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Imitate the Computational Beauty of Nature

to solve modern data problems of today and tomorrow


Mimetics Labs is a Canadian private research laboratory founded by Mickaël Camus.


The mission of the lab is

to make Research and Development in computer science to create new technologies in complex systems, to participate in new ventures with the goal to deploy these new technologies.


Mickaël Camus


After two years in autonomous systems research and development for aeronautic and space, and four years of pure research in auto-adaptive systems and artificial consciousness, Mickaël has developed, in September 2007, an auto-adaptive system to control heterogeneous entities.

Cécile Cardoletti

Liaison Manager

Cecile is a great international marketer (North America, Europe and Asia) with 13 years of experience in artificial intelligence, transport, luxury and pharmaceutical industries. With tremendous energy, smarts, international relations and project management skills, Cecile really stands out as a communicator and solution finder.

What We Have Done

We transferred the intellectual property of an auto-adaptive system for these projects in exchange for shares


The first business ready cognitive system

Daneel is a cognitive system built with a goal-oriented organizational memory. The entire mechanism of this system follows the laws of an auto-adaptive system. These laws give plasticity and dynamism to the intelligent system. These features are crucial for managing different abstraction layers in a symbolic system. Multiple contexts and different meanings are taken in account when users discuss with Daneel. Whatever the user is asking, Daneel uses its own knowledge to answer or to discuss with the user using a natural language.


A shopping Mall branded for you

Dynamic Knowledge graph: Azzimov deconstruct data from any sources and represent it in his own dynamic knowledge graph to seamlessly aggregate, classify, link content and attributes to re-organise and make sense of Big Data.

Connect With Us

Drop us a message if you have any questions!


4300 saint-ambroise street, Suite 517, Montreal, H4C3R3, QC, Canada

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