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SVA’s finest in Graphic Design,Advertising,Motion Graphics &Interaction Design

Hell & Vetica Pretha Prabhakar
Everyday Moments Lynn Sohn
SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Show 2021 Meitar Almog
24/7 VISION Lucian French
Aritzia Armoire Jeewoon Lee,Michelle Lee,TK Tsotsong
Beacon Yiting Nan
Stylect Rok Cho
Designing As I Read: Normal People Ariel Harari
John Cage Book Ziting Zhou
Ghost Typography and Zine Jennifer Kim
Insects Exhibition Xindi Lyu
Cyber Gardening Daye An
Outsider Art Fair Rebrand Runyi Zhang
ZEP Hamin Jeon
Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition Qianxun Lin
La Sera Wine Project Inae Kim
Synesthesia National Conference Soo Choi
Book Cover Series Chengbo Yao
The Importance of Voting Mo Hinojosa
Amalgamated Widget Museum Ji Eun Lee
Teanoshi Jeonghan Kim
Anti Lecture Series Mo Hinojosa
Whit x Whitney Museum: Digital Ecosystem Redesign Xueyang Que
SignSchool Olivia Pracher
Getting Stuck in Negatives Xinran Wang
Rug House Isabelle Chandra
Zines for Five Typefaces Haze Hyejin Ryu
Mochi Packaging Lilin Zhu
MMF Magazine Lilin Zhu
"You are the Bane of My Existence and the Object of All My Desires" Leanne Mattern
Travelers Chocolate Lauren Kelly
School of Visual Arts Jaeyou Chung
Penguin Books: Shakespeare Remix Jaewook Baik
A Little Adventure Inkyung Hur
Apple Music Rebranding Lynn Sohn
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