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I am a fan of camping in tents like the ones on I like a bigger waterproof one so I have lots of room and stay dry.

Camping is a fun activity and a popular form of recreation practiced worldwide. Although we are mostly unaware of the different types of camping that are practiced by people who love camping. Many are devised purely for academic purposes. Exploring these types can get very exciting to anyone who has an adventurous soul.

Here are some types of camping:

Adventure Camping:It is perfect for the extremely adventurous people out there. It has two aspects- the day & night. You hike, walk or bike during the day, and camp & rest by night. In this type of camping, it is a must that you travel super light. You have to be on the move almost all the time, so you can’t carry a lot. The locations are either forests or mountains mostly.

Adventure camping is not at all family-friendly. It is suggested only to the hardcore nature & adventure lovers. It is a combination of a lot of activities- racing, biking, and of course, a few days of a minimalist lifestyle.

Backcountry camping:

It is another form of minimalist camping. The highlight of this form of camping is the location. It should be an unfamiliar but habitable location. Preferably beside some waterbody with fresh water. One can’t carry a lot of drinking water while they are out for camping. Campers go for secluded places in this case. Adventure camping has a competitive and fast undertone to it, but here it’s just about making the most out of the least. Stay minimalist & comfortable at the same time.

Historical Camping:

It is another interesting type of camping that many people love. In simple words, campers use gears that were present in that particular era in this case. People enjoy this experience a lot because it gives you a hint of how life was like back then. It is not camping in the literal sense of the term; it is more like living their lives. It is mostly done with the intention of academic pursuit. But, it can also be done purely for the love for history.

Dry camping:

Wild camping, or boondocking is also known as dry camping. It is a fun method for using your recreational vehicle. In this type of camping, you do not have access to any kind of facilities in this case, not even water. You need to adapt to the atmosphere of the camping site and make yourself comfortable there.

Therefore, it is always recommended that you do detailed research about the potential locations before you select one.


It is a serious form of camping where you hike through different places independently. While opting for backpacking, you must pick your shoes wisely since you’re going to be on your foot almost all the time. Backpacks carry sufficient supplies to survive in the wilderness for a long time.

Bicycle camping:

Bicycle camping is gaining a lot of popularity recently. People who love cycling are opting for this form of camping. This allows you to stay in even hostels or hotels and you can travel to any location you want. The economic benefits are also worth mentioning. Also related is motorcycle camping.


As the name suggests, it is a glamorous take on the concept of camping. Here you do not need to compromise and set up tents or sleep in bags. You can stay in villas, resorts, pods, yachts, or maybe a treehouse. This concept is gaining a lot of followers in the west real fast.

It is camping with all the luxuries & zero sacrifices.

Canoe Camping:

Canoe camping is all about traveling long distances and camping in kayaks or canoes. Just like the backpackers, canoe campers also have to carry a lot of supplies throughout the camp.

If you are a water baby, then canoe camping is just the option. North America is one of the most popular canoe camping destinations. Also, kayak camping.

RV Camping:

Camping in a recreational vehicle is a cool idea to go about all the time and make life exciting. A recreational vehicle is equipped with all possible facilities.

The best part about RV camping is that you can carry your favorite toys wherever you go. All you need to do is select a suitable RV park that allows you docking.

These are the basic types of camping that people practice and enjoy the most. You can pick one according to your choice and go have all the fun that you want.

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