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Empowering People.

Improving Software Infrastructure for Everyone.

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Rocky Linux

Secure, Stable, Trusted Enterprise Linux

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Application Containers for High Performance Computing

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Cluster Management and Operating System Provisioning

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Cloud Native Federated Computing Platform (HPC-2.0)

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Rocky Linux

Secure, Stable, Trusted Enterprise Linux

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Application Containers for High Performance Computing

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Cluster Management and Operating System Provisioning

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Cloud Native Federated Computing Platform (HPC-2.0)

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CIQ: Empowering People To Do What They Do Great!

At CIQ, we are here to help our customers and communities do amazing things! We are your escalation or development team. We are your infrastructure. We are your cloud. We are the people that will have your back, so you can do what you do great.

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Innovating software infrastructure solutions for extreme performance and scale including service models designed to meet the needs of your organization.


Our passion is to always do better. Always provide more value. Always drive intelligent innovation. Always provide what the customer & community needs.


CIQ believes in constant and never-ending growth. We are growing fast and looking for like-minded people with an unwavering passion for always doing better for ourselves and others.

What do you get when you cross High Performance Computing with Enterprise, Cloud, and Hyperscale?

The Answer is CIQ.

Who We are

CIQ is composed of technology founders, innovators, engineers, some of the leading creators in the industry, and we all share the same vision: to help companies, teams, and individuals do amazing things.

Our track record includes building multiple operating systems, search engines, cloud infrastructure, architect some of the biggest HPC systems in the world, containers, security platforms, and we’ve come together to do even more.

From the base operating system, through containers, orchestration, computing, cloud, and bare metal, we are at every part of the stack driving innovation for stable, scalable, secure, production environments for our customers and communities.

We Believe in Open Source

When we decide to open source a project, it is because we believe it would be best for the project and community. But open source is not a marketing gimmick nor a sales tool, and it should never be at the mercy of a corporate agenda. This is why we’ve given our open source initiatives properly to the community, and we strive to set the precedent such that other companies would do likewise.

Our business model here is simple and transparent, it is up to us to prove that we can help you and your organization through personal and meaningful support, services & software development.

Since we believe in not holding open source as hostage to a corporate agenda, CIQ’s value is rooted in services and enhancements that drive value. For example, FIPS compliance, security, compliance accreditations, monitoring, enhancements, as well as revolutionary and industry disruptive support and services models.

Community Enterprise Linux
Rocky Linux
Secure Containers for Applications
Cluster Management & Provisioning

Always Customers First

Our model is simple: We support people, not cores or sockets. People.

Most vendors rely on legacy and dated concepts to scale their revenue as a function of the customer’s equipment costs (e.g. physical systems), but this model is broken and is only advantageous for the vendor, not the customer.

CIQ is always 100% customer centric. Our business and support model is designed to be most advantageous for the customer, not the vendor. Our needs are your needs. Our success is measured by your success.

We believe in the old fashioned saying, “the customer is always right”, and we will do everything possible (and sometimes the impossible) to have your back. Just call us and we will prove it to you.

Give us a call, and let us demonstrate what this looks like, and how we can help you!

Lets Talk

CIQ Headquarters
Reno, NV 89506
Phone: (800) 220-5243
Email: [email protected]

Latest News & Events

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Top 10 things to do after Rocky Linux 9 install

Linux and Open Source Veterans Sign On to Form CIQ Leadership Team 

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