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Sam Broadcaster + RadioBoss via Remote Desktop. Fully licensed / latest releases in Windows 2016 Server ! Exciting New Upgrades Get more listeners for your radio via automatically added into the directories. Contact us We will suggest you ideas and solutions that it will give you inspiration to create. Specialization and support In terms of image/audio streams, remote video playlist & producers automations. What server do you use? We suggest you the system that responds 100% to your needs. Servers management High traffic requirements on your server: Forget the downtimes and the reboots. Consultant services Innovative high-tech solutions with 20 year of experience, knowledge and know-how. Personalized services Custom-made for all requirements. Do now your ideas! Radio/TV broadcasting With unlimited interconnection, communication and optimization capabilities over the Internet. Audiovisual coverage Events and conferences in real time via internet. HOME Our philosophy ↵ Our 20-year history Quality policy Goals and vision Why we are chosen SERVICES Broadcasting Technical support Audiovisual coverage Websites hosting Compound packages Dedicated servers SUPPORT News & Announcements Log in to the system New user registration Submit request Articles, Information Terms of use - dOs Diagnostic tools PACKAGES & PRICES TV Streaming Radio Streaming Remote Desktop ⬄ Events coverage Payment methods ↵ CONTACT Call center numbers Electronic address Contact form GR

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Live - 33th Spartathlon 2015

36-hour live coverage of the supermarathon Spartathlon with about 100.000 viewers from around the world.

Live - Graduation ceremony 2018

The graduates of Hellenic American College received their certificates from the Hellenic American University in June 30th.

Balkan Championship of Equestrian Craftsmanship

Live coverage of three day Balkan championsgip of equestrian craftmanship was taken place on July 1st-3rd, 2016.

Pan-european championship Boxe Savate

Live coverage of Pan-european championship Boxe Savate was taken place on June 10th-11th, 2016 in Brahati.

Live - Comicdom Con Athens 2016

Live coverage of International Festival Comicdom Con Athens 2016 took place in April 16th,16.

Live - Papaflessia 2016 | Kalamata

Live coverage of International meeting of athletics «Papaflessia» took place in May 28th, 2016 in Kalamata.

Common places of Neurology & Psychiatry

Live coverage of summer seminar of Neurogical & Psychiatric Issues in June 17th-20th, 2016 in Kalamata.

9th Intensive Teenage Medicine Seminar 2016

Live coverage of the Seminar which took place in April 1st-2nd, 2016, in Greek-American College.

Approaches to the Handling of IGFE

Live coverage of informative even of the Association people with Crohn's disease, in December 11th, 2015 at hotel Titania.

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1920x1080 Stream in Icecast Correctly WebM · Live streaming via HTTPS | Vp9 Video & Vorbis 1080p ***

1024x208 Watch 24/7 Live Panoramic Camera | Blu Blu Lounge Cafe · Cavo Paradiso Mykonos ***


Quality solutions

Radio broadcasting

Panel: Centova cast (the newest edition) - Auto Dj: Space for playlist (mp3 you can upload): till 500Gb.Automatic management mupliple dj in different ports with different passcode, with fade diversion playlist or live.Players for your radio (Html5, Android, Apps on Google Play, App Store on iTunes, Flash, Quicktime etc.) - Unlimited bandwidth.


Television broadcasting

For every occasion & situations of broadcasting: From computers, portable devices, cell phones, wireleess or wired interner IP cameras.For corporated, professional or personal use: Television · radio stations, dj · Studio, broadcasting crews · Cultural · artistic · sports events, parties · Lectures · conferences · Hotels · turistic installetions, beaches, sightseeings, nightclubs · e-commerce · telesales · Security systems · monitoring, telemedicine, hospitals · telecare.

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Trustworthy packages of radio transmission annually, semi-annually or quarterly subscription and Radio dedicated servers. Ready Radio-Dedi servers of monthy subscription.

 Trustworthy packages of tv transmission annually, semi-annually or quarterly subscription & TV dedicated servers. Ready Tv-Dedi servers of monthy subscription.

 Indicative packages of audiovisual coverage of events from our own external crew team for all your needs.. 

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Hellenic American College · Aktina Fm WNYE 91.5 Fm (New York) · Greek Horse Riding Federation · International Athletics Meeting · Comicdom Con Athens · Teen Health Unit · Messinia Radio & Tv · Ena Channel · Union of Editors Electronic Press · Status 94.2 · Radio Ramona · Melodia 106.6 · Hellenic Federation of Savat · Autotriti · SantoriniPress · MesogeiosTv · Mototriti · Attica Tv · Starwalkers NgRadio · Epirus Tv1 · SinIdisi Agrinio News · Kalami GreekAmerican News · KentavrosTv · Radio Epirus 94.5 Fm Ioannina · Cypreco of America, Inc · Volcano Tv · AlmaRadio · Radio Blackman · Art Tv · Channel9 · Blu Blu Lounge · Cavo Paradiso Mykonos.

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(+30) 212.213.2730, (+30) 212.213.5377 

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Varnakioti 2, Ampelokipi · PS 11524 Athens. General Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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