Sk*p the Plastic, Save our Planet.

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" style=";" /> Who We AreAbout The Brand " style=";" /> IngredientsG-HoneyBiome™ " style=";" /> For the PlanetSustainability
NEW Must-Have Minis Check out our new sk*p to it Mini Kit—all your favorite sk*p products, in shrunk-down travel-sized cartons. Perfect for hitting the road, treating your BFF, or heading back to school. Shop Now
Good, clean products on a mission. Staples NEW Natural Deodorant Hydrating Shampoo Hydrating Conditioner Face + Body Cleanser Face + Body Moisturizer NEW Sk*p To It Mini Set Sk*p To It Set Daily Hair Duo Win at Skin Duo
CLEAN, EFFECTIVE ingredients G-HoneyBiome™ is Genius Not only do our products contain skin and hair staples like coconut oil, aloe vera extract, and jojoba seed oil, but we are proud to use a microbiome-balancing ingredient called G-HoneyBiome™ Complex. Our responsibly harvested power packed honey — a key ingredient in our proprietary complex — is sourced locally from our own farm in upstate NY. Learn More
Press “our editors favorite sustainable brand.” “Tackles the beauty industry’s waste problem with game-changing solutions.” "Not only is the packaging impressive, the product is really impressive" - Tory Johnson "the design concept for a carton is genius!" "These honey-infused formulas in sturdy paper cartons are easy on your skin, hair, and the environment (peace out, plastic!)"
Sk*p the Plastic,
Save our planet 2980273669 The amount of plastic packaging pieces the beauty industry contributes to our landfills each year. Yes, that means lip balm and deodorant, but it also means regular ol’ shampoo and liquid soap. Learn More
Join Our Community Stay in the Loop MEET A CHANGEMAKER A Q&A with Elodie Linck Sk*p recently chatted with the Wild Center’s Youth Climate Coordinator, Elodie Linck, to learn more about their latest exhibition on climate solutions and how young people can get involved. Learn More MEET A CHANGEMAKER A Q&A with Water Challenge Ambassador Emilia Fiebel Emilia is a EarthEcho International Water Challenge Ambassadors who has spent the past 2 years educating her community and collecting data on water quality. Learn More MEET A CHANGEMAKER Meet sk*p’s Queen Beekeeper, Megan Denver Bees are a super power in our vast ecosystem. They pollinate our food crops and those eaten by other wildlife and without them we may not exist. Learn More
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Sk*p 15 Park Row

New York, NY 10038

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