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Created to address the needs of real market managers…

Based on our experience running real-world markets, we created MarketWurks to address our needs and as it’s grown, turned it into a platform to help markets all around the world. MarketWurks is now used by markets in 6 countries and counting, saving market managers countless hours of work each week.

Our Vision

We believe farmers’ markets help build stronger, healthier communities.

Because of this, MartketWurks has remained true to our roots in market management over the last 5 years.

We continue to progress the MarketWurks software based on what you, our market managers, ask for and the feedback you give us each season, continually delivering the tools that empower you to process applications, run your market, keep vendor data secure and gain all the valuable insights that a data-driven platform can provide.

An introduction to our latest 2022 release

MarketWurks New Features 2022

Market Management Made Easy

MarketWurks allows you to easily and affordably manage your market.

Easily create your signup/application form with our specialized form builder

Embed this signup form on your website and securely start accepting vendor applications

Embed additional features on your site, including market maps and vendor profiles

Allow renewals with pre-filled applications for returning vendors

Track and report vendor attendance, sales and every aspect of your market

Invoice your vendors and receive online payments

Seamlessly manage vendors change requests at the click of a button

Intuitive, modern interface with unparalleled support

…and so much more!

Demo videos and tutorials

"I am confident that you will find MarketWurks saves you time, money and a whole lot of paper work, while allowing you to manage your vendors, market dates and so much more."
-Chris Quinlan


"We joined the MarketWurks family in 2015 and had our most successful and smoothest-running show during the holidays of 2016. The software is simple and easy to use, intuitive, and if you do end up having some struggles, Chris and the team are only a phone call away and more than happy to help you out! The upgrades that have rolled out in 2017 have been amazing and have only helped to improve our efficiency in reviewing, accepting and organizing the hundreds of applications we receive from Vendors to join our shows! I'd gladly refer MarketWurks to anyone looking to make their market organizational life quicker and easier - hands down, this has been the best software I've ever encountered, and coming from an OCD A-type personality person like myself, that means a lot!"

-Chris Kennedy-

Market and Event Producer / Online Technologies

North Vancouver Markets and Events

"Sometimes, it takes a small business to understand a small business and that's exactly what Marketwurks has done. Being that it was created by a market manager, it covers our software needs that we didn't even realize we were missing. It saved hours of time in our first year and with the improvements that they keep adding to the program, it's going to streamline our market! We can't thank Marketwurks enough for their dedication to service (always a phone call away) and their excellent product."


Snohomish Farmers Market

"We found MarketWurks an excellent product for
handling Vendors at our Markets. It greatly … helped us to organize our information in a very systematic manner…”

– Peter Kawerau –
Parksville Farmers Market

“MarketWurks has made my vendor application process
so much easier! I love the online form creator. I would definitely recommend MarketWurks to other farmers markets.”

– Vickey Brown –
Comox Farmers Market

“[We] recently transitioned to MarketWurks and it has been amazing! Their forms are comprehensive and easy to build and it allows our vendors to apply to all of our markets at once!
I would highly recommend...”

– Sojourner Duxbury –
Tacoma Farmers Market

We've asked our customers about their experience with Marketwurks and here's what they have to say.

Marketwurks Testimonials Video

Contact Chris: 1 888 560 1770

From the founders

My name is Chris Quinlan, co-founder and CEO of MarketWurks. I managed the Whistler Farmers Market for 8 years. When I began the job, I was faced with the spectre of several four inch binders of paper applications. This was for a market that maxed out at 50 vendors at the time. I knew there had to be a better way.

With my co-founder, Simon, we set out to create a software platform to manage all aspects of running a market. This provided me the time and tools to double the size of the Whistler Farmers Market, building it into one of the most successful markets in British Columbia, before I ultimately stepped away to focus on MarketWurks full time. Since then it’s been our goal to bring MarketWurks to the broader community of markets across the country, the continent, and beyond.

Besides running MarketWorks, I co-founded the Canadian Farmers Markets Coalition as well as being a founding contributor to the World Farmers Markets Coalition and continue speaking at farmers market conferences and helping markets all over the world with digital transformation.

My co-founder, Simon, has helped build software used by literally billions of people around the world during his time at Google, as well as trained software engineers at dozens of fortune 500 companies and built engineering teams in several countries.

Together, we’re the founding team behind MarketWurks, helping you run your market with the best tools and resources available.

Our Partners

Marketwurks partners with Farm2Facts to help Farmers' Markets maximize the potential from their data collection.

Marketwurksis incredibly pleased, actually we are over the moon excited, to be able to work with Dr. Alfonso Morales and Lauren Suerth, MS, PhD Candidate at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and share the work they have done with Farmers’ Market Data and Reporting. Their program, Farm2Facts, provides Farmers’ Markets with the online tools, criteria and processes to measure the impact their markets have through customizable reports across multiple sectors. Good data leads to good decisions. As it says on their website, "By using Farm2Facts you develop specific knowledge about your market that enhances your internal decision-making and external communication activities with partners, sponsors, and the public.” This rings true to us as a "data management" company, but it also speaks to our roots in Farmers’ Market management, where we have often struggled to find a cost effective way to communicate the tangible benefits of Farmers’ Markets.
We heartily encourage you to visit their website, and explore how MIFI can provide you with the tools to quantify the impact of your market and provide the measurement you need to make better market management decisions.

MarketWurks is a proud supporter of the Oregon Farmers Markets Association


We are a subscription based service. Our base price is $1300 per location. We base this on a market having an average of 35 to 40 plus vendors. This price is for an unlimited number of vendors. We believe that you should not be penalized for growth in your market.

If you are a smaller market we would be pleased to discuss our emerging market plan with you. We would prefer t0 give you the tools to grow your market. Please contact [email protected] or call 1 888 560 1770 to discuss your market’s options..

If you are an organization with multiple locations under your umbrella, please contact us about our premium power user package.

This includes unlimited technical support in the set up of your application and ongoing operational features such as billing and payments, managing your maps, vendor placements and profiles which are all linked via embed code directly to your website. So, no programming is required. We will even create an illustrated map of your market to use.

I am always available for a video meeting to fully demonstrate how well our program wUrks with U.

Please feel fee to contact us if you have any questions, at all.

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