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(Based on 8 Client Reviews)

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Client Review

Very happy with the finished product.

Anthony did an amazing job installing laminate flooring on the stairs and landing. He also leveled the landing using leveling material/cement which he did expertly. True profession... read more

- April Marks


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Client Review

Absolutely thrilled with the beautiful job Anthony did!

Anthony recently replaced our downstairs flooring with our choice of Pergo XP. He did top notch work for us using his experience, skill and solid judgement. His professionalism and... read more

- Jennifer Conti

Contra Costa Flooring Company

Are you finally ready to replace the flooring in your home or business? At Bay Area Custom Floors Inc., our Contra Costa County flooring company provides the high-quality, attractive, and affordable flooring solutions you need!

Our hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate floor experts provide you with custom flooring solutions that work for you. Our professionals design the ideal flooring for your needs, providing a comfortable and functional flooring finish that is ideally suited to your home, business, and budget. We can provide entire business or whole-home flooring services, kitchen and bathroom floor remodels, and many other floor finishing services for a cohesive final look. Our California flooring specialists approach your custom project with the same care and attention to detail we would when installing floors in our own home or business.

As custom flooring contractors in CA, we recommend the right flooring products and styles to meet your lifestyle, budget, and desires. We provide many different types of flooring in many different colors, patterns, styles, and shapes to suit the individual needs of any home or business owner. When you are seeking the classic feel of hardwood floors, the versatility of tile flooring, the functionality of laminate floors, or the longevity of luxury vinyl, we have the perfect custom flooring solution!

Call Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. at (925) 320-3955 for a Free Consultation & Estimate!

Best Flooring For Home & Business

Your Contra Costa custom floor company, we always put our clients first. We know just how intimidating a new flooring installation project can be, whether tackling a full flooring remodel or replacing damaged or outdated flooring in specific areas.

Professionally designed to create a show-stopping finish that is impressive and functional, our flooring experts understand that you want to create a home that suits your life and sense of style.

We provide flooring design, product selection support, layout assistance and recommendations, and professional floor installation for any or all rooms in your home, business, condo, cabin, rental houses or apartments, or any other commercial facilities or residential space that would benefit from attractive, quality new flooring installation.

Whether you are having new flooring installed throughout your home, are remodeling one area only, would like different floors installed in different areas, or are ready to update your commercial flooring, Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. is an all-inclusive CA flooring company that is ready to deliver.

Our flooring experts provide:

Tile flooring, including marble tiles, natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles. In addition to tile floors, we also provide custom tile backsplashes, tile shower and bath enclosures, and tile installation for new construction projects. Hardwood flooring available in several different durable wood types, finishes, and board styles to perfectly complement your home design and aesthetic.High-quality, durable laminate flooring delivers the sophisticated look and texture of hardwood while being more budget-friendly.Luxury vinyl flooring is durable and known for being wear-resistant. It is both waterproof and low-maintenance, making it ideal for high traffic areas.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the many flooring options, styles, designs, and layouts you have to choose from when updating your home. The custom flooring professionals at Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. expertly guide you during your floor renovation project to ensure you are both happy with the experience and in love with the finished product.

Your Contra Costa Floor Company

Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. is not just another Contra Costa floor company. We are a full-service, custom floor renovation company that can handle your entire flooring replacement project from start to finish. If you would like examples of our work, or want to speak directly with our experts about the remodel and flooring solutions we deliver, we are happy to come to you with product samples and smart recommendations for your unique home or business.

Installation Experts – The years of combined and individual flooring and renovation experience of our Contra Costa experts means you are working with the best local providers in the flooring industry. We manage your project with speed, skill, and a keen eye to detail, allowing us to deliver excellent results and a finished product that you love.

Custom, Professional Flooring Advice – We help you select the ideal flooring products and design for your home, family, and lifestyle. From laminate and luxury vinyl planks to tile or hardwood, our experts help you determine which products are best suited to the different needs or areas of your home, as well as the needs of your family.

High-Quality, Durable Materials – High-quality and well-maintained flooring that has been well-installed can last a lifetime. Our professionals use the best possible flooring products to fit your specific needs, style, and budget. We are dedicated to working with durable flooring products that are uniquely designed to withstand your life and style.

Call Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. at (925) 320-3955 for a Free Consultation & Estimate!

On-Site Flooring Services

Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. provides the attractive, high-quality, and durable custom flooring solutions to perfectly suit your needs, the unique style of your home, and your intended placement, wear, and traffic. Our experts recommend the perfect flooring products and design for your home or business and handle your entire project, including complete installation and finishing services. We take you from your current floors to a beautiful, updated space that is ready for your family to live in again.

