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47s and other Classic Power at Southampton

Information and pictures of motive power and rolling stock produced in the British Railways era

Saturday, 13 November 2021 8th - 13th November 2021

47303 Freightliner Clevelandat Maritime, 16 years ago, 13th November 2005. Perhaps fittingly it was cut up in Stockton in 2007. According to RTTTees Dock (Flt) has a daily service from Felixstowe.

The final coaches were removed at Salisbury by Sunday 7th, with one wrapped up. One coach of 158763 was noted in transit on a motorway. Focus then turned to track work repair and replacement, and reopening is expected from Tuesday 16th. Further pictures and video: onetwo

59003 returned to Eastleigh with wheel flats, and appears to be awaiting events while in the yard there.

Monday 8th November:
Tuesday 9th November: 153385 (Colas operated for Network Rail) 2Q11 00:58 Eastleigh - Southampton DGL -Southampton - Southampton UL - Up Yard -Southampton - Eastleigh,2Q11 21:15 Eastleigh - Redbridge - Romsey -- Eastleigh - Romsey - Redbridge - Brockenhurst - Eastleigh one two; 59202 operated the Chi stone via Didcot one two
Wednesday 10th November:
Thursday 11th November: New JNA-W wagons for Network Rail, leases from Wascosa, delivered to Eastleigh, 667516Z93 04:47 Dollands Moor - Eastleigh one twothree
Friday 12th November:769938 11:33 Reading - Eastleigh; 57601 TnT 57313 1Z68 07:34 Chester - Winchester one two three,5Z70 14:14 Winchester - Eastleigh,5Z69 16:27 Eastleigh - Winchester,1Z69 17:10 Winchester - Chester
Saturday 13th November:

Saturday, 6 November 2021 1st - 6th November 2021

69003 + 69002 arriving at Eastleigh, 5th November. Image by Ian Knight.

69002 at platform 3 at Eastleigh, having completed delivery of69003 into the works. Image by Ian Knight.

At Salisbury, the second coach of 159102 has been lifted on Friday, and the third coach, which is the rear coach of 158763, is reported as ready for lifting on Saturday. 59003 continues to pull. It is hoped to remove all of the coaches before Monday. Via Network Rail Wessex and the Salisbury Journal.

Away from Salisbury:

Monday 1st November:
Tuesday 2nd November:
Wednesday 3rd November:
Thursday 4th November:
Friday 5th November: 69002 + 69003 0Z68 09:20 Tonbridge - Havant - Fareham - Eastleigh one two three four
Saturday6th November: 350281Z35 11:44 Victoria - Havant - Eastleigh - Basingstoke one two three fourfive

Following a severe wheel flat, 73966 was recovered from Stirling - Mossend at 10 mph one two, then is expected to move by road to Eastleigh.

Isle of Wight resumption of service: BBC - IRJ - On the Wight- Island Echo- Island Line Twitter

Friday, 5 November 2021 Salisbury, 18th September 1982

A Class 33/0, though to be 33033, arrives with an '89' Portsmouth - Bristol train. 33033 was withdrawn in May 1993, and disposed of byMRJ Phillips at Stewarts Lane in January 1997.
3T 1402 was reformed, in late 1979 - early 1980, from 2H 1122, by the addition of 77508. The latter coach, seen on the left, was originally delivered in May 1954 in 2EPB 5709, later reformed in 'Tadpole' 3R 1204. in January 1965, until disbanded in August 1979. 1402 was renumbered 204002 in May 1986, and withdrawn in May 1987, with disposal split across Vic Berry and Mayer Newman.

33110 appears to be in platform 4. This locomotive was withdrawn in September 1992, and was preserved at the Bodmin Wenford Railway, although it was for sale in 2020, and is now believed to be in the same ownership as33018 and 33202.

