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Product: Point Density Magical FX - Pro Templates for Blender

The Cycles Encyclopedia - The Definitive Cycles Manual

The Strange Prisoner Experiment

I found a video about this experiment on Youtube, made by Veritasium and recreated it using Python in Blender.

Interview: Gleb Alexandrov on the Blender Community

Gleb Alexandrov is a 3D artist, tutorial maker of Creative Shrimp and a coffee maniac.

Tutorial: Build Modifier in Blender

With the build modifier in Blender 2.92 you can make an object dis- and reappear face-by-face. The effect can be controlled using Blender's face sorting methods.

Eevee demo file "Wanderer" by Daniel Bystedt

Interview: Clément Foucault, the person behind Evee

Clément Foucault is the main developer of the Eevee render engine in Blender.

Tutorial: Solidify Modifier in Blender

The solidify modifier in Blender allows you to add thickness to otherwise flat surfaces. Sounds simple enough? Well, there is a lot more to it down the rabbit hole.

Tutorial: Mask Modifier in Blender

In this tutorial Frederik Steinmetz shows how to use the mask modifier in Blender 2.92 and explains all its settings in detail.

Interview: Andrew Kaufman from Image Engine

Interview with Andrew Kaufman from Image Engine on the usage of OSL for non-shading tasks in the open-source lookdev-tool Gaffer.

Tutorial: Array Modifier in Blender

The array modifier in Blender 2.92 can be used to replicate objects with an offset. Frederik Steinmetz gives you a complete walkthrough.

Tutorial: Cast Modifier in Blender

In this tutorial for Blender 2.92 Frederik Steinmetz shows how to use the cast modifier and explains all its options in detail.

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