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Welcome to Our Victorian House.com. This website is dedicated to the restoration & preservation of my 1875 Eastlake (Stick Style)Victorian home. Please feel free to browse around. This is not a "This Old House" kind of restoration like you see on TV. I did almost all of the work myself, out of the sheer love of it.(frankly, I couldn't afford to pay someone to do it, so...)

Our Restoration Journey

Each of these buttons is another story of yet another project that I took on to get the house restored.

Before & After Gallery

It's easy to forget how bad this place used to look - Here is the reminder...

Just click on any of the pictures below to go to the Gallery page for that room. When you get there just roll your mouse pointer over the pictures to see what it looked like when we started.

The Parlor

The Reception Hall

The Living Room

The Dining Room

The Exterior

How Did it Look in the End?

These are the photos of the furnished rooms

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:


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