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Although most people understand the importance of getting checked for STDs, many people have anxiety when it comes to STD testing. For many, the process is embarrassing, especially if their results turn out positive. Not to mention, the testing process can be a hassle. These factors lead many people to avoid getting an STD test altogether. However, STDCheck has eliminated these issues with their web-based STD testing service.

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The STDCheck testing process has been designed entirely around the concept of being secure, private, and confidential. Every step of the testing procedure has been implemented to help conceal your identity, fro m your visit to the testing lab to the payment process to the delivery of your results. has truly taken every step possible to ensure confidentiality.

Even more impressively, this company has devised an online platform which makes the entire process fast, efficient, and hassle-free. After ordering your customizable test panel and paying using the online platform, simply show up to your chosen lab for a five-minute test. Within a few days, you will receive your results.

This three-step testing process makes this service very attractive for anyone looking for a fast and private STD testing experience. Below, we have conducted a deep dive review of, which should help to answer all the questions you have about this company. In this review, have provided a snapshot of this company, explained the types of diseases they test for, explained how the process works, outlined their credentials and pricing, provided answers to commonly asked questions about this company and their service, and examined the sentiments of consumers who have previously utilized this company’s services.

About STDCheck

STDCheck is an online platform that provides a fast, efficient, and confidential testing for sexually transmitted diseases. This company makes STD testing easy and private. Users simply have to order their preferred testing package online, show up at a lab for a five-minute test, and wait for their results. This company is a private company and was founded in 2010 by Fiyyaz Pirani, the current CEO. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas, but operate nationwide.

Who can use this service:

Anyone can use, especially those who have had an unprotected sexual experience. Minors over the age 16 do not need parental consent to use this service.

How long does it take to get results:

The time to takes to receive results can vary. Usually, you will receive your results within about 1-2 days.

Which diseases does STD Check test for?

STD Check overs a range of testing for the most common types of STDs. Their testing can be conducted in either a full 10-panel test, or you may opt to customize your own panel by picking and choosing the diseases you’d prefer to be tested for. The full range of diseases covered by this company’s testing are as follows: HIV Type 1/2, Herpes 1/2, Hepatitis A/B/C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis…

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STDCheck Review – How it Works

If you wanted to get screened for STDs, is the website that you should visit. How it works is simple – you enter your ZIP code, the system provides you with the information about the nearest testing centers in your area, you pay for the services, and expect the results to come after one to two days.

Everyone knows that having an STD can be embarrassing, and most people would prefer to keep the information private. knows this, and they are assuring their clients that all of the results that would come out is private and only known by the center and the person who went there to be checked. The website is also encrypted, which means that all of the information that their clients are entering is secured and cannot be hacked. The website does everything to keep the information private, and they are respecting the laws such as HIPAA and the Privacy Rule.

To make sure that the privacy of their clients is kept a secret, the website does not accept any form of insurance. When someone wanted to use their insurance for a medical service, the information about the services they received will be sent back to their insurance company. does not want to do it to their customers because they believe that everyone’s privacy should be protected. Instead of working with the insurance company, stated that they will only work directly with the people involved, and they will never disclose any information about their test results.

Keeping the results confidential is one of the core promises of the company. Because of how they are treating their client’s information as private, many people wanted to work with them, and it causes the number of people who are using the service to increase.

STDcheck Testing Procedure

STDCheck has an easy and effortless sign-up and testing process. The majority of the testing process takes place on their online platform, while only a five-minute lab test is required for the offline portion of the process. The testing process is completed using the steps below:

Step 1: Find Your Nearest Testing Location

When you arrive at the STDCheck website, you will be able to enter in your zip code to see all of the testing locations that are available in your area. You can choose the testing facility that is the most convenient for you. Testing facilities reside in all fifty U.S. states, with over 4,500 locations to choose from.

Step 2: Order Your Test Package

Next, you will complete your order by selecting the type of test or test package that you prefer. There are a variety of test panel options and packages to choose from which enable you to customize the testing panel that will work best for you. The testing is paid for online, before the test is conducted.

Step 3: Get Your Lab Work Documents

Once you have ordered your test, STDCheck will provide you with a lab request form and a testing code. This information should be brought to the lab when you arrive for your test. These documents will tell the lab which type of samples are needed for your test. However, for privacy reasons, the lab will not be privy to the types of tests that will be conducted on your samples.

