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Muzzles, and the dogs who wear them, often get a bad rap, as many people associate them with dogs who may display aggressive behavior.... Reactivity is a commonly used term in the dog behavior and training world, but it’s frowned upon by some in our profession because it’s... Acouple of months ago, I was in the house, gathering stuff to take with me and the dogs on a hike: Bait bag for training treats, the treats themselves, collars and leashes, and poop... Strawberry season will soon be here again. Fresh, sweet and juicy, the berries are perfect plain, in pies, smoothies and homemade ice creams. They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that give... Sheesh, I thought my dog would love having a new friend, but he is being so mean to the new little puppy!”I hear this all the time from shocked owners. But what’s surprising to... More than a year into living under the cloud of a worldwide pandemic, we’re all still dealing with lifestyle changes to stay safe. For most people, this includes not being able to accompany pets... Veterinary care sure is expensive, isn’t it? And it’s even more so when we sabotage our own pet’s care. Think that sounds crazy? You figure nobody would undermine the very approach they’d just paid top... Whole Dog Journal is known for its in-depth, frank annual reviews of dry and wet dog food – but we rarely review dog treats. This would seem to fly in the face of the... Urinary incontinence is the lack of full, voluntary control over the passage of urine. It results from failure of the bladder and/or urethra (the outlet from the bladder) to contain urine as the bladder... It’s frustrating to see rusty brown tear stains on your dog’s beautiful face. With so many tear-stain-removing products for sale in the pet supply stores, you may be tempted to buy one. But if... Dog trainers are most likely to hear from new prospective clients when the clients’ dogs are in the throes of adolescence –... Hmmm, do I let you back inside? Or do we go look for whatever you have been digging up? ... #goldenhour #nofilter #summertempsalready #swimthenhike #goodestdogs ... 91 degrees today, oy! Time to fill up Otto’s sandbox with clean, deep sand for the summer. (He approved.) ... “Outstanding in his field.” A dad joke that will never get old

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Whole Dog Journal offers well-researched, in-depth articles about all aspects of dog care and training.

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