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Rainer on Leadership is your online home for leadership lessons for the local church. This weekly podcast provides practical training on important issues for church leaders and pastors.


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How to Bring Evangelism Back into the Rhythms of Your Church

September 13, 2022Episode #766Listen

Special Series: What You Are Likely Missing with Family Discipleship in the Church – An Interview with Matt Markins, President and CEO of Awana

September 9, 2022Episode #SP008Listen

Special Series: How the Pandemic Has Changed Children’s Ministry (For the Better) – An Interview with Matt Markins, President and CEO of Awana

Episode #SP007Listen

Why You Should Teach Your Church Members to Understand the Bible as a Whole

September 6, 2022Episode #765Listen

How Church Guests Are Different Now Compared to Ten Years Ago

August 30, 2022Episode #764Listen

The Four Ways Almost Every Growing Church Does It

August 23, 2022Episode #763Listen

The Changing Landscape of Ministry Education and Training

August 16, 2022Episode #762Listen

Helping Your Church Members Understand How Their Story is Intertwined with God’s Story: An Interview with The Chronological Bible Teaching Team

August 9, 2022Episode #761 Listen

What the Overturning of Roe v. Wade Means for the Church

August 2, 2022Episode #760Listen

Six Prudent Practices to Prepare Your Church Budget for a Potential Economic Recession

July 26, 2022Episode #759Listen

Should School and Similar Ministries Tied to a Church Be Self-Supporting? Six Key Thoughts

July 19, 2022Episode #758Listen

15 Digital Tools Every Church Needs: A Special Three-Part Series – Part 3: The Newer

July 15, 2022Episode #SP006Listen12365Next