Step 4: Go For Your Lab Test

At your convenience, you may arrive at your preferred testing location. No appointment is necessary. The testing process will be completed within five minutes and does not require you to fill out any paperwork at the testing location.

Step 5: Wait For Your Results

When your results are ready, you will be able to check them in your account. Usually, results are delivered within a few days. Your results will not be reported to your insurance company.

Sample STD Test Result


It is important that a company such as STDCheck is both a safe and reliable testing option. Especially since you will be providing them with your private information. Luckily, this company appears to be both highly trusted and reputable, as they boast the following set of credentials:

STD Check maintains FDA-approved testing.Each test is overseen and signed by a physician.STDCheck is the only online testing service that offers early detection HIV RNA testing that has been approved by the FDA.Each of this company’s 4,500 testing labs are CLIA certified.STDCheck has been accredited by the BBB.They also have an A+ rating via the BBB. This rating is given based on the BBB’s examination of a company’s complaint history, the type of business being operated, the length of time the company has been in business, the transparency of their business practices, the number of times they failed to honor their BBB commitments, their licensing and legal situations, and any issues they have had regarding their advertising.

The Pros

STDCheck’s website is very easy to use.This company provides a very fast service and testing process.Users of this service will receive their results in just a few provides an efficient online ordering and payment experience.There are thousands of labs scattered throughout the United States that individuals can choose from when they order their tests.This company offers very friendly customer service.The entire process is highly private and confidential from end to end.Test results are not reported to any insurance agencies, nor to the official medical records of those using the service.The actual testing process itself is confidential and the testing procedure only lasts about five minutes.Test results are sent via an encrypted private e-mail account, which only you will have access to.You will have the ability to speak with a doctor and request a prescription if the results are positive.All testing operations are overseen by a physician.This is a highly trusted company, backed by substantial consumer support, and maintains accolades from professional business and government offers customizable testing options, which allow you to choose a complete 10 test panel, or customize your panel.STD Check provides professional service, with all medical privacy laws abided by.

The Cons

Some results may take longer than expected.Lab locations published on their website need updating (be sure to verify the location of your desired lab before selecting one to ensure it hasn’t moved).In most cases, you will need to talk to someone over the phone if your results are positive.

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STDCheck Testing FAQ

Q: When should you get tested for STDs?

Ideally, STD testing should take place three weeks after unprotected sex. A second round of testing should be conducted three months after the first test is completed to confirm and verify the results of the first test. It is important to receive a confirmation test, because not all diseases are detectable so soon after transmission.

Q: Where will your STD test be conducted?

STDCheck has a network of over 4,500 testing facilities in the United States. You will be able to choose the testing location that works best for you.

Q: What is early detection HIV RNA testing?

STDCheck offers early detection HIV RNA testing. This test is designed to detect HIV infection in the early stages after transmission, or between 9 and 11 days after exposure has occurred.

Q: Are appointments necessary during any part of the STDCheck process?

No. You can show up to any testing center with your paperwork to have your testing completed at any time, as long as you arrive during the testing center’s posted business hours.

Q: Is testing confidential?

STDCheck states that they take every stride necessary in ensuring the confidentiality of all tests. For example, even the labs which conduct the testing are not granted with knowledge regarding the purposes/reasons for your testing, as these labs test also for a range of other diseases besides STDs. Additionally, STDCheck states that they are subject to the same privacy laws as any physician practice, and abide by all HIPAA laws. They do not share your personal data or billing information with third parties. Testing results are not reported to insurance companies.

Q: What happens if you test positive for an STD?

If you test positive for an STD, STD Check will allow you to talk one-on-one with one of their practicing physicians. This physician will serve as a consultant who will explain the results of your test and answer any questions you may have. If you prefer, the physician may also write a prescription for you, although this service costs extra.

Q: What kind of samples are needed for your test?

Depending on the type of testing being conducted, a urine or blood sample will be taken at the testing facility. A urine sample will be used for chlamydia and gonorrhea testing, while blood samples are required for HIV, herpes, hepatitis, and syphilis testing.

Q: Will you need to fill out paperwork at the testing lab?

You will not need to fill out any paperwork or answer any questions during your visit to the lab.

Q: Do you need parental consent if you are a minor?

No parental consent is required for individuals over the age of 16.

Q: Does this testing service require a physical exam?

