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General and Colorectal Surgical Specialists of San Diego

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Exceptional Care

Dr. Schultzel put my colostomy back together after my bowel exploded at another hospital. He was able to do the while thing laparoscopically! I had very little pain and stayed only 2 days in the hospital. He is a saint! His staff very good. Dr. Schultzel has a warm heart and I felt like he is well trained. I was told before by another surgeon that I couldn't be put back together laparoscopically, but Dr. Schultzel proved that doctor wrong!!! I would recommend him to everyone!"

Saved My Life

Dr. Schultzel saved my life. I had an appendicitis, and he was on-call the day I came to the ER. I was so lucky to have him! He removed my appendix, making only one small cut below my belly button to do it. I can't even see the incision now, and I feel great! I'm already back to surfing and ocean swimming, and I'm preparing for a triathalon. I couldn't have made it through the ordeal without Dr. Schultzel's warm bedside manner, which kept me calm and optimistic that I'd recover. He is a skilled surgeon and a really nice guy. Highly recommend!"

Cured My Cancer

I saw Dr. Schultzel to remove my colon cancer. He is kind, compassionate, and has a gentle way about him. He performed a single incision surgery on me. I had next to no pain after surgery and did not have a very long hospital stay. My scar is nearly invisible! His staff is compassionate and easy to work with. I'm am cured from colon cancer cancer, thanks to Dr. Schultzel."

ACS Top Surgical Oncologist in San Diego, 2019

Welcome to the Office of Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess

We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and patient-centered care for all patients searching for treatment of general surgical issues as well as specialty treatment for diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus.

Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess are affiliated with numerous medical networks including:

Leading Robotic Surgeon in Southern California

As the highest-volume robotic general and colorectal surgeon in Southern California, Dr. Schultzel specializes in surgically removing large masses with very small incisions. The result? Quicker recovery, decreased pain, and improved cosmetic outcome. While Dr. Matthew Schultzel's area of expertise is minimally invasive colorectal surgery, his passion for treating the whole patient is what sets him apart. With a concierge-style practice that prioritizes compassionate, personalized care, it is also the only one in San Diego that provides the combined skills of a specialty surgeon and a gastroenterologist. Read more.

Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess are proud members of the following medical organizations

United GastroenterologistsSociety of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic SurgeonsAmerican Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

Our Services

Colorectal Cancer Treatment and Surgery

Dr. Schultzel is pleased to offer the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques for treating colorectal cancer. With the usage of both robotics and advanced laparoscopics; including the single incision technique, Dr. Schultzel is able to achieve superior outcomes.

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Hemorrhoid Treatment and Surgery

Dr. Schultzel is proud to offer advanced approaches to the treatment of hemorrhoids and conditions of the anus. Using techniques both in the office and in the operating room, Dr. Schultzel has created a center for hemorrhoid treatment as well as other conditions in the anal canal. He offers non-surgical therapy with rubber band ligation, which allows patients a nearly pain free treatment of their hemorrhoids.

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Hernia Treatment and Surgery

For patients experience abdominal wall hernia or inguinal hernias, Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess employ robotic techniques to repair these hernias. Dr. Schultzel is one of the highest volume robotic surgeons in San Diego county. He has performed hundreds of hernia operations with patients describing decreased pain, faster return to work and recreation, and decreased rates of hernia recurrence. Dr. Schultzel is proud to bring this approach to the community of San Diego.

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Colon & Rectal Surgery

Dr. Schultzel is pleased to offer a wide range of treatment options for patients with colon and rectal diseases. He has a specialty focus in Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery, Single Incision Laparoscopic, Robotic, and traditional Laparoscopic Surgery. Dr. Schultzel has had specialty training for the most complex colon and rectal issues.

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Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)

Less than 40% of colon and rectal surgery nationwide is performed minimally invasively. Approximately 1% of surgeons routinely employ the SILS as a method to perform surgery. Dr. Schultzel has performed hundreds of colon and rectal surgery cases using the SILS and is happy to bring this skill set to San Diego.

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Pain Control

For patients having abdominal surgery, Dr. Schultzel is pleased to offer the TAP (transverse abdominus plane) block. Unlike an epidural Dr. Schultzel personally places the block to ensure success while the patient is sleeping. It lasts for several days with excellent effect. He is one of the few surgeons nation wide to routinely use this block.

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Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess are now offering telemedicine services. This means that patients are able to receive treatment information remotely when possible.

