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Grid of Light Project

Shaping Light into Art

Grid of Light Project

Shaping Light into Art

"The energy and effect of this sculpture is so palpable .... I just want to sit here and savor the sweetness and peace." ~ At Gaia Studios, Boulder , CO USA

Serving to enlighten Our world

The Grid of Light: Serving All of Humanity

Darkness and suffering cannot exist in the presence of Light and Love.

Through the Grid of Light Project, the ancient technology of sacred geometry connects our modern world.

A Beacon of Light

More than a sculpture. It is light as art, serving as an activated device for your peace and awakening.

Each form contains the codes of sacred geometry, and is a template that radiates as a reminder of our highest potential. Radiating high frequencies for your awakening and mastery.

Every form is connected in an energetic grid and All are linked to the Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth, and the Christ consciousness grid above the planet.

The Grid of Light grows brighter with every

new Flower of Life.

Learn More

Contribute to a Legacy of Light

Our goal is to have 108 Flower of Life around the Globe

Every individual purchase helps fund installations in key vortex locations around the world. sites that have received gifted Flower of life include: Santiago, Chile, Lake Titicaca, Peru, Tel Aviv, Israel, Naples, FLA. Teotihuacan, Mexico. Phoenix, Arizona.

The Mount Shasta installation in northern California is the next opportunity to support the Grid of Light project.

(click on the Mt.Shasta page for more info.)


"As I continue my meditation, with the flower of life on my alter …

it does supercharge everything. This feels like the creation matrix itself.

Pure potentiality."

E.M., Phoenix, AZ USA

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