Bomb Shell Boutique Empowering Women Of All Shapes And Sizes!

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Bomb Shell Boutique Empowering Women Of All Shapes And Sizes! Plus-size is better than no-size!

So many women today are still fixated on society’s supposed standard of beauty. This can mean a lot of things, from clear, smooth skin, to voluptuous hair, but no other aspect of beauty is focused on than the size of the woman in general – in other words, how much the woman weighs.

After all, the weight of a woman has a direct correlationto their overall body shape and since the body encompasses everything in ahuman being, it makes sense that there would be a lot of emphasis on the bodyand the weight behind it.

But what so many fashion magazines portray in thepublications is not just something that woman are unlikely to achieve, butsomething that women should not even attempt to achieve in the first place.These models are often way too skinny and bare-boned, which can have somesexual appeal, but not as much as you might think.

For example, when men look at a woman, they are much morelikely to go for a woman with some meat on their bones rather than one wholooks like they skip every other meal. Part of this has to do with the factthat men want genuine women and most “skinny” women can come across as theopposite of that – these women are either looked upon as being too good to betrue, or in some cases just looked upon as women who care way too much abouttheir own body image to actually care for their partner.

While many men fantasize about a skinny super model, thereality is that they actually want to settle down with someone who isn’t soflawless when it comes to beauty standards, especially if the men aren’t nearor at that level of flawlessness themselves.

So when you look at these “standards of beauty”, keep inmind that being ultra-skinny is not something that you should strive fornecessarily. Now we aren’t saying it isn’t a good idea to go to the gym and getsome exercise, but it should be more for your overall health rather than tryingto lose weight, especially if you are just trying to lose weight to impress aromantic interest of yours. A man (or woman) should love you for who you are,and so if they only become interested in you because you have lost weight orcatered to society’s unrealistic beauty standards, then they are not the rightperson for you.

So don’t be afraid to show off your body, no matter how bigyou may be. It is who you are, and you are just as beautiful as any other womanout there, in your own unique way. In fact, we would even argue that being trueto yourself is a lot more beautiful than someone who puts all her time andeffort into achieving the type of skinny body that is often seen in the fashionindustry. Although some people may largely view plus-size women as being lessbeautiful, just know deep in your heart that they are dead wrong, and that genuinebeauty truly comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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