The Electrical Safety Testing Benchmark.

Introduced 4-in-1 electrical safety tester since 1996 and was the first introduce ARC detection. SE7400 Series ensures the quality and efficiency every industry can rely on.

SE7400 Series Electrical Safety Analyzer

Discover the enrich performance with EAL-5000 Series

Introducing the Standard and Advanced package built in various IEC 61000 waveform testing requirements. Further, can be controlled by PowerTRAC for ultimate performanc

EAL–5000 Series Programmable AC Power Source & PowerTRAC Auto Test Software


SCI 440 SERIES ELECTRICAL SAFETY TESTER 0.001A accuracy, compliant withIEC standby power measurement6700 Series Linear Programmable AC Power Source LEARN MORE

ESM-500 MultiPRO Electrical Safety Platform

Generating the efficiency that turns the ideal into reality.

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【Pure Power, Pure Performance】Introducing new EAL-5000 series AC power source unlocks new performance standards. Request for demo today!

Taipei, Taiwan, April 20th,2022 – Ikonix Taiwan, formerly known as Extech Electronics Co., the veteran in manufacturing AC power sources, has introduced the new eec brand EAL-5000 series AC power source that delivers a more powerful performance that optimizes the efficiency of the manufacturers need for their production line.

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Safety Testers

ESM-500 MultiPRO Electrical Safety Platform

MultiPRO Electrical Safety Platform is a modular safety tester for optimal configuration. Combining our legacy of high quality and accuracy with scalable mix-and-match modularized design, making it a true flagship that can cope with strict safety standards and meet the demands of emerging industries.

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DC Power Source

EGB-300 AC/DC Ground Bond Tester

EGB-300 is EEC's next-generation ground bond (GB) tester brings together AC and DC testing capability in a compact size design. Offering a maximum 40A current measurement capability and high-accuracy performance, the EGB-300 embodies EEC’s commitment on delivering high quality products to customers.It is the ideal solution for electrical hardware tests, ranging from home appliances to audio/video equipment. Despite its compact design, the EGB-300 does not come up short on adaptability. Interlink to an EST-300 series hipot tester for a 5-in-1 testing system. Which can be conveniently mounted in a 2U rack to create a complete ACW, DCW, IR, AC GB, and DC GB testing solution.

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SCI 440 Series Electrical Safety Testers

SCI 260 Series Ground Bond Testers

ESM-500 MultiPRO Electrical Safety Platform

EST-300 Series Hipot Tester

7006 Matrix Scanner

7630 Touch Current Tester

7470 Series High Withstand Voltage Tester

ESA Series Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer

SCI 290 Series Hipot Tester

EGB-300 AC/DC Ground Bond Tester

6900S Series AC Power Source

6500 Series High Power Programmable AC Power Source

6700 Series Linear Programmable AC Power Source

EAB Series Modular Programmable AC Power Source

EAL–5000 Series Programmable AC Power Source

6300 Series High Power Programmable 3 Phase AC Power Source

EAC Series Programmable 1 Phase/3 Phase AC Power Source


4-in-1 Safety Test System (ACW, DCW, IR, GB)

9180 Electrical Safety & Functionality Test System