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Darrell and Sandy Blatchley Family Circus Childrens Ministries
Philippine Address: PO Box 80542 - 8000 Davao City, Philippines
Phone (63)(82)305-1529 -

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Sandy and her team of ladies worked hard this week to prepare and distribute gifts of donated clothing for the families. Most were very thankful. Yet there were the exceptional ones that exited without a word of Thanks! How many days pass, where we to, might be guilty of the same? Omitting, Thanks for the great blessings given by our Creator. Please lets not be guilty... Of thanklessness...

Heres another small, BIG thing... The smell of coffee. I walked into the coffee shop. Mmm the aroma... They asked me what I wanted. I replied, Coffee grounds. Weve had some snails invading our garden and flower beds. A sprinkling of coffee grounds helps to repel the slugs. Its great compost as well. (Smell good to!) Everyone who helped, both the givers (Starbucks) and those protecting the plants all smiled when they received their share of the gift... Recycling coffee grounds...

Its Work from the heart... Sometimes we get VERY tired. Often Not because of painful muscles but because of our heart-breaking for those we love...

Kids... And their toys. This young child (maybe 3 or 4 years old) was holding a toy... Not! His older brother saw nothing wrong with it, nor did anyone else nearby. Hmm, I do have an active imagination and know kids have accidents.

So many precious kids, yet often they wont smile... Many times they are simply too embarrassed? Because of missing teeth...
We may have a dentist serving the children at Family Circus next week. So today the kids showed me their teeth and asked if they could be treated.
We help arrange their transportation and youll see from todays pictures why this shepherd loves getting the little ones teeth fixed.

No Pictures Today.
I Wish More Were in Jail...
We visited a friend in jail this morning. Shes been there six years. Shes not convicted of any crime. She has repeatedly stated that if it werent for her imprisonment she would NOT have found True Freedom and that in knowing receiving Jesus Christ (while there), that she is more Free than she was before she was imprisoned...
The second prison (high security). The 14 year old girl has been there for more than a year. Like the other lady, she is there without being convicted of a crime.
Visiting an inmate, does not require for them to be guilty or innocent. Our Creator encourages us to visit those in prison and by so doing we in essence visit Him...
Simple as that...lets find those who are in prison and visit them share His love. I know of many who have made this a lifelong practice.
I wish there were More who would Go to Jail! To visit! Many are needed!

January 1st. We live near the equator so have a 12 month growing season. In the afternoon it rained. We harvest rain water off our roofs and this year plan to build additional rain bunkers for the dry seasons. We recycle filter the 250,000 liter fish pond on the top gravel bed of the pond keeping the water clean and a good source of fertilizer for our external vertical garden. We also like to share with some of our neighbor kids as we teach them how to grow. This week enjoyed seeing a new Dragon Fruit flower making its appearance.

Took a load of excess plants from the Aquaphonics fish pond to be composted.
Hope to instal solar panels this year to operate the pumps lights.

If we know how to do whats right, BUT, we dont do it.
What is that? _ _ _ (Fill in your own answer). I simply call it WRONG!
See a problem.
Know the solution.
Choose an action.
Mission Possible.
This morning walking to McDo a few friends tagged along. One friend had on a pair of sandals that for the past few weeks has been falling apart thread by thread. Today that sandal self-destructed. She also had an infected wound on her foot so first measured her foot size and brought her back a new pair of sandals which brought out a million dollar smile. Last, cleaned and bandaged the wound as well.
Thats simply what a shepherd does. Sharing food is also a part of being a Good Shepherd. We can Give without Loving BUT we cant Love without Giving.

Feeding a multitude. 285,120 vitamin fortified meals arrived from Convoy of Hope, with special assistance from many friends who helped make it possible.
We use these meals to feed thousands of malnourished kids others with special needs on a daily basis.

The container even became a part of the Family Circus building.
Many were involved in unloading the food by hand. Lots of laughter as we worked together to restock the empty storehouse with the meals that will be distributed in the weeks ahead.

With Thankful hearts we look forward to a wonderful New Year!

My sweetheart Sandy, has been battling pneumonia for several days and thankfully is on the mend... She ask me to step in substitute for her in visiting a friend... I like to be helpful and so agreed... In preparing to go to jail... I thought about what Id like if I were restricted from the freedom I take for granted. So in went the hot chocolate mix, coffee/chocolate mix and finally some chocolate chip cookies, still hot out of the oven... (Those observant friends will notice a pattern there!)
Finally at prison, had a great visit, shared, laughed, encouraged and prayed. Then carried back home the verbal message, that our friend misses my sweetheart... Sandys friend found Jesus and freedom in jail. We pray with her for her freedom and after 6 years imprisoned has still not been charged with a crime... But her heart has been set Free.

