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The New Era of Web 3.0 Medical Data Economy

Welcome toDeHealth— AI& Medical Data Based decentralized app tosecurely and anonymously store, manage and monetize depersonalized medical data.

DeHealth connects individuals, medical institutions, and data consumers inasecure and mutually beneficial system enabling awin-win data exchange ofhigh-quality, structured data sets.

Data owners Data suppliers Data consumers

Learn how DeHealthworks

Check this video tounderstand how the DeHealth system works and the features ofthe application, and the opportunities itopens for global healthcare development.

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DeHealth in numbers

3 200 000

Individuals entrusted their health records


Hospitals partnered up with DeHealth

40 000

Members in our community


Token holders over the world

Data provided via DeHealth's local sub-brands - the SaaS platform ASKEP and platform Hospital OS and are the keystone for DeHealth dApp.


DeHealth redefines the healthcare landscape bymaking medical data the driving force ofchange. Individuals get aunified and secured source oftruth for medical data, monetization opportunities, and access totheir medical records 24/7across the globe.

Healthcare providers are rewarded for sharing data and contributing tomedical advances. Data consumers receive verified data for better treatment, prevention, and research.

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Data owners

Individuals store their medical data securely and anonymously, access itworldwide, manage data distribution and monetize itwith the help ofthe DHLT token. All ofthis contributes toanew normal for ahealthy lifestyle.

Influence Program

Wealways welcome opinion leaders tojoin our community ofraving fans who want tospread the word about the DeHealth solution and its impact.

Data suppliers

This isaninfrastructure where healthcare providers share the medical data ofclients upon their prior consent, while both getting DHLT tokens and opportunities from the DeHealth network.

Data consumers

The platform provides structured, high-quality, and relevant medical data topharma companies and other data consumers for further research, drug manufacturing, and disease prevention.

The problems we solve

The company uses the power ofMedtech, Blockchain, BigData, AI, and MLtoaddress the challenges ofthe industry.

The lack ofthought-through infrastructure for data storage & management

Long data verification process & high entry threshold

Lack ofproper Big data analysis impeding better disease treatment & prevention

Cybersecurity vulnerability inthe industry & growing health data security risks

Medical data comes raw, unverified & unstructured, adding tofurther misuse ofsuch

Barriers toahealthy lifestyle due topatients` little orzero access tomedical data

How it works

Find out how weengage you into the whole DeHealth system, data exchange with healthcare providers, and monetization mechanisms.

DeHealth Key Benefits

Decentralized Data Storage

Blockchain and Web 3.0ensure safe and immutable medical data storage where you control access and distribution

Smart & Transparent Marketplace

We’ve created awell-organized and trusted open space and mechanisms for trading medical data

Monetization to Promote Healthy Living

Weprovide asupportive environment where you maintain your health while monetizing your anonymized data

Data Available 24/7 Across The Globe

Any healthcare provider can access here and now your medical data todeliver high-quality services (after your prior consent)

Innovative MedFi Infrastructure

Weoffer abrand new ‘share-to-earn’ data exchange inblockchain and economic incentives todata holders

Secure and trusted

Wecommit todata governance and security standards. Overall cybersecurity isguaranteed bythe internal team ofdevelopers and third-party experts and the ethical hackers` community.



ISO 27001

General Data
Protection Regulation

Media coverage

“Yahoo News”

Multi-billion dollar Web 3.0companies join DeHealth torevolutionize healthcare

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The Healthcare Revolution: How The Metaverse Can Transform Traditional Industries And Impr…

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“Medthech Insight”

DeHealth Applies Blockchain ToMedical Data Transactions InBid For Transparency

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Medaverse— Web 3.0Can Help Patients Profit From Their Medical Data

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Russia iswell-prepared for cyber war— interview

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DeHealth sold out all tokens inless than 2hours

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“Yahoo Finance”

The world’s first healthcare metaverse from DeHealth

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Ukrainian Cyber Police Will Work Hand inHand with DeHealth toStrengthen The Protection o…

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DeHealth Creates Income Opportunities For Every Patient Who Cares About Their Health

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The Blockchain-Based Healthcare Market Today

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“AMB Crypto”

eHealth permits DeHealth totokenize patients data

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Blockchain InHealthcare: Unlimited Opportunities

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Wepartnered with proven providers from blockchain, cyber security, pharmaceutical, financial, marketing, research and global fields

Our news


DeHealth participates in Web Summit 2022

Fasten your seat belts, because DeHealth isrushing toincredible off-line presentation ofthe dApp…

22 Aug, 2022 25 seconds read Use cases

Key growth drivers for DHLT

The listing ofthe DeHealth DHLT native coin iscoming soon, onSeptember 08, 2022. And often we…

17 Aug, 2022 02:36 min read

Meet Johan Olsson, new Member of the Advisory Board at DeHealth

Johan Olsson isatransaction-driven entrepreneur passionate about innovation-driven life science ve…

16 Aug, 2022 01:43 min read Interview Technologies

Interview with DeHealth’s Advisor: Viacheslav Kovalevskiy

Viacheslav, hello. Please, tell alittle bit about yourself tomake DeHealth’s commu…

16 Aug, 2022 14:43 min read

While others destroy the world, DeHealth builds it up

Nowadays Ifeel like aboat inapowerful ocean storm, trying tofollow its course nomatter what. Ev…

16 Aug, 2022 05:12 min read Partners

DeHealth announces cooperation with BitMart CEX

DeHealth ispleased toannounce that BitMart, one ofthe world’s leading digital asset exchanges, is…

28 Jul, 2022 02:29 min read Technologies Article

Web1, Web2, Web3 and Counting: Addressing Healthcare Challenges

Which framework isthe key tosignificant improvement ofthe established, but outworn healthcare ind…

28 Jul, 2022 06:15 min read Interview

DeHealth Applies Blockchain To Medical Data Transactions In Bid For Transparency

Inaninterview for Medtech Insight’s Barnaby Pickering Denys Tsvaig talks, how byusing DHLT crypto…

28 Jul, 2022 07:35 min read Read More
Product Data owners Data suppliers Data consumers Influence Program About Company Careers Impact Resources White paper News Use Cases Contact Get Early Access
Data owners Data suppliers Data consumers Influence Program Company Careers Impact White paper News Use Cases Contact

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Main About Company Careers Impact Product Data owners Data suppliers Data consumers Influence Program Resources White paper News Use Cases Connect Main About Company Careers Impact Connect Resources White paper News Use Cases Product Data owners Data suppliers Data consumers Influence Program
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