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O. Henry Pun-OffOctober, 2021*↓ *Full disclosure: since no one fully knows what the COVID situation will be over the next several months, we can’t say for sure where the event will be or even if it will be virtual. The date is also a bit fungible. But it WILL happen.However we CAN answer some Frequently Asked Questions . . . Q: When are the 2021 O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships?To be determined. We can’t wait to answer this question for real. Q: Will the event be presented in two parts separately like last year?It is always in two parts … on the same day. The straight answer may depend on whether it’s face-to-face or virtual. Q: Will competitions be face-to-face or virtual?Hopefully, face-to-face. That’s why we’re postponing it. Q: If it’s a virtual event only, will there be changes to the traditional rules?If it is a virtual event, it will be tailored to being virtual. We learned quite a bit from last year‘s virtual Pun-Offs. Q: If COVID restrictions are relaxed, are you likely to hold the face-to-face events indoors?Too many variables to say for sure, but most likely outdoors, like usualQ: Will contestants be invited, recruited or chosen by lottery?Staying with our, “you win—you’re in“ policy, recent winners will be invited. Everyone else will go through the lottery. Q: Is there any way for fans who can’t or won’t attend to participate or view in real time?We hope so. We’ve streamed it on Facebook in the past, but as tends to be the answer for everything COVID related: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Q: Is the O.Henry contest a charitable fund raiser or a for-profit event?The contest benefits the Brush Square Museums, which includes the O.Henry Museum. Q: I have a friend who really should enter this contest. Where do we go to sign up?You may enter your contact information below so that when we make an official announcement, you will receive an email. We will also post it to Facebook. Q: Why is O.Henry known for puns?Although he used a few puns and cleaver wordplay, his last name was Porter. In all seriousness, the name of the contest has a lot more to do with its sponsorship by the museum.Q: Who started the O.Henry Pun-Off and when?Dr. Anthony Fauci started the pun off to prevent nerds from reproducing. Q: Who wrote the rules for this competition?The rules evolve as necessary every year, check out our Rules page for more information. Q: Who decides what topics are played in PunSlingers?You’d be surprised how much thought goes into what makes an appropriate topic, but Brian Oakley is the “Topic Guru.” He entertains suggestions from others so please send your ideas.Q: What is the time limit for Punniest of Show?See the Rules pageQ: Are there other similar punning competitions around the world?No. Is Mr. Pibb similar to meatloaf? Although they are both food, either can be typed on a keyboard. We ARE partial to the Pun Intensive podcast, That has nothing to do with the question, but this site’s editor is shameless Who, what, when, where, and whyCheck out the FAQ above. But to be honest, the answers to all of these look like this (especially the last one) : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Don’t worry, we have our act together, but we’re also winging it with COVID in mind. So be sure to sign up to our newsletter to get all the details as soon as they’re available The Grandaddy of all Pun competitions is in Texas, of all places. Is it the best? Yes. Is it the oldest. Definitely. Is it the funniest? Easily. In all sincerity, there are a lot of great pun competitions all over the US. Probably all over the world. But the O. Henry Pun-Off has been around for so long, it’s hard to imagine one more refined. For Texans, anyway.Located in Brush Square (behind the O Henry Museum) at:409 East 5th StreetAustin, TX Stay Informed.As things become more and more clear, we will post information to this site. If you would like to get information via email, you may add yourself to the mailing list here.

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