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Time has come.

When a person suffers a cardiac arrest, it is still generally assumed that within a few minutes first the brain and then also the other organs are so severely damaged that there is a narrow time frame beyond which there is as small chance of successful resus­citation.

Time limit of saving heart and brain with conventional methods.

Shifting the limit with CARL Personalized and Controlled Resuscitation.

To shift the Limits.

Recent research shows that this assumption is not true: The organs and also the brain can survive much longer without the supply of oxygen. But the entire body is in a special state that must be understood very precisely and treated on a patient-specific basis.

We developed the world‘s first mobile system for personalized control of extracorporeal circulation. It is designed to preserve brain function during resuscitation. For the first time in medical history, we are conceivably able to shift the limits.

With head …

With head …

CARL represents novel technology and enables controlled and personalized reperfusion in acute heart and/or lung failure.

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… and heart.

… and heart.

CARL is designed to preserve brain function during resuscitation – enabling rescuers to save both the heart without losing the brain.

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What experts say.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Friedhelm Beyersdorf

“We have developed a novel therapy for resuscitation from the findings of our years of clinical research, which we call CARL Therapy. The new therapy is based on extracorporeal circulation, through which the organism damaged by the cardiac arrest is additionally treated. During a CARL therapy – and this is new – numerous values are measured that provide information about the patient’s condition. The patient’s treatment is targeted accordingly by adjusting the flow, composition and temperature of the blood to his or her individual needs.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Friedhelm Beyersdorf
Founder & Initiator
Former Medical Director of the Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Medical Center – University of Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Trummer

“With the newly developed CARL Therapy, we hope to be able to shift the previous limits of resuscitation. It is the first personalized therapy that takes into account the individual condition of a cardiac arrest patient and in this way helps to prevent cell and organ damage of the kind that occurs after blood flow is restored.”

Prof. Dr. Georg Trummer
Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery I Department University Heart Center I Freiburg University Hospital

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Benk

“In order to establish CARL Therapy in clinical practice, numerous innovative approaches in the field of medical technology were required. The visionary challenge was to be able to automatically control and thus monitor both the physical and biochemical perfusion conditions during extracorporeal circulation, and to do so during emergency operations both in and outside the hospital.

We have risen to this challenge – and today we have reached the point where our smart system can start its journey into the clinics.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Benk
Managing Director I Resuscitec GmbH

Everything under control.

Perfusion system with powerful, automated dual pump control to generate high pulsatile blood flow. Comprehensive and personalized measurement sensor system with online venous and arterial blood gas analysis and plug-in fibre optic catheter for invasive blood pressure monitoring. Preconfigured, compact perfusion set for quick and easy system start-up.

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Change in the Air.

Mobile oxygen supply for controlled oxygenation and decarboxylation in an extracorporeal circuit. Resource-saving due to the use of room air by means of blower technology. Precise control of O2 concentration (21% to 100%) and CO2 elimination (up to 12 l/min gas flow). Sufficient battery power (approx. 4 h), also for out-of-hospital use.

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Cool in possibilities.

Mobile hypothermia device for rapid therapeutic cooling as part of extracorporeal circulation. Up to Δ 4 °C cooling capacity within a few minutes.

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Back to life.

37 year old woman resuscitated after long-term cardiac arrest without neurological damage.

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Mid-forty shows no neurological impairment after prolonged circuit bridging with CARL.

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Mid-40s woman discharged after heart failure without impaired brain function thanks to personalized CARL therapy.

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For special requests you can reach us at:

CARL. Service

+49 761 557769-0

CARL. Sales

+49 761 557769-286

CARL. Press

24h CARL Emergency Hotline

Users of our system can count on our support at all times, whether they are in the hospital, in a transport situation, on an emergency call in the home environment or out in the open.

CARL Emergency Hotline
+49 761 557769-290

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