PS Had to remove the coffee, hot chocolate mix, and even the Reeses Peanut Butter candy from their packaging for the prison guards to be able to check for drugs etc.

Moments ago DD I were motorcycling saw a man who had just been electrocuted still burning/smoking on top of a sign-board next to the power lines. His body, clothing even hair were still smoldering, below a crowd of spectators were gawking. My son said, Dad Im strong enough to get him down. Taking off his helmet without hesitating, leaving me to assist below, he proceeded to climb up carefully ducked under the live electical wires hanging less than 1 foot away from the frightened injured man, within 5 minutes he helped to strap him down to a board physically w/3 other guys carried him down to the waiting ambulance. As we left, he commented, Dad, thats what were here for. DDs still at the hospital with the very thankful man.

Its RISKY sometimes to say what is in your heart and on your mind... Yet at the expense of being misunderstood Ill still say it... Not because I have it all figured out... But simply because its what is needed.

This morning a little child asked me for a hug. She softly said, I have no papa. Thats a tear jerker, and I picked her up and gave her a big hug and a prayer. I asked her how old she was and she put up 4 fingers.

This weekend millions will be attending some kind of religious meeting and many will hear that their God called them to imitate the Good Shepherd. Some if not most will nod their head in agreement and most after listening will go home unchanged!
Thats sad! Think about what a Shepherd must Do... Where he/she must Go... And what they must Smell like...

Some hear the Word Understand Change. Many Hear Understand BUT refuse to Change. After walking through the densely populated neighborhood, returning from McDo, I saw some people walking back home after attending a (religious) meeting. They were dressed and likely smelled nice. I wonder if they Understood what they heard if they were willing to Smell or Act Be like the Good Shepherd? They DID walk right by that little 4 year old fatherless lamb... DID they SEE her?
Or did they just Hear another good message? The Good Shepherd said, He wants us to Hear the Word Do the Word!

Nope... Today as I rode my motorcycle to the hospital it came to mind that I wouldnt like to chose to spend Christmas in the hospital... However my friend Tito yesterday had a slight stroke and thats where he is. We both have the same problem. This body we live in is temporary and the clock is ticking. Tito I discussed it and both of us have decided that the best option we have, is to trust the Creator, live as long as we can, and then when times up, cross the finish line ASAP, WITH A SMILE

For many Christmas is a sad lonely time. A few days ago in the middle of the night we awoke to the sounds of fire trucks and the smell of smoke. A nearby home was destroyed. A young mother (trapped by metal bars over the window) is now in heaven and her child and husband will spend their Christmas (like many others) with a hole in their heart. Let us comfort and encourage those that we can... As we are able...

All he wanted for Christmas... He got... and was in tears with thankfulness. (He wanted a cane to help him walk.) Doesnt get much better than that... God so loved... He gave. (I like to follow my Kings example.)

A walk with a few special friends... Taking time for a meal... Sharing laughter finally sharing from the heart, a Christmas story of how Charlie Browns little friend Linus had the courage to put down his security blanket representing his fears because of Jesus. Kids know about fear... They also learn to trust...

What a colorful hospital hallway! I dont like being in a hospital, BUT Ive been in hospitals MANY, MANY times. Sometimes for my own needs, yet more times than I can count, Ive been there for heart wrenching visits... to help children in distress and sometimes to be with a dying child.

I just want to say, Merry Christmas to one and all thank you to all the unsung heroes, including the dedicated doctors, nurses staff that are there to serve... And the list goes on... Including all our friends who take the time to read our Posts and pray for us and those we are here to help... JulieAnne is one of our kids who spent several days this week in the Tebow Hospital receiving the quality care they provide...
We celebrated her being able to go home by eating McDonalds hot cakes with peanut butter and chocolate chips... Smile

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This is the

Family Circus . . .

Please pray for Darrell Sandy, and the team. God grant them sufficient:

Strength, Energy, Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment, Peace, and Joy - unspeakable and full of Glory!!

Pray for food - spiritual and physical - sufficient to help with the needs of those attending Family Circus.

Pray for supplies, building materials, permits, etc. for current and future needs of Family Circus.

Pray for health and safety for all those involved in the Family Circus mission outreach.

Family Circus Childrens Ministry was created by Assembly of God Church missionaries Darrell and Sandy Blatchley in 1993 to produce high impact and joyful methods of presenting the Gospel (#1) to children and (#2) to their families.

The purpose of the Family Circus is to bring the life and joy of Jesus, combining both discipleship and evangelism, to reach lost children, while ministering to the needs of the child, both spiritual and physical.

Each week five to six thousand people of all ages attend the Family Circus church services held under the Big Top, a big circus tent pitched in the center of the densely populated Muslim Friendship Village in Davao City, Mindanao City, PHILIPPINES. Approximately 4,000 of the 6,000 member congregation are children- half of which are malnourished. More than 1,000 are adults.

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