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Jordan Hughes — Product UX/UI Designer

people first.

design later.

I'm a Product Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in product design, design systems, and Webflow development.




Himalayas is a collaboration I'm working on with some smart people. We couldn’t find a remote job board that we loved, so we’re building one. Himalayas is a remote job board that actually cares about design and quality.

We're releasing new features every week via Twitter and on our public Changelog. I'm also sharing some sneak previews on Dribbble.

Product Design Web Design

Untitled UI



Does the world really need another UI kit? Probably not... but it definitely needs a higher-quality one.

Untitled UI is the largest UI kit and design system for Figma in the world. It's the perfect starting point for any project or startup and saves designers and companies thousands* of hours of work.

Scale is easy, but quality is rare. The most popular UI kits for Figma lack in size, flexibility, or quality — usually all three. Untitled UI was built to solve this. Every component and layout (10,000+ and counting) is meticulously crafted with 100% auto layout, super smart variants, and with accessibility in mind.

Untitled UI is the #1 design and tech product on Gumroad with 750+ 5-star reviews.

* unverified... hundreds at least.

Product Design Web Design

Untitled UI Icons



Untitled UI Icons are a clean, consistent, and neutral icon library crafted specifically for modern UI design. Made for Figma, in Figma.

I searched everywhere for the "ultimate" icon set for modern UI design to use in Untitled UI... I couldn't find one I loved so I made one. 3,500+ icons across 3 styles.

This project was the #1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt. After 3 days it was the highest-rated icon library for sale on Gumroad.

Product Design Web Design

Good Books

Founder (sold)


Good Books is a side project I launched in April 2020 and sold in December 2021. It is the largest curated collection of 8,500+ book recommendations from some of the most successful and interesting people in the world.

This project was the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, picked up several Site of the Day awards and was featured on Typewolf, Mindsparkle Magazine & Webflow. It has grown to over 50,000 visitors per month.

Product Design Web Design Webflow

Good Talks


Coming soon

Coming soon. Good Talks is a fun sister site to Good Books I'm building with the team behind Himalayas.

Product Design Web Design Webflow


Head of Design


UpGuard is one of the world’s fastest-growing cyber security SaaS platforms, with global customers including NASA, the New York Stock Exchange, Challenger Bank, AT&T and Morningstar.

During my time at UpGuard, I led the design of the UpGuard platform and designed UpGuard's new website, migrating them to Webflow from dusty old Hubspot.

Product Design Web Design Webflow Marketing Design


Growth Designer


Spaceship is an Australian investing startup with a focus on managed funds. In just 3-months after launching, Spaceship was the fastest-growing new entrant in the world, with $100m in assets and a 50,000+ waitlist.

As the second employee at Spaceship, I worked across operations, growth design (including a $40m Series A pitch deck) and on the original marketing site for Voyager.

Web Design Marketing Design

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