TREE TENTS The comfiest night's sleep you'll have in a tent

Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent

The Tentsile Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent is our award winning flagship model. Able to accommodate 3 adults (or a young family of 4) and their gear, in absolute comfort.

TENTSILE STACKS Take your experience to the next level with multi-storey stacks

Stingray Classic Stack

The Stingray Classic Stack increases sleeping capacity from 3 to 6 adults (or 4 adults and 4 kids).

Stingray Ultimate Stack

The Ultimate Stack, creates a huge weatherproof 6 - 9 person treehouse over 3 super fun, vertical levels!

GIANT HAMMOCKS The world's biggest multi-person hammocks

Trillium 3-Person Camping Hammock


The Trillium 3-Person Camping Hammock is one of the largest hammocks on the market and strong enough for 3 adults to sleep in comfort, or for 6 kids to play. The hammock is cloud-comfortable and can be used just as easily in the wild as it can in the backyard. Beware of imitations.

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See All Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent (3.0) - From ¥5,240.60 Full details Trillium XL 6-Person Camping Hammock (3.0) - ¥3,371.53 Full details Connect 2-Person Tree Tent (3.0) - From ¥4,018.51 Full details Safari Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent (3.0) - ¥6,822.13 Full details Trillium Giant 3-Person Camping Hammock (3.0) - ¥2,652.65 Full details Stingray Lite 3-Person Tree Tent (3.0) - ¥3,587.19 ¥4,018.51 Full details Connect Lite 2-Person Tree Tent (3.0) - ¥2,868.31 ¥3,227.75 Full details Play Join the Tentsile Loyalty Program To earn awesome rewards - click here!


We are here to help save the world’s forests. Our hope is that Tentsile can act as an inspiration to all those that love the great outdoors and that have an interest in preserving a healthy and bio-diverse earth.

We strive to create a sustainable business model that attempts to highlight the environmental impact and dangers of the continued deforestation of our last old growth habitats.

As part of our commitment to helping the planet, we donate 1% of our revenue to the 1% for the planet charity. We also partner with Leave No Trace, Eden Project and WeForest to plant 20 trees for every Tree Tent and Camping Hammock we sell.

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