As your full-service Contra Costa flooring company, we are ready to bring our creativity and flooring expertise to your next home remodel project.

Call Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. at (925) 320-3955 for a Free Consultation & Estimate!


If you have any questions or comments please fill out the following form and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

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ReplacementPleasant Hill Subfloor ReplacementPort Costa Subfloor ReplacementRichmond Subfloor ReplacementRodeo Subfloor ReplacementSan Pablo Subfloor ReplacementWalnut Creek Subfloor ReplacementAntioch Marble Tile FlooringClayton Marble Tile FlooringConcord Marble Tile FlooringContra Costa Marble Tile FlooringCrockett Marble Tile FlooringEl Cerrito Marble Tile FlooringEl Sobrante Marble Tile FlooringHercules Marble Tile FlooringLafayette Marble Tile FlooringMartinez Marble Tile FlooringPinole Marble Tile FlooringPittsburg Marble Tile FlooringPleasant Hill Marble Tile FlooringPort Costa Marble Tile FlooringRichmond Marble Tile FlooringRodeo Marble Tile FlooringSan Pablo Marble Tile FlooringWalnut Creek Marble Tile FlooringAntioch Residential Tile FlooringClayton Residential Tile FlooringConcord Residential Tile FlooringContra Costa Residential Tile FlooringCrockett Residential Tile FlooringEl Cerrito Residential Tile FlooringEl Sobrante Residential Tile FlooringHercules Residential Tile FlooringLafayette Residential Tile FlooringMartinez Residential Tile FlooringPinole Residential Tile FlooringPittsburg Residential Tile FlooringPleasant Hill Residential Tile FlooringPort Costa Residential Tile FlooringRichmond Residential Tile FlooringRodeo Residential Tile FlooringSan Pablo Residential Tile FlooringWalnut Creek Residential Tile FlooringAntioch Hardwood Flooring InstallationClayton Hardwood Flooring InstallationConcord Hardwood Flooring InstallationContra Costa Hardwood Flooring InstallationCrockett Hardwood Flooring InstallationEl Cerrito Hardwood Flooring InstallationEl Sobrante Hardwood Flooring InstallationHercules Hardwood Flooring InstallationLafayette Hardwood Flooring InstallationMartinez Hardwood Flooring InstallationPinole Hardwood Flooring InstallationPittsburg Hardwood Flooring InstallationPleasant Hill Hardwood Flooring InstallationPort Costa Hardwood Flooring InstallationRichmond Hardwood Flooring InstallationRodeo Hardwood Flooring InstallationSan Pablo Hardwood Flooring InstallationWalnut Creek Hardwood Flooring Installation Antioch Tile FlooringClayton Tile FlooringConcord Tile FlooringContra Costa Tile FlooringCrockett Tile FlooringEl Cerrito Tile FlooringEl Sobrante Tile FlooringHercules Tile FlooringLafayette Tile FlooringMartinez Tile FlooringPinole Tile FlooringPittsburg Tile FlooringPleasant Hill Tile FlooringPort Costa Tile FlooringRichmond Tile FlooringRodeo Tile FlooringSan Pablo Tile FlooringWalnut Creek Tile Flooring Antioch Floor LevelingClayton Floor LevelingConcord Floor LevelingContra Costa Floor LevelingCrockett Floor LevelingEl Cerrito Floor LevelingEl Sobrante Floor LevelingHercules Floor LevelingLafayette Floor LevelingMartinez Floor LevelingPinole Floor LevelingPittsburg Floor LevelingPleasant Hill Floor LevelingPort Costa Floor LevelingRichmond Floor LevelingRodeo Floor LevelingSan Pablo Floor LevelingWalnut Creek Floor LevelingAntioch Stone Tile FlooringClayton Stone Tile FlooringConcord Stone Tile FlooringContra Costa Stone Tile FlooringCrockett Stone Tile FlooringEl Cerrito Stone Tile FlooringEl Sobrante Stone Tile FlooringHercules Stone Tile FlooringLafayette Stone Tile FlooringMartinez Stone Tile FlooringPinole Stone Tile FlooringPittsburg Stone Tile FlooringPleasant Hill Stone Tile FlooringPort Costa Stone Tile FlooringRichmond Stone Tile FlooringRodeo Stone Tile FlooringSan Pablo Stone Tile FlooringWalnut Creek Stone Tile FlooringAntioch Commercial Tile InstallationClayton Commercial Tile