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GIFTABULATOR® is an Estate, Financial and Philanthropic planning app

GIFTABULATOR® will show you how to minimize taxes (everyone's dream) while making the world a better place. Whether you are a charity competing for donor dollars or a financial professional offering clients a cutting-edge service, GIFTABULATOR® is the invaluable tool that will demonstrate the potential giving capacity of every individual.

Illustrate Estate Planning Scenarios

Show How Individuals Can Maintain Their Preferred Lifestyle

Illustrate How to Minimize Taxes and Maximize Legacies with Real-life Financial Examples

Incorporates All Assets Including Insurance

Easy to Use and Intuitive Interface

GIFTABULATOR® is the only online and mobile Estate and Philanthropic Planning tool that makes it easy

Giftabulator® optimizes the donation section of your charity's website to guide donors through the process of formulating a gift that is tailored to their unique financial situation. The take-away message for users is making a gift to your charity is achievable. Donors will likely learn a few new things about how major gift and planned giving donations through dynamic illustrations.

We are confident integrating Giftabulator® into your charity's website will increase donor ROI by turning your annual donors into major and planned giving prospects, faster.

Educate Donors through an interactive secure online app

Illustrate benefits of donating appreciated assets

Increase Major and planned giving opportunities from your current donors

Increasing Web Traffic

GIFTABULATOR®has been featured on

North American Charity Market

There are 1,043,225 charities in the United States and Canada.

Americans and Canadians donated $226 billion to charities in 2011.

The data over time shows that the percentage of Americans and Canadians donating to charity has been declining

Only 4.0% of the $41 trillion being passed from one generation to the next through estate planning in North America is being left to charity

80% of financial advisors said they would have more conversations related to charitable planning with clients if they had the training and tools

How can GIFTABULATOR® help?

GIFTABULATOR® is the perfect ice-breaker for starting a conversation about estate and philanthropic planning. With this interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use app advisors will be able to illustrate for their clients or donors their financial and philanthropic capacity. Easily demonstrate scenerios which can be customized for the individuals enabling them to see in real terms the impact of effective estate planning, charitable giving and tax minimization.

Impact them personally Impact theirbeneficiaries Impact theirlegacy

GIFTABULATOR® is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to explain.

GIFTABULATOR® is the compass that will help your donors reach their financial goals while giving back to the community.

Show donors...

How they can best support your charity without impacting their lifestyle. How a donation to your charity can help them minimize their taxes and those of their beneficiaries. How they can ensure that their values and beliefs are reflected in their estate planning choices. How their potential to give back is based on their assets as opposed to their income.

Every financial decision impacts the bigger picture. GIFTABULATOR® shows you this bigger picture.


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