No exam is required.

Q: Is health insurance accepted by this service?

STDCheck does not accept insurance. Latest Pricing (May 2021) offers two comprehensive testing packages:

The original 10 Test Panel tests for HIV Type 1 and 2, Herpes 1 and 2, Hepatitis A, B, & C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis and is priced at $139.The upgraded 10 Test Panel tests the same set of diseases as the original panel, but also includes early detection testing for HIV RNA. This test is priced at $258.

You may also order individual tests at the following prices:

Hepatitis A: $24Hepatitis B: $24Hepatitis C: $24HIV 1 & 2: $49Syphilis: $49Herpes 1: $45Herpes 2: $45Chlamydia: $59Gonorrhea: $59Chlamydia and Gonorrhea: $99Early detection HIV RNA: $119

Of all these testing options, the original 10 panel test appears to offer the best value. However, the individual tests might be ideal if you are looking to confirm the results of a previous positive test for a specific disease.

The prices that is one of the lowest in the country, and they stated that they wanted to keep their prices low because they are encouraging the public to get tested. This is the only way on how to prevent the spread of STDs, and it is also ethical for someone to get tested because they will never know if they are carriers of a deadly virus or not.

Consumer Sentiments

Consumers who have previously used this service have stated that the process was easy, fast, and convenient. They state that the process is easy to navigate, and the staff was professional. The majority of consumers say they highly recommend this product. On the negative side, some customers have stated they had trouble receiving a requested refund. Others have stated that their results took longer than they expected/longer than the few days that is advertised.

However, the majority of consumers who have used this service appear to express favorable sentiments towards this company, and have stated that they did receive their results within the expected time-frame of a few days. Additionally, many consumers stated that this service provided them with peace of mind.

Consumer Sentiment Data

Overall, out of 2488 reviews on Trustpilot, 90% gave a STDcheck an ‘excellent’ rating, while 8% said that STD check is ‘great’. These results yield an STDcheck TrustScore of 4.8 out of 5. ( May 2022 Data )

Overall Review of STDCheck

In light of the collective information noted above, this service is trustworthy and the product is very valuable. The main draw to this service is that STDCheck provides a more private way to conduct their STD test. A typical STD testing scenario is embarrassing for many people. Instead, offers a service that is more confidential and more private, where the patient doesn’t feel put under a spotlight.

Individuals who choose to use STDCheck instead of a traditional STD testing service benefit from less anxiety, a time-saving testing experience, and less stigma surrounding the results, given that these results will not be reported to any insurance company or put in your official medical record.

As an extra measure of privacy, the results are delivered to you via an encrypted e-mail which makes them super secure. The testing code you are given helps to keep your identity private while visiting the testing center. Together, all these features help to make the STDCheck process significantly more confidential than a standard STD testing procedure at a regular doctor’s office or testing clinic.

Furthermore, payments are conducted via Paypal or credit card and will show up as a confidential health transaction on your billing statement under the name ‘Health Labs’, instead of STDCheck. No insurance is accepted for payment, ensuring that your results are kept private, even from your insurance company.

Is Legit?

STDCheck tests are clearly reliable, as this service has been approved by the FDA and their testing centers are certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment. Another attractive feature of this service is their outstanding level of customer support. If you have any issues or questions during your experience, you are able to contact their customer support via their website, live chat, or phone. Their staff is very friendly and professional and aim to make you feel comfortable and supported every step of the way.

Most consumers agree that this company is legitimate and delivers a quality service within the appropriate time-frame indicated. While a significantly lower number of consumers have expressed some level of discontent with this company and its services, this company services a large number of people, and therefore it would be expected that there would be a handful of complaints, given that no company can provide 100% customer service all the time. Overall, this company appears to be good at resolving these disputes and providing exceptional customer service.

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Final Thoughts

The number of people who are diagnosed with STDs keeps on increasing, and HIV is one of the most dreaded conditions that can happen to someone. If you are sexually active and slept with many people for the past few years, you need to have yourself checked because you would never know if you are positive for any STDs, or even HIV.

It is ethical for someone who is sexually active to be checked regularly because they do not know if they are already a carrier of the diseases that are transmitted sexually. There are a lot of testing centers all over the United States, and the test would only run for a few minutes. Use the website today and find the nearest testing center in your area to give you peace of mind.

Last Updated: May 02, 2022

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