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LAPD Police Commission - At A Glance sept

- LAPD -
Police Commission
The Function and Role of the Board of Police Commissioners

Under the City Charter, the Board of Police Commissioners is the head of the Police Department. The Board sets overall policy while the Chief of Police manages the daily operations of the Department and implements the Board's policies or policy direction and goals.

The Board of Police Commissioners, originally created in the 1920's, is comprised of five civilians who donate their time to the City while maintaining their professional careers. They are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The Commissioners serve a maximum of two five-year terms. The Commissioners routinely spend 25-50 hours per week on Commission business, and serve as the citizens' voice in police affairs and as a means of ensuring more responsive and effective City government.

The Commissioners' concerns are reflective of the community-at-large, and their priorities include implementing recommended reforms, improving service to the public by the Department, reducing crime and the fear of crime, and initiating, implementing and supporting community policing programs.
LA County Sheriff's Department - In The News sept

L.A. County
Sheriff's Dept
In The News

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) is a law enforcement agency which serves Los Angeles County, California -- an area totaling approximately 4,084 square miles with a population of almost 10 million people (2010 U.S. Census). It is the largest Sheriff's Department in the world, with approximately 18,000 employees.

Paying Tribute to the Working Force.

County Counsel's Hidden Agenda.

Sheriff Villanueva Proudly Teams up at the LA Dream Center for a Good Cause.

ACLU Attempts to Take the Vote Away from Voters.

National Back to School: Sheriff Villanueva Shows the Extra Step to Safety.

and more ..
Discover How Your CERT Can Boost its Offerings! sept


CERT and Communities Order your free Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) materials in multiple languages now! You can get your copies online or through the FEMA publications warehouse online ordering platform.

The communities served by CERTs are diverse in the hazards they face and the people who live there, so CERTs are encouraged to have resources that meet their needs. The latest U.S. Census Bureau American Home Survey shows that 25 million individuals were considered limited English proficient in the U.S. CERT Programs must find ways to provide meaningful access to information in languages that represent that community. Take advantage of the free resources we have to help strengthen your CERT.
<< more > DHS and FEMA - Preparedness Newsletter sept

DHS and FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Newsletter This Digest is provided by FEMA to highlight community preparedness and resilience resources, an important part of FEMA's mission to help people before, during, and after disasters. We're building a culture of preparedness together..

Save the date! On February 17, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET, FEMA will host a webinar for potential Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) applicants to learn more about the process to apply for the council.

The 2022 YPCapplication period is underway. Teens with a passion for preparedness can apply to join FEMA's YPC. The council offers an opportunity for teens to share their ideas and feedback with FEMA, grow their leadership skills, and develop preparedness projects. Members also participate in an annual summit with FEMA leaders and preparedness professionals to network and learn more about the field of emergency management.

About FEMA

and more ..
Emergency Management and Response -- Information Sharing and Analysis Center sept
Homeland Security

Prepare. Plan.
Stay Informed. This INFOGRAM is distributed weekly to provide members of the Emergency Services Sector with information concerning the protection of their critical infrastructure.

IAFF and Metro Chiefs issue joint statement on health risks from chemicals in firefighter turnout gear

Leveraging computer-aided dispatch systems to enhance suspicious activity reporting

Transporting liquefied natural gas by rail: Emergency preparedness and response

FEMA offering exercise assistance through National Exercise Program

Cyber Threats

and more ..
Special CERT edition: Virtual Training Courses sept

Community Emergency Respose Team
FEMA is excited to share the latest virtual learning opportunity: K019 Shelter Field Guide Training for State and Local Communities. The course was developed by the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to train participants in sheltering practices and techniques.

CERT & Communities

New Virtual Training Course Available at EMI

K0419 Shelter Field Guide Training for State and Local Communities (Virtually Facilitated)

Important Dates

About FEMA

and more ..
EMR-ISAC -- Fire and Emergency Medical Services Response to Civil Unrest sept

US Fire
Fire and Emergency
Medical Services
to Civil Unrest

The U.S. Fire Administration recently published'Fire and Emergency Medical Services Response to Civil Unrest'to support first responders through these challenging times. The document covers guidance for personnel, stations, apparatus, communication with the community, and operations.Please review this 5-page document and share it widely.

GOAL: Prepare personnel, the station, apparatus and the community for emergency response in a challenging environment

- Personel

- Station

- Community

- Questions

and more .

.. .. Everyone can and should play a role in fighting crime and the fear of crime, in promoting public safety, and in improving the quality of American life. .. ..
8pm EST
Mon - Fri
"Stop Child Abuse Now"
- NAASCA's talk show - Internet-based talk radio show
5 nights a week - 8pm EST (5pm PAC)
"call-in" number: 646 / 595-2118
Show Archives - - current schedule - - Shows available on: APPLE iTunes
and GOOGLE Podcasts Be sure to visit
our "sister site" --
National Association
Adult Survivors
of Child Abuse
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do not advocate, support or practice unlawful discrimination based on race, religion, age,
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Los Angeles Community Policing -
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copyright 2022 is grassroots. We're unaffiliated with any other group or organization, and have no particular political point of view. We co-operate with many government offices, law enforcement groups and other non-profit efforts, and frequently offer our expressed opinions of the issues of the day. But we also allow for, and even insist on, opinions from many different perspectives and walks of life. Global


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