estimates indicate that 261 direct impact investments of $261M have been completed, in addition to upgrading the governance of several asset owners. Learn More >

education: Impact Investing institute

Once, you are aware, our next step is to provide you with the education you need to further your journey. IFC has launched the Impact Investing Institute that offers education online, livestreaming, in person, fellowships and custom courses. The Institute includes over 100 impact investing courses that have already been delivered in person as part of CO Impact Days and we are in the process of producing online. We invite you to take one of IFC’s classes in person or work with us to develop a custom solution for you or your organization. If you seek a more customized solution of 5-10 custom sessions then the the IFC Impact Investing Fellowship might be right for you.
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Action: Advisory services

You are aware, educate, and ready to act. You are aware and have found education opportunities by participating in a class or a IFC Impact Investing Fellowship and now you are ready to take action. IFC Senior Advisors are available to provide you capacity building along the way. Whether you want start with a consultation, evaluate you existing investment advisor, want IFC to lead the search process for your new investment advisor, upgrade your governance, or hire an “Impact Guide” or Outsourced Chief Impact Officer for ongoing support. Learn More >


Our education is informed by our participatory action research. We develop applied research projects that explore behavioral economics as well as develop larger systems frameworks that include full spectrum capital or the blueprint to catalyze $1T of investment, which is published in the the Foundation Review article, “Laying the Groundwork of the National Marketplace” lays out a strategy. Learn More >