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How can you store things in a small kitchen? Published in Home Space

The kitchen is the most important place in a home where it should be constructed in your comfort so that you can work without having any sort of tension. That is the place where many utensils and also many boxes have to be filled in that case you will need the help of a shelf

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In what ways can you develop the open kitchen shelves? Published in Home Space

The kitchen is the only place in the home where you need to focus throughout to bring a good dish. People said their kitchen atmosphere according to their status or their needs. Decorating the kitchen will not be that easy there are a lot of difficult tasks hidden in it. How can you decorate an

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What are the ways to arrange plants in an open terrace? Published in Home Space

Generally, everyone will like to how plants in their home, but in some of the cases they would not have space like a garden at the front of their home then people will plan to show them at their terrace. Planning to have them in an open terrace will not be enough you need to

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How can you remove hair from the carpet? Published in Home Space

In every place, you can find carpets at the entrance and also at the exit. When it comes to home it is necessary to have a carpet at every place so that you can wipe your legs to be germfree. Even though there are a lot of benefits in it obviously in an alternative way

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What are the pros and cons of using argan oil for baby hair? Published in Baby Hair, Hair Products

This oil is being extracted from the kernel of the argan tree. This is said to be the organic product which in other terms known as liquid gold. This oil is best in its Whitney source and in some essential fatty acids apart from this; many beneficial nutrients are incorporated into it. When being used

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How can you protect your kids hair during the winter? Published in Baby Hair, Hair Care

When you take the adult hair this will be a little dense and also this will have the ability to sustain any kind of temperature because it is used to it already. In the case of children’s hair, you have to be very much careful because the root of their hair will be more sensitive.

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What is the hair care routine that has to be followed by a family? Published in Baby Hair

It is a tough job to handle your hair to become smooth and also to be healthy. Only if you look after your hair in the right way this will give you out the best result in the future. Not only one in a family should take good care of the hair but everybody should

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Can you use baby soap for your hair? Published in Baby Hair, Hair Products

You can make use of the baby soap to clean your hair instead of using shampoo. You just need to apply your baby’s hair with a mild quantity of soap. The skin mainly the scalp region of the kid will be too soft so you just need to speak a little amount of soul and

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At what age should you stop using baby shampoo? Published in Hair Products

In every particular age, there are some limited conditions which have to be applied to the baby. There are two types of products that is the baby product and the adult product, the baby product has to be used for the infants rather than using the adult product. Right from the small age, you need

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How can you prevent static electricity in your hair? Published in Hair Care

During the time of winter, your hair may get static electricity and they will dry outside. This static electricity will be caused during the time of the Android environment. This is mainly occurred due to the moisture, this moisture will not be able to get inside your hair that is because of the build of

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Recent Posts How can you store things in a small kitchen? In what ways can you develop the open kitchen shelves? What are the ways to arrange plants in an open terrace? How can you remove hair from the carpet? What are the pros and cons of using argan oil for baby hair? WELCOME

Hi! My name is Rosemarie, I am a mom who loves making new recipes, spending the day on the lake, reading a good book, and exercising. Nothing youll see here is from a professional, I am just a regular mom sharing things I love!


Hey there! Just a few ground rules for this here blog. All images and projects are property of The Bamboo Cookhouse, unless otherwise noted. If you want to share one of my posts or images, please provide a link to the original post and credit Do not crop or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. Pinning is always welcome and appreciated

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