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We are a not-for-profit organisation which applies social science to contemporary issues and problems. find out more in Who We Are Group Relations conferences world-wide offer opportunities to learn about group, organisational and social dynamics. find out more in Group Relations Systems Thinking has been an important feature in our research and consultancy work from the beginning in 1947. In talk we consider what we have learnt from the past, how we are currently applying this – and where systems thinking is taking us A Lunchtime Talk by Francesca Cardona on 16 September. Exploring Role and Identity in the COVID-19 era online Group Relations workshop. Employment opportunities through social and peer networks. New ways of thinking, living and connecting: philosophy, ways of life, and …online courses. With significant growth over the last two years, Human Relations is recruiting a new associate editor to join its current editorial team. 1-14 August 2021Our flagship, international Group Relations conference, held annually since 1957. Come and participate if you’re interested in developing your role at work; how teams work together and how your organisation can flourish – nurturing leadership in groups, organisations… and wider society. We invite you to consider yourself as part of our popular Food for Thought lunchtime talk series. See what s coming up here. Leicester conference: It was fascinating to observe how groups were unwittingly affected by their environments, despite their best efforts to prevent that. What I had confirmed, was that tensions are inevitable in organisations and certain group behaviours, e.g. the tendency to form silos, seem to exacerbate these tensions. Encouragement given by [Leicester] conference staff to reach out across boundaries and be curious about what was happening in other silos, seemed a useful way of improving understanding and inter-group (organisational) relationships. I learned [at the Leicester conference] that if I want things to happen in my organisation I have to take responsibility for my feelings and actions. The quality of the staff and the dynamic combination of groups – with different tasks within the [Leicester] conference as a temporary organisation – provided great scope for concrete and direct learning… I especially valued the opportunity to discover emotional links between professional and personal life experiences. Head of Unit, Directorate, General Education and Culture, European Commission, Brussels The quality of work carried out by the Tavistock project team for the EMPAC project was excellent. The staff were highly professional, ensuring that the project was evaluated within a robust research framework whilst at the same time taking a pragmatic and flexible approach to working across a number of schools. The Tavistock experience grows within you, over the years... today I see the world differently, am more able to accommodate its myriad contradictions and diversity and the Leicester conference is central to this change in me. The Tavistock Institute helped us to have an independent view as well as a progressive perspective on our current Leadership and culture. Strategy & Policy Lead - Org Development, Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police, UK The course [Coaching for Leadership] brought me a deeper understanding of psychodynamic, systemic concepts in the context of executive coaching. I am finding the framework of immense help in guiding my progress through coaching with clients, both in groups and individually. Associate Director, Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change, INSEAD, France The Leicester conference helped me express myself in plain words, instead of professional language, as an extremely powerful tool of communication. Because of the P3C programme, the power of using my creativity, presence and authority has gone to the next level I have never learned as much about organisations as whole systems as I did at the Leicester conference. P3C has been like the River Nile, stretching from a distant past to a present overflowing and fertilizing both private and professional banks. Sometimes it’s been hard, but really fruitful! Since going to Leicester, I have learned to better manage myself in my role. Before I attended Leicester, I thought leadership was about managing others; I was surprised to find it is really about managing myself. [The Tavistock Institute's] ability to work with credibility and authority with minimal grounding in some of the areas we operate in was impressive. They facilitated and pushed the creation of our Theory of Change map which we’ve adopted successfully as a strategic tool, and were also effective at helping Fixperts hone the language with which we communicate our values, aims and goals. A very significant and enriching experience. I really got so much from the course [Coaching for Leadership] and feel it every day in my ongoing coaching and this is clearly due to the way [the Directors] guided the course and complemented each other. A truly transformative experience, which at the same time moves you out of your comfort zone and significantly expands your professional repertoire. Giacomo Mazzariello, Global Head of Human Resources, at Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. Italy

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The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) applies social science to contemporary issues and problems. It was established as a not for profit organisation with charitable purpose in 1947.

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