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There are Red Lion pubs in London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Sydney but none in the metaverse... yet.

We're working towards building the first: A futuristic Sports Bar in the Solice metaverse.

Here, athletes and fans can hang-out together, watch content, play games, and win awesome prizes.

Join Our Discord

The RLSC continues to make waves across the front and back pages of some of the most prestigious media outlets globally.

The RLSC comprises of a collection of 4,444 algorithmically generated, metaverse-ready Red Lion NFTs - unique digital collectables on the Solana blockchain. Each Red Lion acts as a membership card to the Club, granting you access to an epic community of athletes and fans as well as members-only benefits, such as special IRL and metaverse experiences, custom-built mini-games, and exclusive merchandise.


In order to onboard athletes, reward early members and curate the most powerful community in Web3, this first mint will be invite-only. Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to find out more about our invitation process - and to see if you're eligible!

Public Sale

This drop will be available to everyone and will follow the distribution and minting of our invite-only drop. More details on this public sale will follow shortly, including confirmation on a specific date (8th June has been set as our preliminary target).

Public Sale

June 8



Price per Mint


Keep up with our launch updates

The project follows iconic sports events with fan-influenced content and custom built mini-games released around pinnacle moments in the sporting calendar.Additional content, activations, and utility are set to be unlocked as the community develops.

#1The Boardroom

This is where Red Lions vote on important decisions within the Club, such as influencing content, voting on charitable partners, designing merchandise, and planning IRL and metaverse experiences. The RLSC community is at the core of everything we do.

#2The Treasury

This fund is used to create IRL and Metaverse experiences for the Red Lion community. As well as receiving a % of royalties from secondary sales and ad revenues, the treasury will also receive revenue generated from commercial partnerships.

#3The Supporters Club

With our namesake 'Red Lion' pubs located in New York, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo,and everywhere in-between, we have an amazing network in which to throw impromptu gatherings on a global scale. Based on community demand, we'll host get-togethers all over the world.

#4The Locker Room

This is a private, safe space for our athletes to get educated on the possibilities of Web3. Here we empower them to listen and learn from one another and provide useful resources. We also host a weekly Twitter Space on Wednesdays (12pm EST/ 5pm BST) for athletes wanting to share publicly.

#5The Club Shop

This is where Red Lions can get themselves decked out in the hottest, exclusive RLSC merchandise (TBC). Expect the usual streetwear and sportswear drops as well as some unique co-branding product partnerships that will be unveiled in due course...

#6The Stadium

The RLSC has an ambition to both invest and partner with sports & entertainment properties that provide value and excitement to the community. We are already in conversations with rights holders and leagues to sound out the best opportunities for RLSC.

#7The Sports Bar

This is where Red Lions can hang-out and gather to watch special sports programming and RLSC content alongside other athletes and fans. Starting in Discord, this is set to be launched into the Solice metaverse in 2023.

#8The Franchise House

Leveraging our connections across the sports industry and within 'The Locker Room', RLSC will launch additional, sport-specific clubs under the Red Lion franchise such as the Red Lion Football Club (RLFC). Holders of original RLSC NFTs will have access to all these future Clubs and this ever-expanding utility.

The RLSC team consists of top sports and entertainment executives with experience at Discovery, BT Sport, and World Rugby. We also have the guidance of world-beating pro-athletes from an array of sports...

The art for this project has been crafted by Doddz, an augmented reality creator who has worked with some of the biggest names across sport, music, and fashion - including FIFA, Coachella, and Gymshark.

Business Development

This project has been delivered and produced in partnership with leading experts across the web3 space, including Antourage, Rarestone Capital, Solana, Halborn, Nova Launch, and Solice.

What is the Red Lion Sports Club?

The Red Lion Sports Club (RLSC) is a futuristic sports club inthe metaverse where athletes and fans can hang-out together, watchcontent, play games, and win awesome prizes.

Starting with a collection of 4,444 algorithmically generated RedLion NFTs, the Club will follow iconic sports events and buildfan-influenced content released around pinnacle moments in thesporting calendar.

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique, easily verifiabledigital assets that can represent items such as GIFs, images,videos, music albums, and more. Anything that exists online canbe purchased as an NFT, theoretically.

NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies because they are notinterchangeable – the same way that a football trading cardwould be. There is a limited supply and each one isunique.

Why would I buy an NFT when I could just screenshot?

One reason to buy an NFT (beyond the awesome art) is for the utilitythat is attached to it. While you could screenshot a Red Lion, thisscreenshot won't provide you access to the Sports Club, the mini-games,or make you eligible to win exclusive prizes.

Think of it the same way you could take a photo of someone's footballseason ticket, but that wouldn't grant you access to the stadium!There's no utility or financial value attached to the photo alone.

How do I buy a Red Lion NFT?

Purchasing a Red Lion NFT couldn’t be easier! All you need to do isfollow these 5 steps;

Step 1: Join the Discord

Everything that you need to know about the RLSC can be found viaour Discord. Here you’ll also find project announcements and afriendly community willing to help and support you.

Step 2: Get a Solana wallet

You’ll need a Solana wallet as Solana is the blockchain on whichour Red Lions roam. There are plenty of Solana wallets out there,but we’d recommend using Slopeor Phantom

When creating your wallet, follow the set-up instructionscarefully. Then once you’ve got your wallet set up, you will need topurchase Solana or “SOL”, which is the currency needed to purchaseyour Red Lion NFT. You can do this using a credit card either viathe wallet or an exchange such as Coinbase.

Step 3: Get Whitelisted

In order to have the best chance of securing an NFT, you’re goingto want to get whitelisted. This is a “VIP guestlist” - providingyou the opportunity to purchase your NFT before we go to publicsale.

There are many ways that you can be whitelisted, such as communityinvolvement, winning competitions, or via our partnercollaborations. Keep your eye on our Discord for furtherinformation.

Step 4: Mint

‘Minting’ simplifying means purchasing your NFT before it reachesthe secondary market.

On the day of the mint, head to and make surethat you have both;

i. connected your wallet to your browser, and;

ii. have enough SOL in your wallet for the number of NFT’s that youwould like to purchase.

Then click on the [MINT] button. Easy as that.

Step 5: Verify yourself

Head back to Discord and use the “verify” channel to verify thatyou are the owner of a Red Lion NFT and gain full access to thecommunity benefits.

How are the 4,444 Red Lions distributed?

• 444: Invite-only, available to a select group of athletes and super fans.

• 4,000*: Public sale, available to everyone.

*5% will be retained for future partnerships that allow RLSC to create further awesome utility and experiences for the community.

I've got my Red Lion NFT, now what?

Great, here’s a few things to get you started,

1) Join the community at

2) Verify your Red Lion to access exclusive rooms within theSports Club.

3) Introduce yourself and get acquainted with the Red Lioncommunity of athletes and fans. Post your #RedLion Tweet in#Transfer-Centre and introduce yourself to the Pride.

Where Can I buy a Red Lion NFT?

For mint, the Red Lions will be exclusively available here, powered by Nova Launch.

Once on the secondary market, Red Lions will be available viaapproved Solana NFT marketplaces such as Magic Eden, Alpha Art, andSolanart.

Can I sell my Red Lion NFT?

Yes, you can sell your NFT via an approved Solana NFTmarketplace. Please follow the steps as outlined by themarketplace itself.

The price of your Red Lion NFT may fluctuate from the price paidat mint.

I have more questions or need help with something else...

Join the Discord, that’s where you’ll find our team ready to help

Copyright © 2022, Red Lion Sports Club. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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