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SYN-RG-Ai provides innovative solutions for Smart Cities and Intelligent Environments.We support decision makers - in the corporate, municipal, and federal arenas –to improve the well-being of the greater community worldwide.

The uniqueness of our approach to smart city management lies in the synergy we enable between people, methodology and technology.

Field Proven Experience

National level, field proven crisis management experience

Synergistic Platform

Combining people, action methods and technological development

Amplified Holistic Effect

Management and integration of diverse sources to create an amplified holistic effect

Rapid situation assessment

We utilize a range of sensors and resources to quickly gain situational awareness

Unique A.I. and Quick Learning

Based on our proprietary model for gathering and processing information


Our digital world enables us to improve the quality of life, and the efficiency of municipal operations and services.


We create that with our sustainable Intelligent Urban Platform’s innovative methods, utilizing information and communication technologies (ICTs) and other human resources. So, we can nurture the needs of residents and communities for generations.





This way we also allow a more competitive marketplace for technology and infrastructure providers.

National and local government officials, and other decision makers, must be provided by the digital smart city with the most significant technologies, such as:


Big Data, Open Source and Anonymization Infrastructure (while ensuring data security), as well as predictive analytics and decision support systems.


This way they can collect accurate feedback on their policies and a deeper understanding of their residents and communities.

SYN-RG-Ai's platform harnesses cutting-edge Israeli technology and methodology. Along with our team's field-proven experience we provide better decision making insights and enable greater health and well-being for affected communities.


Ronny Numa

SYN-RG-Ai Integrative Solutions for Smart Cities management.

ProfessionalMilitaryProfessional Leading large organizations of complex infrastructure with multilayered technologies. Command of operational zones during highly volatile, dynamic and sensitive periods. Shaping of strategies, concepts, and plan development with domestic and international  governmental authorities. Head of the ultra-Orthodox Desk, Magen Israel – the national program to fight the COVID-19 crisis. Led the COVID-19 Emergency HQ, Bnei Brak.Military

Major-General (ret.) Israel Defense Force, GOC Central Command. Operations, Central Command.

Avraham (Avi) Cohen

SYN-RG-Ai Integrative Solutions for Smart Cities management.

ProfessionalMilitaryProfessional Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy Architecture Specialist. Manager of highly technological operations, R&D, resources, and complex environments. Technological and Techno-Operational positions in the IDF command core forefront. Director of Ultra-Orthodox Desk, Magen Israel – the national program to fight the COVID-19 crisis. Managed the COVID-19 Emergency HQ, Bnei Brak.Military

Colonel (ret.) after 30 years as commander at IDF C5i Branch, cyber defense and Electronic Warfare .

We give decision makers tools to predict and manage cities in order to minimize negative effects on communities while enabling them to conduct and maintain daily routines.

By always putting people first, we cultivate a crucial sense of trust and collaboration while ensuring that methods of action and technologies are deployed to serve the interest of communities and improve quality of life. 

URBAN SENSING - Prediction Platform for decision making

In today’s digital world - especially when it comes to smart cities and intelligent dimensions – population behavior, patterns and sentiments can be sensed in a way that gives government officials, mayors and other decision-makers a deeper understanding of their residents, therefore allowing them to gather accurate feedback on their policies.

Municipal / Civil & Business continuity Support during crisis

Planning and implementing steps for gradual return to routine

Operational Planning and Reaction to maintain a semblance of daily life during the crisis

Community Empowerment to enable and support community activities and provide an ongoing sense of continuity

Discover how we enable transformation and connect communities to improve quality of life through Urban Sensing, our innovative Prediction Platform for decision making developed in collaboration with our professional partners.

Urban Sensing Info


COVID-19. Flattening the curve against all odds.

We were commissioned to handle a highly complex, saturated ethnic enclave, adjacent to Tel Aviv (Bnei Brak), that had explosive contagion growth. We rapidly assessed the situation, formulated an integrated action plan and implemented it immediately.

COVID-19 Case Study

Why wait for the next crisis? Be prepared.

Why wait for the next crisis?
Be prepared.

Contact us to find out how SYN-RG-Ai leverages the latest technology and methodology to help you be prepared for any unforeseen eventualities.

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