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Samuel Sampson

Software Engineer

About Me

My goal in life is to create something beautiful or useful for the betterment of humanity.

Throughout my academic and professional careers I've worked to improve my understanding of science, build strong problem solving skills, and curate an entrepreneurial perspective.

Work Experience

June 2017 – September 2017

Visa Inc

Software Engineering Intern

At Visa, I learned how to work in enterprise software engineering envirornments. Large codebases, developed by many people over years has both benefits and burdens, but ultimately I took away how to balance following critical security and code conventions while improving code quality and testing coverage.

I worked exclusively on the backend for Visa Checkout during my internship, and worked to improve existing APIs as well as building new APIs from scratch. The tech stack I worked with at Visa was a Java / Spring backend with Hibernate and Oracle Database.

After finishing several projects including testing, certification and deployment, I worked to document Visa Checkout's existing APIs using Swagger, integrating Swagger generation into Visa's build tools and automatically generating a Swagger server for internal consumption.

November 2016 – May 2017

Parity Computing

Research Intern

At Parity Computing I worked to further my knowledge of Machine Learning. I participated in architecting new approaches to machine learning tasks fundamental to Parity Computing's business. In addition, I implemented experimental machine learning models in classification tasks that could be used for further research and analysis of Parity Computing's proprietary datasets. Technologies involved in the machine learning approaches developed were Python, Keras, Scikit-Learn, and other database integration tools.

In addition, I implemented web services critical to Parity Computing's business endeavors. For these web services I built data visualization techniques for large datasets, involving complex database queries and data architecting. Technologies involved in the web development tasks included Java, Jersey, Cassandra, Solr, JAX-RS, JSP and HTML, Javascript and JQuery, and CSS3/HTML.

March 2014 – June 2014

Virtual Piggy Inc

Software Engineering Intern

At Virtual Piggy I learned for the first time what Web Development entailed. I worked as a full stack engineer with a tech stack full of technologies I'd never used before. I implemented RESTful APIs integrating with third party APIs that allowed for Virtual Piggy to implement and issue physical credit cards to its customers. In addition, I implemented interfaces on the front end consuming APIs I developed, encompassing the whole stack.

In addition to helping the company's initiatives, it was extremely rewarding to take on challenges in the form of new technologies and paradigms I'd never been exposed to, and to see my efforts being used by end users in production.

Design and Development Projects

Wastefulness Design Project

Senior Design Project at UCSD, designing a product in a reducing wastefulness space.

Includes modern design thinking techniques, including ideation, data collection and analysis, and prototypuing.

See the slides or read the brief.

Tinder Hack

PHP Script that made male Tinder users talk to other male Tinder users when they were expecting to talk to a fake female profile.

Ethics aside, this was done as a joke for a hackathon and was written up by Buzzfeed.

Buzfeed article here, source here.

Pacific Grove Capital Website

Website developed to specification as a demo for a client, eventually put into production.

Work includes responsive design and custom interaction design. Technologies used include HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.

See the demo here.

Star Ratings

This is a small demo of a way to quickly mark up a ratings using font-awesome. See it here.

Fading Scrollbar Alternative

This is an alternative to a scrollbar. By using an adaptive gradient, you subtly inform the user that there's more content to read. See it in action here.

Blurred Menu for Navigation

This is a proof of concept for a blurred menu. On clicking one of the navigation items, the main content is blurred, and the menu comes into focus. See it in action here.

Mobile App Development

Pic to Poly

Pic to Poly generates polygon art from images or generated gradients. The app is my largest project to date, and uses edge detection along a Delaunay triangulation to dynamically create polygon patterns of an image, automatically adding more detail to visually interesting areas. Pic to Poly is currently only available on Android, and you can read more about it here or you can view the source for it on GitHub.




Videogame Development

Doctor D Game

The Doctor D Game is written in Java using the Slick2D game engine. The game contains a custom-made level editor that generates xml files which are processed to build the levels in real time. This was instrumental in making fun, challenging levels, as we were able to tweak the levels extensively. From the menu, click 'Editor' to see the level builder, 'Options' to change the resolution, toggle fullscreen, or mute the music; click 'Credits' to see the names of the contributors other than myself, and 'Play' to launch the game. To play the game, simply press the spacebar to accelerate Doctor D upward, and let go to let gravity bring him back down. Be careful, though, because the gravity on each level is different. You can view the source for the project here.




Music Production

Songs made by me for you.

Nicotine SILLY GOOSE Your browser doesn't support audio. ANALOG SYNTH, MOOG, INDIE Oregon Noise SILLY GOOSE Your browser doesn't support audio. INTRO, SYNTH, MOOG, NOISE Oregon in the Spring SILLY GOOSE Your browser doesn't support audio. ANALOG SYNTH, GUITAR, NOISE, INDIE Robbed SILLY GOOSE Your browser doesn't support audio. BASS, GUITAR, AMBIENT Black Tar SILLY GOOSE Your browser doesn't support audio. EXPERIMENTAL, MOOG, GUITAR Rhythm Moves Me On SILLY GOOSE Your browser doesn't support audio. ANALOG SYNTH, MOOG, EXPERIMENTAL Sea of Love SILLY GOOSE, YUII Your browser doesn't support audio. SYNTH, MOOG, COVER, ELECTRONIC Thirsty Thoughts SILLY GOOSE Your browser doesn't support audio. JAZZ, LOOP, MOOG, EXPERIMENTAL


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