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Become mentally and physically stronger in an ice bath

 Ice-cold water up to 3°C. A simple display, always fresh water, easy to move, and always ready for an icy dive. 

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Future Proof Ice bath from the Netherlands

Made to push your limits

To buy an ice bath from Icetubs is to push your limits. You will find a bath in which you can completely immerse yourself in water as cold as the Arctic Ocean; pure water and completely free of chlorine. 

And we think it should not be too difficult to push these limits every day. That’s why our ice bath is equipped with all the conveniences! You can get in and out, it’s easy to steer and you can move it without too much effort. Our ice bath is ready and waiting for you 24 hours a day, at the desired temperature, to push your limits. 

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Up to 3 degrees without ice cubes

An ice cold bath at home

Searching for your own limits every day and pushing them again and again. Focus on your breathing, become mentally stronger, and all that from your own garden, bathroom, or other place. You don’t need expensive training by professionals because with you there is always an ice-cold bath ready. 

√ 3 Degrees water, without the use of ice cubes
√ The first Icetub model designed in the Netherlands
√ Easy to set up with the display
√ 2 year warranty
√ Return policy of 14 days

Take a look

“Nobody was as skeptical about 'cold showering' as I was. My opinion was: something that feels so unpleasant cannot be good for you. Since about a week I shower cold every day and I feel more energetic than ever! Now I'm going a step further: I've bought an ice bath!

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