50004St Vincent approaches from London with an Exeter train, and passes 3H 1105. 50004 was withdrawn in June 1990, and cut up at Booth, Rotherham in May 1992.
31419 in platform 2 with a Bristol - Portsmouth train, these workings by then mostly being in the hands of Class 33. 31419 became 31519 and was withdrawn in December 1995, being disposed of at Wigan CRDC in March 2001.

Thursday, 4 November 2021 Collision in Fisherton Tunnel, Salisbury, Recovery updates 4th November

Network Rail Southwest Tweets for Recovery Plan- completion no earlier than 15th November. 158762 was driven out of the tunnel on the night of 3rd November.

Network Rail Southwest - lift out of first carriage of 159102, DMCL 52803, which was then defueled and removed one two three. All these vehicles expected to be removed to Long Marston.

59003 attempting to drag 58703 of 159102 out of the tunnel. Note the snatching chain, and the props up against the coach.

Wednesday, 3 November 2021 Collision in Fisherton Tunnel, Salisbury, RAIB interim report 3rd November

RAIB interim report

59003 worked6G66 10:30 Eastleigh East Yard - Dean today with the Colas Kirow 125 tonne crane to proceed towards Tunnel Junction - link for members of WRGEN Facebook group

It is anticipated that 158762 will be driveable away from the scene, and will head to St Philips Marsh.

Tuesday, 2 November 2021 Collision in Fisherton Tunnel, Salisbury, RAIB statement 2nd November

RAIB deputy chief inspector Andrew Hall said in a statement: "A team of RAIB inspectors arrived on site on Sunday evening and were joined yesterday by additional inspectors and our support team. We are working alongside partner organisations including the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and BTP. Our investigation is progressing well.

"Yesterday our focus was on evidence retrieval, we have been working with police scene officers to examine the train. We have also undertaken a close examination of the track and signalling in the area, and started to talk to those involved. Analysis of downloads from the trains' data recorders, electronic data from the signalling system and CCTV imagery is ongoing.
"From the initial evidence we have collected, we know that that the passage of the Great Western train travelling from Eastleigh across Salisbury tunnel junction was being protected by a red signal. At this junction, trains coming from Eastleigh merge with those from Basingstoke, so the South Western service coming from Basingstoke was required to stop at that signal.
"Unfortunately, it did not stop and struck the side of the Great Western train at an angle such that both trains derailed and ran alongside each other into the tunnel just beyond the junction.
"Initial evidence indicates that the South Western train driver applied the brakes as it approached the junction and the red signal, but the train was unable to stop before passing the signal.
"This evidence suggests that the most likely cause of this was wheelslide, almost certainly a result of low adhesion between the wheels and the track. We are continuing to pursue this as a line of investigation amongst others.
"In consultation with other parties, we continue to work with the railway recovery engineers to ensure that the site is handed back in the shortest time possible. We intend to begin releasing parts of the site back to Network Rail later today.
"Later this week we'll be releasing the initial findings of the investigation, these will be publicly available on our website."


from Modern Railways.

Monday, 1 November 2021 Collision in Fisherton Tunnel, Salisbury, updates for 1st November

Unfortunately it is understood that the driver of the SWR train has received life-changing injuries -BBC News.Also, note in the pictures, that the points remain set for the Romsey line.

The units in the pictures appear to be 3 coach 159102 (not a 3 unit, 9 coach, set as recorded on Sunday) and 2 coach 158763. The lead coaches of each are in the tunnel.158762 separated forward of 158763 - images.

Jack Boskett's photos.

BTP statement. "at this early stage there has been nothing to suggest the train struck an object or that there was any significant delay between the trains colliding and then one derailing".

Salisbury Journal.

Trains not expected to be removed until 8th November.

Apart from updates on the removal of the damaged trains and recovery of the infrastructure, it is probably best to await the interim report from RAIB.

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Latest 47 news at End ofthe Line and The Class 47 List.

47 history at Class47.co.uk

Latest local genand news at WRGEN and Wessex Rail.

The Railway Herald

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