Nectarine Health™ – intelligent care for life-loving independence

Nectarine Health™ at Home is an always-on, discreet wearable device that uses innovative AI-based technology to detect falls, monitor well-being, call for help, and to give you, your loved ones & caregivers peace of mind.

Partners for better home care

Are you a provider of home care or home healthcare looking to take your services to the next level with a smart, digital and modern solution for more informed and efficient care?

We help home care organizations, physicians, geriatricians, and other providers of senior care to optimize and diversify their care delivery so they can stay on top of the growing demands, challenges, and trends in the healthcare industry and across our aging society.

Nectarine Health™ at Home offers to care providers:

An opportunity to connect with patients by utilizing nonintrusive insights of ADL (activities of daily living) and thereby supporting more preventative care.A cost-effective alternative for those who may not be ready for more expensive home care hours, thereby increasing your portfolio of potential future customers.

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Fall detection

We aim to empower seniors to live more fully and independently at home for longer, without having to compromise on privacy or dignity.

Feel safe and secure knowing that in case of a fall, help is always at hand!

The smart Nectarine Health™ at Home care system automatically detects if the wristband wearer has had a fall or changes to their activity and sleep levels, providing your chosen caregivers with real-time alerts and well-being insights through our mobile app and/or data portal for care professionals.

How it works

The product

The product includes a discreet and comfortable wristband that streams data in real-time. You can stay on track through our app: it provides well-being insights and 24/7 fall detection without compromising the wearer’s privacy or dignity.

You don’t have to worry about charging the wristband and risk forgetting to put it back on! The battery lasts up to 9 months, and the app detects when it’s time for a replacement which we will take care of.

What’s more, the wristband is hypoallergenic and safe in the shower or bath!

Ease of use

The Nectarine Health™ at Home care system is designed for ease of use and maximum reliability. It is quick and easy to install and start using, with our mobile app guiding you through the process.

How to install

What's in the box?

A light, modern and waterproof wristband that monitors for falls 24/7. It comes with a help button and a battery life of up to 9 months.

Hub and satellites
The plug-in hub’s Bluetooth system provides 30 feet of coverage, with satellites extending this further, so every part of your home can be covered. Backup batteries are built in.

Here to make a difference

We believe that better, more intelligent tools can help our world maintain high-quality care for our aging population, while always ensuring we do so with the human touch.

We’re a people-powered Swedish health tech company with a team of international talent – pioneers in hardware, software, and machine learning.

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Our story

In 2017, we started out by offering state-of-the-art technology to help assisted living facilities in Sweden provide more effective and better quality care.

With an aging population and a healthcare system with finite resources, we identified the need to support and enable seniors to live independently in their own homes for longer.

In 2021, we’re proud to have launched our new product in the United States to home care providers directly and to their distributors.

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We have launched in the USA, and our remote care system is available to business customers, such as home care and home health care companies.

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