Financial Planning is a process, not a product.

The financial industry is wrong. It misrepresents products and predictions as ‘financial advice’, while failing to meet its moral and fiduciary obligation to serving clients. Most of the industry treats financial planning as a one-time job; they set it and forget it.

However, when done right, financial planning is an ongoing, integrative process and is a key to better decision making.

We do it the right way.

I am Jim Mirenda, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in East Dorset, Vermont. I provide objective, personalized planning to families and individuals so they can feel confident about their financial decisions.

Since 2012 I have been honored to be part of Wealthcare Capital Management LLC, based in Richmond, Virginia.

More than two decades ago Wealthcare pioneered goals-based financial planning software. Today, we provide objective financial planning and investment management designed to help clients confidently achieve their financial and life goals.

While I am the first dedicated Wealthcare Advisor in Vermont, I serve clients throughout New England, in addition to the Manchester, Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, and Albany, New York areas.

“Our process is not about investment products or market predictions.

It's about guiding you toward reaching your goals and dreams, while prioritizing what your family values most.”

Jim Mirenda, CFP®

Wealthcare Capital Management LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm dedicated to the mission of assisting each client in making the most of their one life.

With Wealthcare’s GDX360® process we empower you to make the best decisions for your family today, while embracing the reality that the future is uncertain.

GDX360® is Wealthcare’s experience-based, goals-driven model that aligns your money with what matters to you most – your life goals.

Centered on you, the investor, this process delivers the three elements of a positive financial experience that empower you to make better financial decisions:


Confidence and