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Finally, a dreamy trio that will make you rethink what skincare can achieve!


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Our world-class products provide life-changing skincare, alleviate inflammation and enhance even the healthiest people’s lives.


CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops

CBD Muscle, Joint and Skin Balm

CBD Transdermal Patch 4 Pack

CBD Restorative Lip Balm

Shea Butters

Hydrosols (face & body)

Witch Hazels

CBD Menstrual Cramp Roller

Shea Lip Balms

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CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops

"As a Professional Makeup Artist in NYC I need to be on all the time, even when I’m experiencing social anxiety or general aches and pains from all the heavy-lifting of my kit or awkward bending/crawling about that the job entails. The CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops and CBD Athlete Roller help me to function at full capacity. I fully credit these products in helping me thrive when I otherwise would be struggling."


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Athlete Re-leaf Roller

"As a busy full-time yoga teacher the Somebody Athlete Roller is essential for relaxing my muscles and joints at the end of a long day. It works and dries quickly and has a satisfying tingly sensation (not to mention I love how it smells and doesn't come in a flimsy plastic bottle)! I love all Somebody products, but this one is my favorite."


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Electric Daisy Enzyme Face Mask

"My skin has been generally dull since having a baby (maybe something to do with the lack of sleep?), but this mask has done wonders with just one use. My skin immediately felt tighter. Today someone commented that my skin looks great and asked what products I use! I’m excited to make this part of my weekly routine… P.S. it smells amazing!"


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CBD Muscle, Joint and Skin Balm

"Somebody's CBD has brought my worst anxiety days down to what a "good day" once was. I no longer lose my composure frequently when facing high stress situations, and I am proud of post-CBD me. From the Muscle Joint and Skin Balm to the 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil- these products are part of my daily routine- so SO glad I found them!”



Why we are

For those who normally put Somebody else first. Somebody is a “you-first” wellness brand with a knack for creating world-class, chemist formulated products meant to address skincare, pain and dietary health - a brand designed for you by people who get you. We believe in the power of collective purpose but also recognize that in order to be effective as a whole we must first focus on our own care, something that we saw our parents do very little of growing up and that we hope to change.

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Whatever your needs, we’ve got you!

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CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops

CBD Muscle, Joint and Skin Balm

CBD Transdermal Patch 4 Pack

Shea Butters

Hydrosols (face & body)

Witch Hazels

CBD Menstrual Cramp Roller

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Everyday Alchemy LLC
Brooklyn, NY 11217

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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