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No one sees the difference

with ProPlay you make the difference

Your Shock pad Knowledge hub

Take advantage of our knowledge of shock pads for top performance artificial grass systems.

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Artificial turf without performance infill needs the right shock pad

Shock pads are becoming increasingly important in artificial turf systems. This is largely due to the trend towards using less or no performance...

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ProPlay-Sport Installation video

ProPlay shockpads constantly keep evolving and innovating due to our research. Its durability, comfort and safety makes sure that the maximum...

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New norm defines future shock pad and e-layer performance

European norm will be superior to all existing national standards

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ProPlay for Playgrounds delivers from the very beginning

A safety and comfort layer that keeps even the youngest children safe

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Week of the circular economy

February 7th to the 12th is the Dutch week of the circular economy. The purpose of this week is to show how the circular economy works in practice.

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Solar panels at Roermond location

Sustainable products, sustainable production locations

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The continuous loop of giving quality foam a purpose

Being foam experts since the late 80s; our focus remains on sports performance and player safety. These are the driving principles behind our top-performance shock pad: ProPlay!


Proven shock absorption and impact attenuation

Discover 2

Excellent vertical and horizontal drainage capability

Discover 3

Shock pads that are fully recyclable

Discover 1

Proven shock absorption and impact attenuation

Discover 2

Excellent vertical and horizontal drainage capability

Discover 3

Shock pads that are fully recyclable


for Sports

ProPlay-Sport provides the perfect base for high-quality artificial grass sports surfaces. It delivers proven performance and superior drainage, and provides players with a safe and comfortable playing surface.

Soccer Rugby American Football Field Hockey Multi-sports Equestrian sports Other sports

for playgrounds

ProPlay for Playgrounds provides the necessary fall protection and is a vital part of a playground’s surface. It provides children with a safe and fun surface to play on.

Fall protection Multi-game & Play area

Discover more applications

Since the late 80s Schmitz has been singular in its purpose- to reprocess and produce quality foam products for a variety of uses. Schmitz Foam Products has the experience. Not just for sports and playgrounds, we produce foam solutions that provide protection and drainage for landscaping and civil engineering purposes as well. We invite you to discover more about our innovative foam pad applications.

Landscaping Innovative applications

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We’re proud to be part of these projects all over the world.

Used by teams and organizations in more than 70 countries

ProPlay shock absorption and drainage pads provide a safe surface for athletes and children, contributing to the experience and quality of the game and prolonging the lifespan of an artificial grass surface. Our company has been known for its unparalleled engineering, innovation and quality since 1935.

Since the late 80s we have provided shock absorption and drainage solutions meeting the highest standards for the equivalent of 3000 full size soccer pitches. These solutions set the trends in sports fields and playgrounds as well as in the equestrian and civil engineering industries.

Ensure the safety and performance that you need from your sports field or playground.

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