A Voice for Choice – If there is RISK there MUST be CHOICE!

Web Name: A Voice for Choice – If there is RISK there MUST be CHOICE!

WebSite: http://www.avoiceforchoice.org





Click Here to Take Action on 2022 CA Bills

Educate Giving issues a voice A Voice for Choice promotes people’s
rights to make fully informed choices and
know the composition, quality, and short-
and long-term health effects of food and
pharmaceutical products. Learn More SB277 Litigation Repeal vaccine mandates A Voice for Choice is a plaintiff in litigation to repeal SB277
based on federal and state constitutional standing Learn More CDC Corruption Demand Transparency and Truth The CDC Whistleblower must be subpoenaed
and vaccine mandates, lack of vaccine injury liability
and removal of valid scientific data for corporate
gain must be stopped. Learn More Join Us Support for A Voice for Choice Show your ongoing support by awakening the world,
educating, advocating and giving
Health Freedom Issues a Voice for Choice. Learn More SB277 What it really means About the personal belief exemption and what you can
do to keep your kids in public or private school Learn More No Vacunas
Forzadas Conozca sus derechos Lo que realmente significa y lo que puede hacer
para mantener sus hijos en la escuela Lee Mas Stand Up Know your rights Giving issues a voice, A Voice for Choice galvanizes
grassroots groups fighting for the same cause Learn More

SB 277 Info

About the vaccine mandates in California, and what we are doing to repeal them in court to keep your kids in public or private school.

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Find out about A Voice For Choice events where you can learn, discuss and participate in the latest issues regarding freedom of choice.

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Keep up to date with all the latest news articles and video about California vaccination bill SB 277 and other important freedom of choice issues.

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Are you interested in helping to educate others about important issues like mandatory vaccines that affect your constitutional rights?

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Do you have a vaccine injury story?

This is a place for you to share your Vaccine Injury Story, so that the world is able to #HearUs better. Tell us what happened to your family.
Share Your Story

Bringing Grassroots together for a greater impact.


As an advocate, A Voice for Choice’s goal is to act as guide, communicator, liaison, educator, interpreter and/or legal representative.
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As a research partner, A Voice For Choice’s goal is to gather data, information and facts to better define and support issues.
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As an educator, A Voice For Choice’s goal is to facilitate learning through discussion, teaching, training, and/or research.
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A Voice for Choice Advocacy, A Voice For Choice’s sister organization’s goal is to act as guide, communicator, liaison, educator, interpreter and/or legal representative.
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As a galvanizer, A Voice For Choice’s goal is to act as a central point for developing and launching communication to the target audience.
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A Voice for Choice’s goal is to raise money to further its mission. Help us today by donating.
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Donate Now!

And help us further our mission of educating and advocating informed choice and transparency of what goes into your body!


© 2020 A Voice For Choice, Inc. | Tel: 408 835 9353 | Email: info@avoiceforchoice.org
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