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General Surgery

Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess offer a wide range of treatment options for patients requiring general surgery. Both surgeons have specialty focus in Minimally Invasive Surgery, Single Incision Laparoscopic, Robotic, and traditional Laparoscopic Surgery.

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In-Office Procedures

Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess offer surgical treatment of issues in the office setting as well. This spares the patient the time and expense of same day surgery and hospital based surgery.

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Please call our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.



Fax: 951-698-0272

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5:00pm

Office Addresses:

La Jolla: 4150 Regents Park Row, Suite 345, La Jolla, CA 92037
Encinitas: 477 N El Camino Real, Suite C204, Encinitas, CA 92024
Murrieta: 28078 Baxter Rd, Suite 530, Murrieta, CA 92563

Dr. Matthew Schultzel, 2022

Anal CancerAnal FissureAnal FistulaAnal PainAnal WartsColon and Rectal Cancer Followup CareColorectal Cancer ScreeningConstipationCrohn's DiseaseDiverticular DiseaseEndoscopyFecal IncontinenceHereditary Colorectal Cancer SyndromeIrritable Bowel SyndromeOstomyPelvic Floor DysfunctionPilonidal DiseasePolypsPruritus AniRectoceleUlcerative ColitisAnoscopyProctoscopyHPV surveillanceHPV ablation/excisionHemorroid Rubber BandingIncision and Drainage of abscessesBalloon Dilation of rectal/anal strictureWound carePelvic floor evaluation and treatmentWound CareOnly wound care private practice in North San Diego CountyCosmeticsAnal Cancer

Our office is proud to offer telemedicine alternatives to in-office visitation. Additionally, this is ideal for COVID-19 era limitations on office visits.

Telemedicine service is offered via our iPhone, Android, and desktop applications. Get the apps via the links below.

Desktop Link

Click the links below to see reviews of Dr. Schultzel through these sites:

Hernia Surgery (All types of hernias repaired)UmbilicalInguinalIncisionalHiatalFemoralParastomalPerinealAbdominal SurgeryDiagnostic LaparoscopyGallbladder Surgery{Cholecystectomy}Antireflex Surgery for GERDRepair Hiatal HerniasGastric Surgery / Feeding TubesLiver ResectionSolid Organ Surgery — Splanectpomy adrenalectomy pancreatectomyAppendectomyCyst RemovalVascular AccessPilonidal CystSkin lesionsSkin CancersSkin TagsScar RemovalScar RevisionSkin BiopsyLipomasComplex Wound care / Abscess DrainageSkin InfectionsThyroid SurgeryBreast Surgery — Breast BiopsyAll Laparoscopy SigmoidoscopyBreast Lumps / CystsBreast Cancer SurgeryGynecomastiaPeritoneal Dialysis CathetersScar releaseBasic BurnsSurgery for Reflux Less Pain:
Since the overall trauma to the skin and muscle is reduced, post operative pain is less — allowing patients to recover quicker. Reduced Infection Rate:
Since the delicate tissues are not exposed to the air of the operating room over long periods of time — as they are when the body is wide open in traditional operations — the infection rate is lower. Safer Surgery:
Video magnification offers us better exposure of the diseased colon and its surrounding vessels and nerves. As a result, delicate maneuvers can be performed to protect these vital structures. For instance, the need for blood transfusions is significantly less during laparoscopic colon surgery. Smaller Scar:
A 2-4 inch incision leaves a considerably smaller scar and improved cosmetic results than the 12 to 16 inch incision used during open surgery. Quicker Recovery:
Patients are started on a diet the same night of surgery and are encouraged to begin walking the next morning. Following open surgery, most patients sit with a nasal tube that goes into the stomach (NG tube) for 5 or 6 days until they are ready to begin eating. Shorter Hospital Stay:
Most of our patients are ready to leave the hospital in 3 or 4 days compared to a stay of over one week following open surgery. Quicker Return to Your Normal Life:
The recovery once you leave the hospital is also much faster. Most patients are able to return to work or travel within 4 weeks. Unlike an epidural, the patient can be asleep under anesthesia, thus no discomfort is experiencesIt is placed before incision to block pain signals prior to surgeryLess intra-operative opioid usage during surgeryShorter recovery time for bowels post-operativeyGreater pain controlLess risk of opioid dependence post-operativelyBetter pain control both during the hospital stay and directly post-operatively.

Please see this interesting pilot study on TAP block

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