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LG OLED B2 Review
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LG OLED B2 Review

A price-performance winner?

LG OLED evo G2 Review

An OLED elite due to heat sink?

LG OLED evo C2 Review

Even better now thanks to the panel upgrade?

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B Review

Is the brightness increase really worth it?

Sony X90J Review

High-quality home theater in the mid-range?

LG OLED C1 Review

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10/19/2022 – Cloud Gaming Competition: Netflix Gaming with 55 Titles

Game streaming is no longer a novelty, and it is now even possible to play directly on a compatible TV without a console or pc. Some time ago, Netflix already announced that it would jump on this Cloud Gaming bandwagon. Now it became known that the streaming giant has no less than 55 games in development. At least 14 of them come from the company itself and are being worked on by internal studios.

Whether the plan will actually work in the now highly competitive market is something that only the coming years will show. Google recently announced that it would discontinue its Stadia service because the streaming platform for games was no longer profitable.

10/12/2022 – Oversupply of LCD panels expected by 2023

Due to the global economic slowdown, inflation and geopolitical uncertainties, analyst firm TrendForce does not expect demand for LCD panels to increase into the coming year. Due to the covid pandemic, demand for consumer electronics rose at that time and thus also the prices until the first half of last year. The subsequent drop in demand led to sharply falling prices, which even fell below pre-Corona levels. By 2023, supply could rise even further and increasingly push prices down.

Source: The Elec

10/06/2022 – LG: Customized webOS for partners

In order to push its business with the in-house operating system further forward, LG will focus on the so-called webOS Hub in the future. This will allow partners who have licensed the OS from the South Korean electronics manufacturer to make a variety of changes to the user interface in the future and thus customize the UI experience to their own liking. As a result, consumers who purchase a TV from a brand partner will receive a customized version of LG’s popular control center in the future.

Source: LG

08/04/2022 – LG starts a collaboration with Google

Buyers of new, but also owners of existing LG TVs, who are interested in cloud gaming, can now use Google’s Stadia Pro service for three months free of charge. This applies to all TVs with webOS 5.0 or higher.

The offer can be found in LG’s Content Store. Once there, you just have to scan a QR code and complete the subscription process on your smartphone.

Source: LG

08/03/2022 – Philips: LCD TVs now available

The new LCD TV by Philips are now available in Germany and Europe.  While the higher-priced ones are equipped with Android 11, the Philips 7607 uses the Linux-based Saphi. The new Game Bar is especially aimed at console owners and summarizes almost all important information like frame rate, resolution and more in a compact way.

Source: Philips

08/01/2022 – Samsung: Still no agreement with LG Display

During a Quartal 2022 conference call, LG Display confirmed that negotiations with Samsung have been unsuccessful so far, as Korea Bizwire reports. As a result, a supply solution has not yet been found. According to a source, the companies could not agree on the price.

What had happened? Samsung reportedly started negotiating a deal to buy WOLED panels from LG’s subsidiary back in April 2021. Presumably, Samsung wanted to place cheaper OLED models below the new QD OLED TV S95B this way. However, the debate does not seem to be completely off the table yet.

Source: Korea Bizwire

07/29/2022 – German TV market: Demand declines in the first half of the year

As reported by the gfu in its sales survey for the first half of 2022, TV sales decreased by a total of 17 percentage in comparison to the same period last year. However, OLED TVs are increasing in popularity despite this trend and were even able to increase by 13 points with 295,000 units sold, according to the report. In terms of the total number of devices sold, OLEDs now make up almost one third. 

The decline had been expected due to the strong sales years 2020 and 2021 and was therefore by no means surprising. However, considering the upcoming World Cup in November and December and the – usually – stronger sales in the second half of the year, the sales could get a significant boost again.

Source: gfu

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2nd - 6th September 2022 – IFA in Berlin

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How does tvfindr find the best TV for you?

Our mission: The team of tvfindr.com informs you regularly about the hottest and best TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips and Co. We explain the latest innovations from the core of the TV industry, rummage for the hottest deals for your wallet and offer you extensive buying advice. In the large knowledge section, we answer frequently asked questions and take you by the hand in numerous guides on the most important topics around television.

Want to know what the latest TV model can do?

We regularly put the latest TVs from well-known TV manufacturers under the microscope in our test lab and provide you with the corresponding review in the current TV reviews. We put the device through its paces, from workmanship and picture quality to gaming. In order to achieve the best picture performance, a panel calibration is of course a must. We use professional measuring devices and software for this. 

Do you already have a model in mind?

Take a look at our Dealfindr. There we always summarize the best offers for you in a practical and clear way. With tvfindr, you'll never miss a bargain again. Paying expensive was yesterday!

Still looking for that "perfect" TV?

If you have problems with reflections, want to know how big the panel of your future TV should be or want to buy the device according to your viewing habits, our tv buying guide will be happy to help you find the right TV for YOU.

Still unsure about your choice?

In addition to buying advice, our TV comparisons are an excellent way to directly compare the features of two TVs. This way, you can see the essential differences at a glance. In addition to the specifications that we already offer you in this section, you also have the opportunity to make your own comparisons.

We also recommend visiting our tv best lists. There you will find an overview of the best OLED TVs, for example. If you do not have a large budget at the moment, you might be interested in the best TVs under $500.

Are you more the visual type?

We are also on the move for you on YouTube and, in addition to our tests of current models in video format, have numerous comparisons of popular TVs, help on the correct picture settings of the individual TV manufacturers and other information from the world of TVs ready.

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LG's 2021 all-round wonder with great picture quality and perfect gaming performance.

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