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Brutal Deluxe Software is a small group of programmers located around Paris, France

What's up, doc?
2022.9.30 / Canal Meurtre
Canal Meurtre is a multilingual interactive comic strip. Your favorite journalist was killed! Will you find the murderer?2022.8.30 / Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge
Will you rescue Kimberly again? Borg is back with a revenge and has the power to vanquish the nations of Earth.
All our other Don Bluth titles are now available with a better audio quality.2022.8.19 / Sword of Sodan 2018
We disassembled the game code of Sword of Sodan in 2018 to make it HDD installable, get it now!2022.8.17 / HyperCardIIGS Update!
Conversions of short and long dates within dateItems were not Y2K-compliant. 31 years after... they are :-)2022.8.15 / More info on SCSI2
More info for the CDSC (Ruby) drive, read page 228
2022.7.30 / Space Ace
Dexter, better known as "Ace", is on a mission to stop the villainous Commander Borf, who is seeking to attack Earth with his "Infanto Ray" to render Earthlings helpless by reverting them into infants. Will you rescue Kimberly and prevent Borf from using the Infanto Ray to conquer Earth?
2022.6.30 / Dragon's Lair III : The Curse of Mordread
The witch Mordread comes to avenge her brother Mordroc. Will Dirk the Daring, our brave knight, be brave enough to rescue his beloved Daphne?
2022.5.30 / Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp for the Apple IIgs
You, as Dirk, must travel through time to rescue Princess Daphne who has been kidnapped by the Evil Wizard Mordroc to marry him.
2022.4.30 / Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle for the Apple IIgs
"Dirk, save me...." Leaping forward, the brave knight ran through the door, ready to face Singe's Castle.2022.4.24 / Dragon's Lair source code
Find the source code of our adaptation of Dragon's Lair to the Apple IIgs.2022.4.17 / Easter gift to you
The source code of Le Manoir de la Crapule with its powerful adventure game engine is now available.
2022.3.30 / Dragon's Lair for the Apple IIgs
You, Dirk the Daring, are on a quest to rescue the Fair Princess Daphne who has been kidnapped and is being held captive by Singe the Evil dragon.2022.3.22 / Antoine's birthday gift to you
Addition of the source code of Les Passagers du Vent, Les Passagers du Vent II, L'Égérie et Bill Palmer.
2022.2.28 / Les Passagers du Vent II for the Apple IIgs
This is now a game. Playable with great pictures and music.2022.2.22 / The works of Claude Aubry
Thanks to Alexandre G., the works of Claude Aubry have been added to the French products.
2022.1.30 / L'Égérie: a first in electronic literature for the Apple IIgs
Parisian in 1990, you could have known Amandine Palmer... And some suspect us of having been in love with her...2022.1.29 / Genesys goes v1.3.6
Edit and ID resources in the system range + A bug fix in source file generation.2022.1.25 / MountIt goes v1.5
A bug is fixed, enjoy the maintenance release with low RAM-based systems.2022.1.1 / Happy New Year
We wish you and yours a wonderful year. In 2022, we celebrate the 30 years of Brutal Deluxe :-)


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