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Mission Statement: Pike Trail gear is designed and built to withstand your most demanding adventures ... gear to get you to that cliff, summit the peak or take you deep into the wilderness.

Popular Pike Trail Hiking Equipment

Pocket Blankets

The Pike Trail Hiking, Camping, Beach, Travel, Pocket Blanket is compact, lightweight and small enough to fit in your backpack, beach bag, or even in your pocket. When you unpack this mini ground tarp it allows up to 2 adults or 4 children to sit comfortably. This handy pocket blanket can also be used in windy conditions. Stake it to the ground via its "loops" or weigh it down by stuffing sand and rocks in its "corner pockets". Use it for anything and in any weather condition. It doubles as a Bivy Shelter in emergencies. The 100% Waterproof - Rip Stop Nylon material offers the perfect protection for picnics, hiking, camping, fishing, beach trips, music festivals, sporting events and traveling. Never miss an opportunity to enjoy being outside and keep this super small packable blanket with you all the time.

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Hiking Gaiters, Mountain Gaiters, Trail Gaiters, Hunting Gaiters, Waterproof Boot Gaiters

Whatever you want to call them - Leg Gaiters have been around for a long time and have been an essential part of many outdoor adventurer's gear arsenal for years. Everyone from Mountain Climbers and Day Hikers to Sheep and Elk Hunters use leg gaiters to keep their lower pant leg dry and to protect the opening at the top of their boot from unwanted debris such as snow, mud and rocks. If you talk to anyone who has used hiking gaiters you know that many have had problems with the fit. Sizing them properly is extremely important if you want them to work correctly and has often been a source of frustration for customers of other brands. Now in their 3rd Generation we (and many of our customers believe) that we have designed a leg gaiter to finally solve this problem. How? By creating the first fully adjustable leg gaiter that actually works. No matter your leg size or clothing layers our gaiter will fit most any leg for any season. Go further and in more comfort with a pair of Pike Trail Adjustable, Waterproof, Tear Resistant Hiking Leg Gaiters.

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Sleeping Bag Liners

Our sleeping bag liner is your bed sheet for the backcountry. Pair this with your sleeping bag for a warm and comfortable night's sleep when you are out spending time with nature. Not only do they add another layer of warmth but they help to ensure that you keep dirt and debris out of your sleeping bag. Our liners are extremely soft and completely breathable so you can remain comfortable while still keeping warm. We've designed our liners with a Full Length zipper for easy in and out access. Want to use it as a sheet instead? Simply unzip! Whether backpacking through Europe or traveling to your next National Park stay protected from bed bugs during Hotel and Hostel Stays. No one likes sleeping on dirty sheets so why sleep in a dirty sleeping bag? Shop "Easy to Wash" Pike Trail Sleeping Bag Liners for a Clean and Comfortable Night of Sleep wherever your next adventure takes you!

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Waterproof Breathable Socks

Waterproof socks are a great choice whether your boots are waterproof or not. Your waterproof hiking boots are only waterproof up to the top of the cuff so adding a layer of waterproof socks will give you added protection. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when going out on a hike and you don’t want wet socks and soggy shoes to be the reason you don’t enjoy your time spent outdoors. Make your next trekking adventure better with a pair of waterproof, breathable socks.

Find these and other innovative hiking equipment online at Pike Trail.

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Snake Gaiters Leg Guards

These premium snake gaiters from Pike Trail feature a double walled plastic core and 1000D nylon casing; Our gaiters for hiking are designed to be super tough, withstanding the most challenging conditions; If you need snake proof gaiters that will hold up under any conditions, look no further than Pike Trail.

Each pair of snake guards has undergone stringent quality inspection and many hours of development; These leg gaiters are crafted to the highest standards; Our promise is this; if we wouldn’t use these hiking gaiters ourselves, we won’t sell them

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Whether you’re stalking a Muley in the Rocky Mountains, riding the rapids in the Canyonlands, or blazing a trail through the Appalachians, you can rest assured that Pike Trail has your back, and our gear will never let you down.

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Hiking Gaiters Regular price $36.99 Sale price $29.99 /

The Pike Trail Hiking Gaiters are the ideal companion for your most demanding adventures. Our Gaiters are tough, lightweight, 100% waterproof, and completely adjustable. Protect your clothing and skin from water, snow, mud, sticks, and debris – whatever nature can throw at you.

The biggest problem with leg gaiters has traditionally been the fit. Everyone's leg is shaped differently and too often, common sizes of small, medium, and large don't fit properly. This is the #1 complaint that we have discovered from the hiking community. So we set out to fix this problem by designing the first fully adjustable leg gaiter to give you the perfect fit no matter your size. Our customizable gaiters are now in their 3rd generation and we are happy to announce that they will now fit most everyone, from kids to large adults with up to a 19" calf circumference.

Pike Trail was founded on a passion for the great outdoors and experiencing nature. Our gaiters are the perfect piece of gear that enables us to do just this and we know that they will do the same for you.

Our Hiking Gaiters come in a variety of colors to meet your style and functionality needs. Pike Trail Gaiters were designed to fit over or under your current hiking gear through their adaptive adjustment technology. You can find our gaiters in black, midnight blue, neon green, lavender escape, lost oak camo, defense force camo, digital olive drab camo and hidden timber camo.

Why Do You Need Waterproof Leg Gaiters?

Waterproof leg gaiters will protect your entire lower leg area from debris and moisture on your walk, hike, hunt or while during yard work such as mowing and weedeating. In addition to protecting your feet, ankles, and legs, they also keep ticks, sticks, briars, rocks and snow out of your boots and off your pants. Waterproof leg gaiters are a great addition to anyone who wants a more enjoyable experience when the need arises on their outdoor adventures.

Why Choose Our Waterproof Leg Gaiters?

Waterproof leg gaiters are an important part of hiking equipment. While they are traditionally sold for wet weather protection, they are ideal for dry conditions too.  They can also protect you from dirt, gravel, and weed burrs entering your boots and irritating your skin or causing skin damage. Our gaiters are built for durability and protection with rip-stop nylon and reinforced 900D polyester to prevent water, snow, dirt, and debris from dirtying or damaging your clothes. We've added velcro tape and metal press-studs to ensure the gaiters are easy to put on and stay in place for your walk. When not needed they pack down small and each pair comes with its own carry bag to keep your pack organized. You won’t find any cheap plastic buckles or clips on Pike Trail Gaiters. Only stainless steel. Afterall, we wear them too.

You can wear our gaiters with waterproof pants as well as with regular pants. When wearing waterproof pants you should wear your gaiters underneath. This ensures that water will not run down your pants and into the gaiters and ensures your feet will stay dry. When wearing regular pants you should wear the gaiters over your pants.

Shop our hiking gaiters today, and go further on your hike in any condition.

Don't take our word for it


Excellent quality and adjustable fit. I appreciated that the buckles and leg cinch were metal because they will likely hold up better under abuse. All around a great set of gaiters that should hold up well.


Amazon Customer


The leg gaiters were great at keeping the clothes dry while snowshoeing in the mountains. Easy to put on and take off and quick to dry out.


Amazon Customer


Just what I needed. I took these out to Rocky Mountain National Park on a hiking trip. I put them on when trekking through snowy areas and flowing water. They did a great job at keeping my feet dry and free of debris.


Amazon Customer


Brought this to the Philippines and Bali for 2 weeks. These sheets are soft and added comfort and a little lux to our budget accommodations. Good product for the cost and rolls up easily and small. This is the new must pack item on my list.

S Manera

Amazon Customer


Surprisingly light weight and compact in storage bag, comfortable to sleep in.

Curtis O

Amazon Customer

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