InstallationConcord Commercial Tile InstallationContra Costa Commercial Tile InstallationCrockett Commercial Tile InstallationEl Cerrito Commercial Tile InstallationEl Sobrante Commercial Tile InstallationHercules Commercial Tile InstallationLafayette Commercial Tile InstallationMartinez Commercial Tile InstallationPinole Commercial Tile InstallationPittsburg Commercial Tile InstallationPleasant Hill Commercial Tile InstallationPort Costa Commercial Tile InstallationRichmond Commercial Tile InstallationRodeo Commercial Tile InstallationSan Pablo Commercial Tile InstallationWalnut Creek Commercial Tile Installation Antioch Vinyl FlooringClayton Vinyl FlooringConcord Vinyl FlooringContra Costa Vinyl FlooringCrockett Vinyl FlooringEl Cerrito Vinyl FlooringEl Sobrante Vinyl FlooringHercules Vinyl FlooringLafayette Vinyl FlooringMartinez Vinyl FlooringPinole Vinyl FlooringPittsburg Vinyl FlooringPleasant Hill Vinyl FlooringPort Costa Vinyl FlooringRichmond Vinyl FlooringRodeo Vinyl FlooringSan Pablo Vinyl FlooringWalnut Creek Vinyl Flooring Antioch Floor Replacement CompanyClayton Floor Replacement CompanyConcord Floor Replacement CompanyContra Costa Floor Replacement CompanyCrockett Floor Replacement CompanyEl Cerrito Floor Replacement CompanyEl Sobrante Floor Replacement CompanyHercules Floor Replacement CompanyLafayette Floor Replacement CompanyMartinez Floor Replacement CompanyPinole Floor Replacement CompanyPittsburg Floor Replacement CompanyPleasant Hill Floor Replacement CompanyPort Costa Floor Replacement CompanyRichmond Floor Replacement CompanyRodeo Floor Replacement CompanySan Pablo Floor Replacement CompanyWalnut Creek Floor Replacement Company Antioch Ceramic Tile FlooringClayton Ceramic Tile FlooringConcord Ceramic Tile FlooringContra Costa Ceramic Tile FlooringCrockett Ceramic Tile FlooringEl Cerrito Ceramic Tile FlooringEl Sobrante Ceramic Tile FlooringHercules Ceramic Tile FlooringLafayette Ceramic Tile FlooringMartinez Ceramic Tile FlooringPinole Ceramic Tile FlooringPittsburg Ceramic Tile FlooringPleasant Hill Ceramic Tile FlooringPort Costa Ceramic Tile FlooringRichmond Ceramic Tile FlooringRodeo Ceramic Tile FlooringSan Pablo Ceramic Tile FlooringWalnut Creek Ceramic Tile FlooringAntioch Laminate Floor InstallationClayton Laminate Floor InstallationConcord Laminate Floor InstallationContra Costa Laminate Floor InstallationCrockett Laminate Floor InstallationEl Cerrito Laminate Floor InstallationEl Sobrante Laminate Floor InstallationHercules Laminate Floor InstallationLafayette Laminate Floor InstallationMartinez Laminate Floor InstallationPinole Laminate Floor InstallationPittsburg Laminate Floor InstallationPleasant Hill Laminate Floor InstallationPort Costa Laminate Floor InstallationRichmond Laminate Floor InstallationRodeo Laminate Floor InstallationSan Pablo Laminate Floor InstallationWalnut Creek Laminate Floor InstallationAntioch Vinyl Floor InstallationClayton Vinyl Floor InstallationConcord Vinyl Floor InstallationContra Costa Vinyl Floor InstallationCrockett Vinyl Floor InstallationEl Cerrito Vinyl Floor InstallationEl Sobrante Vinyl Floor InstallationHercules Vinyl Floor InstallationLafayette Vinyl Floor InstallationMartinez Vinyl Floor InstallationPinole Vinyl Floor InstallationPittsburg Vinyl Floor InstallationPleasant Hill Vinyl Floor InstallationPort Costa Vinyl Floor InstallationRichmond Vinyl Floor InstallationRodeo Vinyl Floor InstallationSan Pablo Vinyl Floor InstallationWalnut Creek Vinyl Floor Installation


(Based on 8 Client Reviews)Bay Area Custom Floors Inc.

Pittsburg, CA 94565
(925) 320-3955
9am - 7pm Bay Area Custom Floors Inc.
Pittsburg, CA 94565
(925) 320-3955
9am - 7pmBay Area Custom Floors Inc. 500 loveridge Cir
Pittsburg, CA 94565
(925) 320-3955
9am - 7pm
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Bay Area Custom Floors Inc.
(Based on 8 Client Reviews)



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