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Holla! Please welcome me back! Its been a while since the last time I updated thisblog and I apologize for that. Anyway, I have this feeling that this is a startthat I will be staying in front my computer to give you an update while I stillcan. So here you go.
CONTINUE READING1 comment : Serving it Hot | The Best Lomi in Batangas

Wewere on our way back to Manila coming from a gratifying SCUBA diving experiencein Bauan, Batangas when the team decided to make a stop over to have ourdinner. We drove to San Luis, which was just 15 minutes away from the parking lot/ jump-off going to Bus Stop Dive Resort.
CONTINUE READINGNo comments : Cooking Yourself in Tibiao Antique

Panay Island is blessed with so much destinationsranging from mountains to beaches. But we can only do so much for aday that we have to recharge to continue our journey to enjoy our exploration in this part of the region.
After visiting Bucari in Leon, Iloilo, my Ilonggo friend Paolo and I hadthis urge for a unique relaxation that we decided to visit Tibiao, Antique.
CONTINUE READINGNo comments : Featuring the Waterfalls of Camandag in Leon Iloilo

Part of our Panay Adventure was visiting Bucari Pine Forestin Leon, Iloilo. But aside from the relaxing camping ground in Bucari it is recommended also to experience the waterfalls of Camandag.
Since we were on a tight budget, we opted to walk towardsthe site of the said waterfalls. We were assured by a local that the locationof Camandag was only around 30 minutes from Bucari in Sitio Tabionan.CONTINUE READINGNo comments : Mt. Kupapey, Maligcongs Finest Viewing Point

During my first visit to Mt. Kupapey three years agoI mentioned that it was an easy trek, 1/9difficulty. But today I would like to say, I AM SORRY! I am not sure whether it was just I or thedifficulty comes with the age as I find it really hard to reach the peak of Mt.Kupapey after my short visit last weekend. The story goes like this...CONTINUE READINGNo comments : Older PostsHomeSubscribe to:Posts ( Atom ) Check Our Library 2017 ( 2 ) September ( 2 ) 2016 ( 23 ) August ( 2 ) July ( 5 ) June ( 6 ) May ( 4 ) April ( 3 ) March ( 2 ) January ( 1 ) 2015 ( 25 ) November ( 5 ) October ( 2 ) September ( 1 ) August ( 6 ) July ( 1 ) June ( 1 ) May ( 3 ) April ( 2 ) March ( 2 ) February ( 1 ) January ( 1 ) 2014 ( 34 ) December ( 4 ) November ( 4 ) October ( 2 ) August ( 1 ) July ( 2 ) May ( 4 ) April ( 4 ) March ( 4 ) February ( 5 ) January ( 4 ) 2013 ( 54 ) December ( 7 ) November ( 1 ) July ( 1 ) June ( 3 ) May ( 10 ) April ( 6 ) March ( 7 ) February ( 10 ) January ( 9 ) 2012 ( 97 ) December ( 15 ) November ( 14 ) October ( 15 ) September ( 16 ) August ( 16 ) July ( 18 ) June ( 3 ) Recognition
Subscribe ToPosts Atom PostsAll Comments Atom All CommentsFeatured Story of the WeekBurdeos Summer Island Escapade | Revisiting Polillo Group of Islands Like us on FacebookTrending PostsR.I.P to Coco Beach Resort and White Haven Beach Resort| The Most Disrespectful Resorts in Gumasa, Saranggani Undoubtedly the southern countryside of Mindanao shelters some of the best places in the Philippines, beach destinations in parti...Butuan or Limasawa: To Where Philippine Christianity was Born I must confess that I was a history geek way back in my elementary days and I even champed a quiz bee competition in our region at the...Magkono: A Rare and Hard Encounter Magkono is known as the Philippine Iron Wood and considered as the hardest wood under the Family Myrtaceae (ex. Guava and eucalyptus)...Libtong's Blue Lagoon | Cantilan, Surigao del Sur Its been a while since I went on traveling after my 13 Days of Summer Escapade ended on April 2013. Due to my chicken p...Davisol: Master of Magkono Woodcraft (The Fate of Philippine Iron Wood) Small lagoon of Davisol with lush green mangroves Davisol or Divine Arc Victory Instituted in Sion Omnipotent in this Latter Days...Tawi-Tawi's Muslim Royal Wedding | A Sacred Love Sealed Under the Moon Being a spontaneous traveler, I always love the idea of not knowing what I might go through in every places I visit especially in...And I Shall Rise Again | Love Mindanao Returns It was one of the hardest blows in my life and I felt a part of my soul was lost upon leaving Mindanao. It seemed my wor...Bojo River | The Secret Hideaway in Cebu, Philippines In the island of Cebu there is one captivating river that exist that is not yet popular among the usual visitors of the island. This...Tawi Tawi's Common Local and Exotic Foods After a tiring trip around the island of Bongao , it was time to please my growling tummy and give in to my wondering sensiti...Badjao Village and the Quest for the Southern Tepo Shopping for souvenirs isntmy favorite activity in my travels except when crafts were really out of ordinary worth hangin...Proud Member
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