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Alaskans Against a Death Penalty

Dedicated to keeping Alaska free from Capital Punishment.

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Alaskans Against a Death Penalty

Alaskans Against a Death Penalty (AADP) is a coalition of individuals and organizations who educate the community and policy makers about the facts and myths of the death penalty. Our mission is to keep Alaska free from the death penalty. Click here to contact us!


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What Happened to Joe Nathan James?

Alabama inmate Joe Nathan James Jr. was executed for the 1994 murder of Faith Hall Smith, the state's top attorney said, despite pleas from the victim's family not to do so.

Click Here to read the whole story about Joe Nathan James, Jr in an article by The Atlantic.

AADP Fish Fry Success!

Thank you everyone, for helping make our first live event in 3 years a huge success! A huge thank you to our guests, our members and a specialthank you to our guest speaker, Delia Perez Meyer! Thank you all!

Alaskans Against a Dealth Penalty Fish Fry

5pm-7pm on August 4, 2022 @ Russian Jack Springs Chalet

Featured Speaker: Delia Perez Meyer

After Delia’s brother, Louis Perez, ended up on death row, she joined the Texas Moratorium Network, Texas Abolition Movement to Abolish the Death Penalty, Amnesty International, the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, the National Campaign to End the Death Penalty, and the Abolition Action Committee to work towards educating the public about wrongful convictions and restorative justice. She has also produced death row inmates’ art shows to showcase her brother’s art as well as other death row inmates.

Delia has worked with our own, Bill Pelke in Terre Haute, Indiana to bring attention to the death penalty world-wide and is staunchly opposed to the death penalty.

Come and join us! There will be a silent auction and a food competition judged by celebity chefs!

We always provide exceptional food, fun and fellowship and we welcome side dishes & auction donations. Mark your calendar and bring friends!

For more information, you can contact:Richard Curtner
907-242-1300Sue Johnson

Click here to download the flyer.

Melissa Lucio - Stay of Execution

BREAKING NEWS: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has just issued a Stay of Execution for Melissa Lucio and ordered the 138th Judicial District Court of Cameron Country to consider new evidence of her innocence in the death of her daughter, Mariah.Melissa Lucio Statement: “I thank God for my life. I have always trusted in Him. I am grateful the Court has given me the chance to live and prove my innocence. Mariah is in my heart today and always. I am grateful to have more days to be a mother to my children and a grandmother to my grandchildren. I will use my time to help bring them to Christ. I am deeply grateful to everyone who prayed for me and spoke out on my behalf.” -- Melissa Lucio, April 25, 2022

Journey of Hope - Upcoming Speakers

Led by family members of murder victims, the Journey of Hope works to end the death penalty and calls for more constructive, effective responses to violent crime.

Go to for more information.

Web Sites of Interest

Struck by Lightning

The Continuing Arbitrariness of the Death Penalty
Thirty-Five Years After Its Re-instatement in 1976...Click here to read the entire article

Equal Justice USA

Equal Justice USA is a national, grassroots organization working to build a criminal justice system that is fair, effective, and humane, starting with repeal of the death penalty and increased services to families of homicide victims... Click here to visit their website.

The Abolition Times

Later this month, NCADP's Alaska Affiliate, Alaskans Against the Death Penalty will celebrate the defeat earlier this year of HB 9, a bill that would have introduced the death penalty to Alaska for the first time since the territory became a U.S. state in 1953... Read the full article here.

Death Penalty Information Center

Providing information about the application of the death penalty in the United States. This site has eye opening information regarding the death penalty in the U.S. Complete with a searchable Execution Database. Death Penalty Information Center Home PageDCIP State by State Death Penalty Information

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP) was founded in 1976 in response to the Supreme Court decision in Gregg v. Georgia which permitted executions to resume in the United States. Our mission: abolish the death penalty in the U.S. and support efforts to abolish the death penalty world wide. National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Home PageNCADP State Affiliate Web Site

Did Texas execute an innocent man?

The New Yorker has put together this group of articles that accurately portray real situations in which hind sight tells us that the Death Penalty was obviously not the right solution. The New Yorker - Did Texas execute and innocent man?

Ohio's Lethal Injection Fiascos!The LA Times gives us a brief history of botched lethal injections in Ohio...


News Updates

BOOKS: “Geometrical Justice: The Death Penalty in America”

The outcome of a capital prosecution can be predicted based upon the relative social status of the victim, the defendant, and the jurors, applying a sociology concept known as the geometrical theory of law, according to the authors of a new book, Geometrical Justice: The Death Penalty in America.

In their new book, released in the Summer of 2022, University of Denver criminology and sociology professor Scott Phillips and University of Georgia sociologist Mark Cooney apply the concept of “social geometry,” developed in the 1970s by sociologist Donald Black, to analyze outcomes of capital cases. After reviewing extensive data collected in connection with the landmark Baldus Study of capital sentencing in Georgia and from the national Capital Jury Project, they conclude that the sentencing outcomes in the cases in those databases support key principles of Black’s theory: the higher the social status of the victim and the lower the social status of the defendant, the more likely a death sentence will be imposed.

Alabama Court Upholds Fifth Non-Unanimous Death Sentence Imposed on Intellectually Impaired Man Over the Course of Six Penalty Trials for the Same Crime

An Alabama appeals court has upheld a fifth non-unanimous death sentence imposed on a death-row prisoner who has faced six capital sentencing trials for the same offense and was once found to be ineligible for the death penalty because of intellectual disability.

On September 2, 2022, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals (ACCA) affirmed the death sentence imposed on Jerry Jerome Smith by a Houston County trial judge in 2018 following a 10-2 jury sentencing recommendation for death. It was the sixth time Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska had sought the death penalty against Smith, despite evidence that multiple experts had diagnosed him with intellectual disability, his IQ of 67 falls well within the range of intellectual disability, he cannot read or write, and he was placed in special education classes in school.

Smith was first tried and sentenced to death in 1988. Each of his first four death sentences was overturned for constitutional violations unrelated to the non-unanimous jury votes. The court declared a mistrial in his fifth sentencing trial after four jurors voted for a life sentence. In four of the five trials in which his judge imposed a death sentence, his juries did not unanimously vote for death sentence — a practice allowed only in Alabama. Houston County is a significant outlier in its use of the death penalty, and has faced a civil rights lawsuit over racial discrimination in jury selection.

Houston County has imposed 33 death sentences since 1972, more than any other county with a population of 125,000 or less. Nearly three-quarter of those death sentences have been imposed on Black defendants. It has the nation’s highest per capita death-sentencing rate of any county between 75,000 and 150,000 in size (30.96/100,000 population), more than 10% higher than any similarly sized county. Its 18-person death row as of January 1, 2021 was double that of any similarly sized county in the country, and its death row of 16.89 prisoners per 100,000 population was 1.5 times larger than the per capita population of any similarly sized county’s death row.

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