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Freeman Kevenides Law Firm

is a personal injury law firm representing and advocating for victims of negligence.

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Open Monday - Friday 9 am – 5 pm by appointment

Case evaluations are always free as are our services unless your case resolves in your favor.


Our law firm is dedicated to representing victims of negligence.  We understand that when our phone rings the person on the other end has often had one of the worst experiences of their life.  We appreciate that the most important process is to heal and return to a normal life.

Negligence resulting in injury can be a complicated mess, but it doesn’t have to be.  Most people have never negotiated a personal injury claim before, so they have no idea how to handle the situation.  We do this type of work every day.  We know exactly what to do so that your claim is set up in the best position possible.  Our philosophy is that decisions are best made by an informed client.  We set things up so that you understand the process, and you can make your own informed decisions about the disposition of your claim. 

When someone is hurt, the last thing they should have to do is worry about paperwork or setting up a claim.  We try to make the process as painless as possible.  Let us deal with the defendant, insurance companies and paperwork so you can get better.

Our Perspective

First and foremost, we understand that our job is to put our clients in a position so that they can make informed decisions about the disposition of their claim. This means that at our office the claim is yours, not ours.  We will explain the process and prepare everything so that you can decide how your claim will resolve.

Hiring an attorney should not automatically mean you are filing a lawsuit.  Our philosophy is that it is reasonable in most cases to give the defendant and their insurance company the opportunity to do the right thing and resolve a claim amicably, without the need for litigation. This is often the best-case scenario. The client’s claim is resolved faster, and no one gets sued. Many cases we handle settle without any need to file suit.

We are generally in the business of holding insurance companies to their contractual obligations to their insureds. We are generally not in the business of suing people or taking someone’s assets. This means that we don’t like the idea of going after a person and ruining their life over a negligent act that was not intentional. Often times the individual who caused a harm is just a person who didn’t mean to do anything wrong and they may even want to take responsibility for their actions. We are trained to find insurance coverage which would step into the shoes of a defendant so that the insurance company is paying, not the individual.

I thought I would make this claim without getting an attorney involved. We hear this a few times a year from potential clients after they have tried to handle a claim on their own only to discover that the defendant’s insurance company will not voluntarily make things right. The insurance company has an army of attorneys. Attorneys touch almost all aspects of an insurance company’s business. There is no way to have a transaction with an insurance company without involving an attorney. With us on your team the playing field is leveled.

At the end of the day, we are trial attorneys.  Our job is to prepare for the worst-case scenario at all times. Try as we might, some claims simply cannot be resolved without filing a lawsuit. Although we give defendants and insurance companies the option to settle amicably, some cases simply will not settle. In such an instance we must be aggressive in our pursuit of the client’s claim. Those cases are filed and put in to suit in order to hold an unrepentant defendant or insurance company responsible for their actions. We will help you through all aspects of this process.

We’re here to help you

We are here to make the process as painless as possible.  Our staff is professional, helpful, and attentive.  We will help you negotiate the administrative and financial aspects of your loss.  Our philosophy is that our clients should be able to concentrate on healing rather than negotiating with insurance companies or dealing with paperwork. 

There is no fee for an initial consultation, so feel free to call to discuss your claim.  You’ll find that we are willing to discuss your claim and the possible routes to recovery.  We do not ask for retainer fees on personal injury claims. 

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid for our services if we secure a recovery for you.  We do not charge clients for service if we fail to secure a recovery on a personal injury claim.


202 W. Burlington
Fairfield IA 52556

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Open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm by appointment

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