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Executive / Innovation Strategist / Technology Innovator / Entrepreneur
Dr. Christine Gulbranson is an outspoken international visionary who has been described as a rainmaker. Bridging engineering, science and business, and connecting people via her extensive social network have enabled the formation of national entities and companies to grow. Constantly innovating, and looking to the future to guide the development of technologies in the here and now, Dr. Gulbranson envisions the needs of the future and how technological developments today can influence and affect real-life challenges.

Empowered by the love of science and commercialization of that science into the marketplace for the world to benefit, Dr. Gulbranson is a celebrated spokesperson for the innovation of technology and its futurist effects on the global economy. She is often seen mentoring today's youth passing along her excitement in the knowing that technology changes the world. Dr. Gulbranson is passionate about attracting more women into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and business.

As an engineer, scientist and investor it is easy to understand why Dr. Gulbranson believes that in order to solve many of life's most challenging problems a multidisciplinary view and approach is essential. With this ideology firmly rooted in her DNA it has enabled her to be a trailblazer in the advancement of science, technology and business.

The BIG BRAIN Theory: Pure Genius

Hosted by Kal Penn and featured on The Discovery Channel, The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius is a competition unlike any before. Ten of the nation's brightest minds face off in a competition designed to discover if America still has what it takes to lead the world with innovative concepts.

The engineers must create designs and construct builds to tackle challenging real-life problems. Christalis CEO Dr. Christine Gulbranson and the CEO of WET judge the final designs, along with famous guest judges that have NASA, the Olympics and NASCAR on their résumé.

The contestants live together, work together, and forge alliances all while trying to prove they have what it takes to rise above the rest as America's next great innovator. Some contestants earn distinction with inventive designs or practical shop knowledge while others fall by the wayside by displaying tempers or ineffective leadership.

News Stories:
It's not the kind of résumé that screams 'reality show.'
Nascar Carl Edwards on the Big Brain Theory: #PUREGENIUS

On Set with Brian David Johnson, Carl Edwards, Bobak Ferdowsi, Mark Fuller and Kal Penn.

About Dr. Christine A. Gulbranson

Innovation Strategist / Renewable Energy Innovator / Entrepreneur
Christine A. Gulbranson, PhD MBA is an outspoken, star in the world of tech innovation.  In recognition of her contributions to innovation and business leadership, Dr. Gulbranson has been recognized as one of the “Top 40 under 40 Business Leaders in Silicon Valley”, as “Innovator for the 21stCentury” by MIT’sTechnology Review, and as “Distinguished Engineering Alumni in Business.”

Dr. Gulbranson is founder and CEO of Christalis LLC, a strategic advisory firm specializing in business development, strategic management, operations, technology transfer/commercialization, and funding assistance in the area of high-tech; clients include start-up companies, Fortune 1000 companies, private equity firms and international governments.

Dr. Gulbranson has had an eclectic career that enables her to be a uniquely comprehensive executive. In the investment realm, Dr Gulbranson was Senior Advisor for Renewable & Clean Technologies at Symphony Equity Partners. Bridging her multiple skills as a scientist/engineer, entrepreneur and investor enables Dr. Gulbranson to build companies and national entities. Utilizing her strategic and executive operational skills she launched the national industry association - Advanced Energy Economy. As CEO of the Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization, Gulbranson launched the first renewable energy accelerator in the US; this public-private partnership consisted of a consortium of research institutions, utilities, corporations, investors and government.

Dr. Gulbranson was a Senior Fellow with the Kauffman Foundation, where she led the Foundation's cleantech initiatives and supported the development of commercial innovation at the university level with broad national/international exposure emphasizing traditional and non-traditional technology transfer activities which included models such as proof of concept centers and accelerators. She has founded two nanotechnology companies with futurist applications in multiple markets including renewables, telecom and healthcare. As a partner at the venture capital firm, Global Catalyst Partners, she invested in seed and early-stage companies in information technology and materials. A Specialist in the Industrial Partnership and Commercialization Division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, she established an incubator to accelerate entrepreneurial business growth through new business formation and commercialization of laboratory-developed technology. Dr. Gulbranson served as Director of Research Collaborations in the University of California, Office of the President where she provided leadership in the creation and evaluation of opportunities for large-scale collaborations between universities, national laboratories, and industry by evaluating opportunities in very broad technical fields across all areas of biological and physical sciences and engineering with respect to business/commercial potential and engaging the parties to establish collaborative efforts.

Dr. Gulbranson currently serves on various profit and non-profit boards.

Christine A. Gulbranson holds five degrees from UC Davis: a bachelor's degree in physics; a bachelor's, a master's and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and materials science; and an MBA.

As a television personality and judge on the Discovery Channel reality show, "The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius," Dr. Gulbranson is passionate about attracting more people, especially women into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math.) Utilizing this as a global platform to emphasize that STEM is the core of American ingenuity Gulbranson believes not only as a country but as citizens of the world we must return to this as a cornerstone of our economic growth engine.

Judged Competitions

Judge for The BIG BRAIN Theory, Judge for Harvard's Innovation Challenge, Judge for MIT's Clean Energy Prize, Judge for Made in Arab World Business Plan Competition, Judge for Big Bang! UC Davis' Business Plan Competition, Judge UC Berkeley's Business Plan Competition


UCD Distinguished Engineering Alumni Medal for Achievement in Business presented by Diane Bryant.
Entertainment Industries Council S.E.T. Awards | Documentary Winner
Craig Piligian, Christine Gulbranson, Mark Fuller, Craig Coffman

Silicon Valley Business Journal's "Top '40 Under 40' of Business Leaders in Silicon Valley"; Young Alumna of the Year, UC Davis; MIT Technology Review, TR100 'Innovator for the 21st Century'; Sigma Xi Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation; Research Associate of the Year (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science), UCD; The Electrochemical Society's I.E.E.E. Student Achievement Award; Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, UC Davis; Distinguished Engineering Alumni Medal for Achievement in Business, UC Davis; S.E.T. Award for Excellence in Science, Engineering & Technology Portrayals, Entertainment Industries Council.


Patent # 7,535,029 B2, granted May 19, 2009
"Material System for Tailorable White Light Emission and Method for Making Thereof"

US Patent # 6,774,560 B1, granted Aug. 10, 2004
"Material System for Tailorable White Light Emission and Method for Making Thereof"

On Set with Mike Massimino

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On Set with Buzz Aldrin

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