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The Best Early Childhood Education Center

INNOKIDS is housed in a new structure plush building, have all the required paraphernalia meeting all the necessities of the era for young learners, as the experts say that the most essential and influential period of a child’s growth belongs to the formative years of schooling. The team of talented and caring mother teachers loves and teaches the saplings as their children. With the help of the latest digi-classrooms, designated play areas, comfortable air conditioned classes, new techniques, and technologies are embedded for them to shine bright. The students are not only provided with primary education but also made to learn and imbibe the moral and ethical values which will help them to be good citizens and global citizens. Thus, the whole learning phase at INNOKIDS is made magnificent with cognitive and holistic development that ultimately is reflected shortly.


Our Approaches


Holistic Learning

 Experiential Learning through curricular activities and co-curricular activities.


Confident Learners

Development of self-expression confidence through storytelling , poem recitation and  through lap of nature


Montessori Method of teaching

Hands on learning, Collaborative play, Intrinsic motivation.


Public Speaking

 Every time your child speaks publicly, it increases his/her Confidence

Play is one of the most vital ways in which children learn and grow. At INNOKIDS, we plan curriculum and activities keeping in mind all the three domains of learning : Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective

It underpins formal learning later in childhood, also enables the individual child to develop their self-esteem. Learning through play way strengthens powerof concentration, essential for a successful future, and prop up everything from learning social interactions and norms to the beginnings of scientific thinking.

Our Campuses

INNOKIDS - Early Learning and Child-care Center