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Faces from the Scoresby Sund – 2014

De Poolnacht van Groningen promotes (2014):

Faces from the Scoresby Sund – Greenland – Exhibition and Book

Biologist Ko de Korte spent the field seasons of 1973-1975 in the Scoresby Sund area, studying breeding birds on the tundra. He was warmly welcomed by the people of Ittoqqortoormiit. Being intrigued by these people and their impressive way of life, Ko photographed
them. Building upon his relationship with these people, he portrayed them during their daily activities in their natural environment, capturing the essence of life in Ittoqqortoormiit. Faces from the Scoresby Sund shows not only the strength and perseverance of these people, but also the joys and hardships of living in one of the most extreme outposts of the Arctic.

These historically interesting, remarkable and beautiful photos have been transformed into an Exhibition which travels around the world.

Facts of this Exhibition
Exposition locations since 2010: Netherlands, Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum (Poolnacht van Groningen) | Plancius (ship) to Spitsbergen and Greenland | Townhouse of Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland | Jaarbeurs Utrecht, vakantiebeurs | Museum Hvoll Dalvik, Iceland | Odense, Denmark | Tassiilaq, Greenland |

Introduction panels in English and Greenlandic. Panel with geographical locations.
A total of 84 photos on 46 panels of 50 x 70 cm | 32 portraits on 32 panels of 50 x 70 (photos # 1 to # 32)
1 situation on 1 panel of 50 x 70 (photo # 53) | 3 situations on 1 panel of 50 x 70 (photos # 66 to # 68)
48 situations + portraits on 12 panels of 50 x 70 cm (photos # 33 – 52 | # 54 – 65 | # 69 – 84)
a subtitle with each photo with the person’s name, year and place of birth, year and place of death, time and place of photo
The exhibition can be placed for free (borrowed) when your organisation orders 208 books (€ 9,95 each) The consumer price for the book is for the organisation to decide (Netherlands € 14,95)

Period | preferably 3 to 6 months Transportation costs | recipient & possibly sponsored – please contact us for details
Insurance costs | legal liability for the recipient

The book

The most important portraits with background information are contained in a book .

Two types: ‘Åge’ and ‘Kristian’ per 100 – € 0,50 each.
Consumer price in the Netherlands is € 1,00 each




The exhibition Faces from the Scoresby Sund – Greenland was part of the:

The Polar Night of Groningen – De Poolnacht van Groningen

In the winter of 2010- 2011 Groningen (city in the North of The Netherlands) was a polar city. During a lively festival you could visit several exhibitions, attend public lectures, meet polar scientists, experience the polar night, win a trip to Spitsbergen and see lots of polar movies!

The festival was organized to bring the Polar Regions, and all it’s aspects, closer to the public. We also celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Arctic Centre at the University of Groningen. Together with colleague polar scientists and organizations such as WWF, Blikveld and KNNV publisher we organized the ‘Poolnacht van Groningen’ [Polar Night of Groningen] from November 15th 2010 until January 15th 2011.

(see the program (in dutch))

Information December 2010 – January -2011:

Faces from the Scoresby Sund – 2014 Programma Lezingen Tentoonstellingen Sport Seminar, Debat Filmfestival Poolnachtboeken The Polar Night of Groningen De Poolnacht? PartnersOnlineCasinoGids.com

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