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Empowering Albuquerque with Renewable Energy

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Make a difference in the environment AND your home or business with solar from EverGuard Solar in New Mexico!

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Renewable, Clean Energy

The sun is undoubtedly one of our most precious resources and beyond that, a powerful energy source. Harnessing its power through solar roofing panels, EverGuard Solar aims to power-up Albuquerque and improve our environment with renewable, clean energy. Unlike other sources of energy, energy from the sun is derived from a natural resource, is naturally replenished, and is less harmful to the environment. Adding solar panels to your property will not only benefit your wallet, but also the environment for generations to come!

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Albuquerque Solar Energy, Quality Service

EverGuard Solar is dedicated to two things; you and solar energy. For quality service and reliability, turn to our team. Local financing is also available!

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Switch to Solar to Save Money

Being that New Mexico is typically sunny throughout the year, the amount of solar energy available is high, and consequently, your savings are, too! Harnessing energy from a natural resource equates to a drop in your energy bill, and therefore, an increase in money saved! Savings will depend on the amount of solar roofing panels, their size, and your heat or energy usage. In addition to saving money, it’s also possible that you may receive financial returns for contributing to surplus energy. Our team will work with you to determine the system best for you and calculate your savings and benefits!

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Sustainable Solar Energy!

EverGuard Solar makes going green easy! Call us today to learn how we can empower your property with solar energy.

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Generate Electricity

Switch to a renewable electricity source to cut down your bill year round. Ideal for both Albuquerque homes and businesses, empower your property with solar panels from EverGuard!

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Go Green, Save Green!

Reduce costs and increase savings with solar panels! For more information and to get a quote, just reach out to us!

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Low Maintenance Costs

Another great benefit of solar energy systems? Low maintenance costs! Generally, they don’t require a lot of maintenance and most just need to be kept relatively clean. Additionally, unlike other systems, there are no moving parts, which are susceptible to wear and tear or damage. Due to this, there is generally no repair costs and a general cleaning a few times a year will suffice.

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Residential & Commercial Solar Services

Solar energy can have a great impact on both business and residences. Talk to a team member today to learn the benefits!

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Cleaner, more efficient energy is just a call away! Get an estimate from our team and discover how solar panels can impact your property and enhance the environment.

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Trusted by Albuquerque

For years, EverGuard has been on the edge of solar technology, helping to advance New Mexico and its energy sources. When you’re ready to make the switch to solar, trust the name Albuquerque trusts—EverGuard Solar!

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