Learn music theory with Sonid, an app for iOS and Android.

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an app to learn and practice music theory in a fun and structured manner!

Easily learn music theory with Sonid, an app for iOS and Android!

Understand how music works!

Sonid is a music education app to help you learn music theory. The app allows you to practice music theory in a fun and orderly manner. It is different in comparison to other applications because you will learn about a single subject at a time. This approach will make your understanding of music expand more naturally and gives you the time to adapt to the new material.Sonid is made for beginners and more advanced musicians that would like to broaden their musical horizon. Complete Sonid and become a more refined musician.

Free yourself musically!

With Sonid you can learn everything about music theory, from the most basic subjects to advanced jazz harmony understanding. Start taking classes to learn about naturals, the prime interval and a flat note. Finish your course with playing the most lush maj7#11 chord voicing and the melancholic spanish phrygian scale on your instrument. You can learn it all, step by step, and it’s for free!

Unlock all features with Sonid Plus!

Exercise music theory on any device!

The complete overview of music theory in one app

Sonid includes a full wikipedia page with information and explanations about many subjects. It includes basic topics like naturals, sharps and flats, the Cmaj7 chord and a D lydian scale. It also covers more advanced topics like scales and chord degrees with roman numerals, secondary dominants and moll-dur. Moreover, the wikipedia page is accessible from anywhere inside the app. Even while doing a lesson!If you need more tutoring, you can check out the community forum or tryout any chord and scale in our playground!

Extend your progress on your instrument!

For those who are keen on making the most out of their learning experience we've created an extension to practice music theory on guitar.

Why learn music theory?

Help your ears play music

Help your ears to play the right notes and chords by understanding which progressions are in a certain key. Use ear training to know which scale is to be played at a given moment in your song. Make variations of what is to be expected by altering modes. Know when to play moll-dur on the fourth grade or a dominant chord on the third.

Play beautiful melodies in any key

Find the right notes at the right time. Build your solo from the ground up and be able to express yourself with passion and rejoice. Use the most basic C major and A minor keys, church modes like G dorian or F lydian and altered scales like D mixolydian #11 to make your phrasing spot on.

Use chord substitutes and inversions

Make your playing sound unique by using different versions of chords, or replace them altogether to give a change of colour in your voicings. Substitute Fmaj7 with Dm9 or play an inspiring Amaj9#11 instead of B7 to sound genuine and in control of your instrument.

Write the most compelling songs

Composing new melodies and chord progressions will never feel the same after completing the music theory lessons. Express your emotions just the way you want. Explore new realms of music harmonies and take your listeners on a fantastic journey.

Communicate with musicians

Let your fellow musicians know what you expect from them using the correct terminology. This way you will create an open and creative environment to let your songs grow more naturally.

What do our users say?

Maarten Wesselius

This app made learning musictheory fun and understandable for me! I've shown it to all my friends.

Elmar Post

Easy to use and learn music theory with!

Sam Bartrop

Brilliant app for those interested in learning music theory from the beginning! Great interface and easy to use.

Victor Hensen

The app really managed to make me understand some more complex musical harmonies. Great!

Joeri de Valenca

I always had problems with understanding what I was playing but somehow this app made me see what I was missing.

Renee Jansen

A very user-friendly and motivating app, I learned a lot already!


Frequently Asked Questions

I already have some understanding of musical harmonies, how can I skip some lessons?To skip classes and advance to new topics you can always click the 'Lock' icon of a certain module. Pass the test and you will unlock everything up to that point. To skip lessons within a class you can unlock a gold medal by clicking on the 'key' icon.I only want to learn a scale or chord, where can I find it?Learning the theory behind constructing and playing a scale/chord is very important to become more expressive in your playing. However, Sonid does give you ways of looking up a specific chord or scale. In the app, go to the Help page and click on the playground tab. Select what you want to lookup on the piano. On our website, go to our wikipedia page and click on the item you want to learn about.I don't play piano, can I still use Sonid?Yes. Sonid uses the piano to learn music theory because it is very clear and visually easy to construct intervals, which are the basics behind anything else in music harmonies. It will explain how the piano works in the first few lessons.Where should I start when learning about harmonies?If you have no idea what harmonies are or how they work you should start with lesson one about naturals. However, if you have some basic understanding, you could skip some lessons by clicking the lock icon of a certain module. Pass the lesson and unlock everything before.How important is it for me to learn music theory?To be free on your instrument, be able to compose thrilling pieces that use all varieties in harmonies known in music (and there are numerous), there is no amount of importance to be put upon understanding what musical harmonies are about and how it can lift your spirit.I am a complete beginner, is Sonid for me?Sonid is built up in such a way that everyone should be able to learn music theory.Why is the note A# not the same as Bb?While they may sound the same, when defining intervals (used to construct any chord or scale) it is mandatory to specify using a sharp or flat. For example: Try to define a major third interval from C. You would come up with the note E, because it is two whole notes from C. Easy, right? You would never think of using Fb instead of E. *An E is the third natural from C, and is therefor used to create any "third" interval.* Now let's make a minor third from C. Which is an Eb (E flat). There would be no reason of using a D# (D sharp) instead of Eb because it would define an augmented second. *With the note D being the second natural from C.* Conclusion:While it is okay to name a note with a sharp or flat, when talking about a note in relation to an interval, chord, scale or even a music key, a more defined name must be used to keep music readable and understandable. It's the musical equivalent of "hear" versus "here". Just because they are homophonic doesn't mean they are the same word. Similarly, in western tonal music B♭ doesn't mean the same as A♯.

What's new?

Use Sonid in spanish!

Your favourite app to learn music theory has now been translated to spanish.

Help translate Sonid

From now on you can use Sonid in your own language!

Community Forum Launch

A community forum to discuss anything music theory related!

Read all



An extensive chord library including examples on how to construct and play nearly any chord you can think of.

View all chords


You can learn to play and construct the most basic scales or one of the very advanced worldly jazz scales, the choice is yours.

View all scales


Start your journey by learning some intervals so you can decipher harder to grasp music harmonies.

View all intervals
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